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Part 1:
Nicholas Tink graduates from Westport Military Academy. Rising tensions outside the walls bubble to the surface, while unbeknownst to anyone in Westport, a new darkness is set loose.

Part 2:
Westport is shaken by a devastating attack. Nicholas receives an unexpected gift from his past that puts his Guardian skills to the test.


Part 1:
Distant voices and shuffling is heard as a man named Alvin tells someone over the phone that they found the correct tunnel and recovered a piece of KODI. The "Followers" are searching for Ink's old lair. Another man named Judd leads Alvin away to check out something else that was found, but requests a downpayment in "Stardust" first. Alvin laments Judd isn't more dedicated to the cause, and on cue, a very devout woman named Shelly rushes over. She becomes giddy hearing the Followers may have found something. Shelly wants to see it for herself and persists despite Alvin's complaints. Judd leads them into the dig site and shows them a katana that was recovered within the dirt. Shelly recognizes it as the same one that cut Ink down. She takes off with the katana and Judd is worried about her hitting something and disrupting the tunnel, but Alvin is sure the tunnels will hold and begins to marvel at the work of the Infected while sharing some facts about them.

Judd scoffs at how Alvin and Shelly see the Infected as a different species, but Alvin believes they should differentiate them now as the Infected have come so far while humans remain the same. Shelly feels a sense of pride holding the weapon that killed the greatest Infected, but Alvin cuts her off, reminding her that all artifacts will be sent to The Director and that they are only there for one reason. Judd gets nervous about anyone from Westport showing up but Alvin reassures him that won't happen. Judd then notices the old Protection symbol, and Alvin half sarcastically laments that it doesn't work like it used to on the Infected.

A man drilling something in the background calls out to the group. Shelly ecstatically rushes over and Alvin comes over to relieve the driller from his job. They start drilling into what seems to be Ink's desk. Shelly is unsure what they're looking for inside the desk, and Alvin tells her about his notes. Judd is annoyed by the seemingly worthless reward in such a high risk operation but he is reminded that information is immeasurably valuable. He compares the desk to photos of Ink's desk in KODI's recording and tells Judd that KODI's low resolution feed is how they knew where to look to find Ink's lost notes. He then asks for the DVD to be played back. Saul Tink slices down Ink in the playback and Judd snickers at how easily their "savior" fell. Alvin and Shelly are still steadfast in their belief that Ink saw a higher purpose for Infected and refuse to have their spirit brought down.

One of the other diggers calls to Judd. They manage to get Ink's desk open and his notes are freed for Alvin and Shelly to take. They become elated with excitement as they pour over the many documents written in barely legible and/or understandable writing. Alvin orders all of the notes to be placed into his suitcase. Shelly walks off with Judd to take a look at one of the other workers who seems to have a concern. With a bit of tension in his voice, he tells them that they hit an air pocket -- meaning some of the tunnel never collapsed. The tunnel leads even further down into the Earth.

Just then, one of the guards alerts them to an Infected nearby. Shelly orders the assault team to secure the tunnel entrance. Alvin joins Judd, Shelly, and the other digger, although, he is very confused about the situation. Shelly hands him the katana and tells him to get the diggers out of the tunnel. The noise of a nearby Infected swells up and cuts through the silence as Shelly and the others stand in fear and curiosity. Alvin realizes something else, and a flashback ensues with Saul warning Michael and Victor about the "Third Kind". Alvin makes the connection, and something very big begins to awaken.

Shelly insists to stay behind but both Alvin and Judd are firmly against it. Shelly continues to persist to see Ink's creation, and Alvin gets fed up with her. Suddenly, something large makes a move nearby the three of them and the sound of one of the other workers disappears. Alvin tries to convince Shelly once again to leave, but Shelly is firm and demands she hold the front line. One of the other workers comes up to the group and tells them that he couldn't see the big Infected. Shelly did, however, and says that it had pitch black skin as dark as coal.

The big zombie seems to speak for a moment and suddenly Shelly gains momentum and races out of the tunnels with the rest of the Followers. Panic ensues as the pitch black zombie "Coal" tears havoc through them. Gunfire goes off in all directions as an attempt is made to collapse the tunnel supports while still countering Coal. Judd and Alvin sprint out of harm's way as fast as possible with Coal close behind them. Judd is grabbed and Alvin makes it away with the katana and suitcase of Ink's notes still in hand. He gets inside one of the trucks, hurrying as fast as possible with Coal nowhere to be seen now. He drives as fast as he can away from dig site, when suddenly he slams on the brakes.

He sees Shelly in his path. He quickly jumps out and helps tend to her, but his efforts are futile as Coal appears in his path and causes an accident. Shelly is taken by Coal and Alvin is left sitting on his own next to the truck. He desperately reaches for the katana as Coal slowly approaches and laughs. Alvin grabs the sword and swings it at Coal, standing his ground against the Infected beast. Coal changes direction and decides to leave as Alvin tries to figure out where it went. As he slowly realizes what has happened, he sits on the ground with the katana and the suitcase of notes and guilts himself for everything that just took place in the tunnels.



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