1 - The Walls Between Us

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    [b]Part 1:[/b]
    Nicholas Tink graduates from Westport Military Academy. Rising tensions outside the walls bubble to the surface, while unbeknownst to anyone in Westport, a new darkness is set loose.

    [b]Part 2:[/b]
    Westport is shaken by a devastating attack. Nicholas receives an unexpected gift from his past that puts his Guardian skills to the test.

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    [b]Part 1:[/b]
    The episode opens up with a man named Alvin supervising a tunneling project managed by the Followers that is searching for Ink's old lair. He states the Followers have already found a piece of KODI when Judd, one of the workers, tells Alvin they found something. Alvin and Judd leave to investigate. Judd says they found some wood chunks that appear to be man-made. Alvin is intrigued but Judd first requires a down payment in "Stardust". Alvin reluctantly gives him his drugs and follows Judd to the location of the wood chunks. Alvin gets upset that no one is devout to the cause anymore. Another worker named Shelly runs up to them and Alvin and Judd make remarks about her strong beliefs in the cause. Shelly tells them she overheard their conversation and is ecstatic to hear they found something. She wants to see the thing they discovered but Alvin reminds her she doesn't even know what it is. Shelly is stubborn and Alvin allows her to come along. They enter the dig site and reach the location. Judd reveals they found wood fragments and a sword with not a lot of damage. Shelly is over the moon and reveals its the katana that cut down Ink. She begins to run off and both Alvin and Judd berate her. Shelly says she won't drop the sword but Judd says he's more worried about her running into something as he's not sure if the tunnel walls will hold. Alvin responds that he is sure what the Infected built will hold. Shelly and Alvin are amazed by their handiwork and Alvin comments that they can mix their own version of cement with their saliva. Alvin says he saw a "river runner" tribe 6 generations deep building structures above ground, like dams. Judd is unimpressed about the way Alvin refers to them but Alvin remarks that it's better to think of them as a completely different species now. He says that the Infected have come so much farther than the humans and wonders how remarkable they'd be if Ink had lived. Shelly is amazed that she is holding the sword that struck down the "greatest Infected of all time" but Alvin reminds her that all artifacts will be going to The Director and tells her not to get too attached. Judd is concerned about someone from Westport showing up and discovering them but Alvin reassures him they won't be found since the area around The Arena is off-limits, even to them. Judd points out the Infected's protection symbol somewhere in the tunnel and Alvin sarcastically laments that it's a shame it doesn't work like it used to. He states that the Infected have grown resilient to it's control over the years. Judd says the symbol died with Ink and Alvin responds with a maybe. Suddenly, someone calls out to them and they rush over. One of the workers is drilling something out of the rubble but Alvin tells him to stop and that he'll do it. He tells Shelly to back up and starts drilling. Ink's desk is revealed and Shelly is awed. Alvin and Shelly realize Ink's notes must be inside. Judd is skeptical about how important notes are but Alvin says that usable information is immeasurable. Alvin compares the desk to the still photos taken from KODI's recording and they match up. They are delighted to have found Ink's work and play the DVD of KODI's feed back to see the tunnels again. Judd remarks how just one man took down their "savior". Alvin tells them that Ink knew his species' purpose as he was creating advanced versions of Infected long before it natural occurred. Judd says that he still died but Alvin says it doesn't mean his work died with him. Someone calls out to Judd and the others follow. There is a sound of drilling and suddenly Ink's notes are revealed. Alvin and Shelly are elated as they go through the papers. Shelly tries to read one of the pages but has a hard time deciphering Ink's writing. Alvin tells her it may take time to figure out what his words mean and for now to just pack them up and get them ready to leave. Shelly suddenly gets up and calls out to someone. Judd follows her and they meet a digger who says he hit an air pocket. He tells them some of the tunnel never even collapsed. Someone notices some Infected and Shelly says to get the assault team to secure the tunnel entrance. The worker asks if he needs to stay and Shelly asks him if he has a weapon, which he does. Alvin appears and tells them he has someone freeing the rest of Ink's notes and asks what they found but Shelly tells him to get the diggers and the katana out of the tunnels right away. Shelly hears noises beyond the wall and asks what it is. She tells everyone nearby to cover the hole and the worker from before says he thinks he sees something. A flashback of Saul appears as he tells Michael and Victor about "something else" coming up from below. Alvin starts to put the pieces together and realizes what's happening. He tells everyone that they need to get out of the tunnels right away. Shelly catches on and says she would be blessed to see Ink's creation but Alvin tells her she may not live that long. Everyone starts hurrying out of the tunnels but Shelly wants to see the Third Kind. Alvin again reminds her it will still kill you regardless. There is suddenly a motion made towards one of the workers who is silenced. The remaining people in the tunnel realize Ink's Infected have reached them. Shelly tells the others to run as she would be honored to hold the line. Nobody is able to see the Infected but Shelly swears she saw it. She describes it as having skin as black as coal. The Infected appears to speak an incoherent word and is heard by Shelly who tells the assault teams to collapse the tunnel supports. Everyone panics and flees the site as the Infected chases them down. They realize the Infected are in the walls and an even larger panic ensues. Gunshots go off and people run as the sounds of others are silenced by the Infected. Alvin tries to radio Shelly telling her to go but someone tells him to save himself. They flee into an alleyway where more people are lost by the pursuing Infected. Alvin reaches a truck and tries to start it up to escape. He suddenly spots Shelly and apologizes to her for everything. He asks her if she's bit and she tells him no. He tells her to get in the truck and asks her if anyone else made it. She tells him no. Shelly suddenly screams out as she sees an Infected. The truck crashes and Alvin starts calling out to Shelly. Shelly mutters the word "coal" over and over when she is suddenly silenced by the Infected. Alvin tries to ready himself to fight it but is unable to. The Infected laughs and Alvin uses the katana to try and swing at it. The Infected disappears and is heard off in the distance walking away. Alvin rests and thinks to himself "what have we done?" as the Infected marches off.

    The intro plays as the scene shifts to Westport. Nicholas Tink and his girlfriend Lisa are relaxing somewhere in the city.



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