1 - The Walls Between Us

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Name of the Chapter
Image of the Chapter
Chapter NumberChapter Number
Number of PartsNumber of Parts in the Chapter
Working TitleOriginal Working Title of the Chapter
Written byWho wrote this episode
Cover ArtistCover Artist
Audio EditorAudio Editor
Episode Details
Part 1 Air DateRelease Date of Part 1
RuntimeRuntime of Part 1
Part 2 Air DateRelease Date of Part 2
RuntimeRuntime of Part 2
Part 3 Air DateRelease Date of Part 3
RuntimeRuntime of Part 3
Part 4 Air DateRelease Date of Part 4
RuntimeRuntime of Part 4
Character NarratorCharacter(s) who narrate the Chapter
Places in EpisodePlaces visited in the Chapter
Characters in EpisodeChracters in Episode


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