"There Might Be Others"
Chapter 17
Chapter Number17
Number of Parts3
Written byKc Wayland
Cover ArtistBen Hosac
Audio EditorMike Robertson
Kc Wayland
Episode Details
Part 1 Air Date12/20/10
Part 2 Air Date1/3/11
Part 3 Air Date1/10/11
Places in EpisodeArmy Reserve Center
Characters in EpisodeMichael, Angel, Fernando, Kalani, Kelly, Pegs, Skittles, Victor


Kelly, Michael, and Pegs continue on their journey to find the other survivors after escaping from the beach. Trying to continue south, they find a road blocked off by cars. Pegs and Kelly worry that it may be a trap, but Michael points out that the area had too many exit routes. They also notice a sign that says “Rescue,” with an arrow pointing in the direction they were headed. Pegs turns on the radio, browsing the channels and hearing some chatter. The signal comes through with a lot of static, but the people on the other side refer to an outpost. The scene cuts to Angel and Kalani as they get closer to the military base. They decide to move the broken gate out of the way in order to save their tires from getting punctured. Getting into the base, they go through the area, finding cages of MREs that had already been eaten. They do manage to find a unit’s cage that still had some, giving them an opportunity to bring food back to the tower.
The episode continues to give high hopes for the people in the tower and their survival. All hints seem to suggest that Michael, Kelly, and Pegs are heading in the right direction in order to find other survivors. Michael attempts to not get their hopes up, suggesting that it would be better than getting disappointed. Between the sign and the radio signal, they seem to be closer to finding the other group of survivors. However, it is unknown whether this other group is friendly or not. The blockade of cars seems to suggest that they are doing anything they can to keep a large group of zombies from getting to their home.
Finding food in the military outpost, Kalani and Angel also suggests that the residents of the tower will have the opportunity to have food be rationed a bit easier. Kalani and Angel seem to jaw at one another throughout the whole search, but do work together for the greater good. Both parties get through the episode with only a few minor incidents, each having to fight off a single zombie with nobody hurt. However, with both groups being in such unknown areas, it is left open on how many more zombies are in the area.

As Angel and Kalani go through the military base, they begin noticing footsteps in the area, causing Angel to take guard as Kalani secures the MREs. Regardless of his slow nature, Kalani takes over pulling the pallet while Angel begins searching for the armory. Unfortunately, somebody else had made it to the base and cleared out the guns that were left. Knowing that there wasn’t anything left, Angel continues to give Kalani and the pallet cover. Getting out of the door, Angel holds the doors shut so that Kalani can load the pallet and get the truck started. The fast zombies stop banging at the door but are replaced by a big one heading their way. Angel gets to the car and they begin to gain space on the chasing zombie, but Kalani blows out the right front tire through the gate. Leaving the food and the truck behind, they run through some buildings and are trapped in a dead end with a locked door. Preparing to fight until they die, the door is opened as Skittles gives them a bit more of a fleeting chance.
Meanwhile, Michael, Kelly, and Pegs continue to follow the signs, counting 7 signs on the way. Needing to go to the bathroom, Michael finally gets to stop, finding a place by a house that seemed a bit safer. Unfortunately, he is held up by 2 men near the house by the names of Victor and Fernando. After a bit of talking and threats that Kelly and Pegs may think they were hostile, the situation is diffused. Victor informs them that there was a rescue, but is not able to go into much detail before being informed that a wave was heading towards “Outpost 1,” telling the group that they had to move quickly.
Both groups give a wave of emotion for what the future holds for the survivors. Angel and Kalani find that the weapons and ammo had already been looted, but do manage to get the MREs loaded into the truck. Unfortunately, they are forced to leave the truck as they were chased by one of the big zombies, only able to escape death by Skittles coming out of nowhere. Also, in the other group, Michael, Pegs, and Kelly finally meet up with another group of survivors but are told that there was no actual rescue. It is also left open on how many are in Victor and Fernando’s group. Being that Victor was cut off, the audience is also left wondering what happened to the rescue station where the signs were pointing as well.

It starts off with Pegs speaking to Victor and Fernando about the rescue signs. They are then interrupted by a mysterious voice telling Fernando that a wave is heading towards outpost one. They have no time to regroup or get ready. Victor then tells them to follow him after stating that the Van would not work. Pegs and Kelly are skeptical at first, claiming that it could be a trap. Pegs' injury causes Michael to aid her to The Alleyway, which is where we now find the intrepid survivors as they attempt to escape from their pursuers. As they flee, Victor and Fernando smash cologne bottles to cover their tracks, a move Pegs finds confusing. They are about to enter the building Fernando is assaulted by an unseen zombie, who smashes through a window to take him down. Fernando is bitten and the remaining four watch helplessly as he begins to change, Fernando begs for death as Kelly aims for his head. She can not pull the trigger this time... She has to relinquish this task to Michael, who ends his life with one shot to the temple. Victor orders the survivors to enter the building. They need to cross wooden planks which bridged a 3 foot wide trench embedded with spikes and broken glass. There was barbed wire lining the roof of the building with video cameras on the outside walls. Blood stains marked the walls from previous attacks.
A single red lightbulb stationed above the small desk lights the room, more planks line the dirt floor and 2x4 joists hold up the makeshift roof. There is no natural light entering this room creating a cramped and stuffy feeling. The only other light is exhumed by the three monitors connected to the cameras outside. Victor insults their inability to stay silent. Pegs drifts off first, followed by Michael, Victor lets his emotions get the best of him as Kelly enters the dream state.
Blasts of footsteps blare as Angel, Kalani and Skittles try to escape from the Big One. They climb a ladder to a water tower, Skittles is worried that the Big One will seem them enter. As they enter, Kalani expels what little he's had to eat and Skittles reveals what he named the Big Ones. Angel is worried about a Normal coming after them, Skittles reassures him that he locked the door behind him and that the Normals stay away from the Behemoths. He then tells Angel that he remembers him from the road but at first he confused them with "The Bad People." Skittles also says he remembers Kalani, Angel corrects him that it was Datu that was with him when they met. They learn that Skittles was gathering food from the Base while searching for a gun and that Behemoths have a great sense of smell. Skittles is very fearful of going back to the Tower with Angel and Kalani, loudly showing his distaste for the idea. Normals, Runners, Behemoths, Little Ones, Jumpers, Brains and The One With The Markings, these are what Skittles has named the different kinds of Zombies he has seen. As he recaps what happened during his two distant encounters with TOWTM Angel and Kalani barrage Skittles with questions causing him to shut down. Angel and Kalani then debate on how to escape...


The original "air dates" of Chapter 17 were
  • Part 1- 12/20/2010
  • Part 2- 1/3/2011
  • Part 3- 1/10/2011
  • The original "air dates" for Chapter 17 were delayed a week because of the Christmas holiday.


"I'm not Burt, so get your head outta my ass!" - Angel in 17 - There Might Be Others

"On the side of the building, written in black spray paint was one word 'Rescue'." - Kelly in 17 - There Might Be Others

"Behemoths... That's what I call Those. They're Nasty Mean." - Skittles in 17 - There Might Be Others

"I don't know where the Cat went... He ran away." - Skittles in 17 - There Might Be Others

"If we're gonna get out of here we only have one option... We're going to have to kill it." - Angel in 17 - There Might Be Others



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