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    Pin WAD_Teaser-Trailer

    The teaser is online, feel free to post any theories before the launch!

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    Crazy Speculation about Descendants Teaser

    I'm relatively new to WA, but I've listened to every episode of the original series, Lockdown, and Goldrush, and also just got done listening to the Descendants teaser, so here's my two-cents. As I literally just made my forum account today to post this, there may be some formatting mistakes, so apologies in advance for those.

    Last time someone tried to collapse a tribe(?), two more sprouted up.
    It's a bit early to know for sure what these "tribes" are, but I've got a theory. They could just be other survivor factions, but the way it's worded makes me think otherwise. I think it's possible the infected are starting to grow smarter and organize into these so-called tribes in order to adapt and survive. We've seen this sort of organization before in the original series, notably in the tunnels under the church/arena where the infected have learned basic agriculture. Now it's more likely that Ink found a way to teach them how to do this, but he's far from being the only smart zombie around (i.e. Randy, the one from Raydon Labs, and many other instances). Now that food is a lot more scarce and any humans still left alive are in fortified locations, it makes sense that the infected would resort to other means of sustaining themselves, presumably resulting in "tribes" of infected that have learned to live similarly to places like the Colony. Maybe this is why there's so few hordes walking around now, and how they've been able to last so long without food. It's just that nobody's seeing them, since they're staying in one place and have learned to farm their own resources (think the church, but on a smaller scale).

    ...and(?) they keep getting more and more complex.
    This could be in reference to the aforementioned tribes, as in their organization is getting better or the infected are getting smarter. This, or the infected themselves are somehow evolving.

    The walls(?)!
    Very little to go off of here, but this is most likely referring to the walls of the colony, or maybe some other building/structure like Dunbhar. Looks like we may get to see something finding a way over them, or breaking them down. Interesting.

    These kids got their whole lives ahead of them.
    Unless this is some kind of flashback, it looks like Burt's still kicking after all this time. Whatever's happening with the infected (and other survivors?) is leading to dispute about the safety of our descendants.

    Why go through all this training just to do nothing?

    Do not ever forget there are still monsters among men.
    Looks like there might be something going on internally with the Colony. This, or another faction of survivors.

    How are you all dealing with this so calmly?

    The announcement for the teaser also has some terrifying implications.

    It’s been 18 years since the outbreak and events from We’re Alive: A Story of Survival. The world is starting to re-organize and rebuild, not always for the better. It’s a fractured world, with many different forms of humanity still struggling to survive in the aftermath. The stronghold of California is no longer called The Colony. It’s now “Westport”, and extends from sections of Orange County to Long Beach.
    As suggested in the teaser itself, there's likely going to be some conflicts between different survivor factions. What's more interesting, however, is this:

    This independent state continues to thrive, but maybe not for long. Rumors are starting to spread… sightings of someone long thought dead. The echoes of the monsters of the past, are being heard again.
    I wouldn't put my money on it just yet, but this all sounds a lot like our old buddy Ink might not be running so dry after all. When I first watched the final episode of the original series, I thought it was possible he might have somehow made it out of the tunnels before they collapsed or had some other trick up his sleeve. Now things are even more suspect. If he's still around, it would explain how infected might be forming tribes, or becoming more complex, which is much of the same thing we saw towards the end of WA. It would also mean that whatever new creature he was making may have also survived, or more likely we'll be seeing even more improved versions of his original variants (i.e. the big and little ones), which is very, very bad.

    Again something I wouldn't bet on (could be representative or from some other unrelated artwork), but the thumbnail for the teaser is also intriguing. Either way, the following is more wild speculation than anything else.


    It depicts a cropped frankenstien-esque creature with long hair and wearing skin, leather straps, and what looks like a stitched-up scar by it's left eye. There's also spikes towards the back, but it's unclear whether they're attached, or part of it's "attire". Most striking of all is what appear to be MARKINGS on a piece of skin that the creature is using as a helmet or cap. Whatever it is (unless it's some kind of close-up), it has a massive frame.

    The presumed full image is currently being used as the icon for the WA Youtube channel, which gives us some more details.


    It's hard for me to get a good look at, but I think I can make out either a split jaw or two pieces of skin stitched together as a mask on it's chin area (which would go with the piece of skin used as a "cap", which may be the top portion), and the spikes on it's back definitely look more like they're attached. Though, they could also be a crown of some kind, assuming this image is just a close-up of a normal zombie wearing skin. If it isn't though, then this thing looks a lot like some kind of big one/behemoth. Maybe the spikes on it's back are some kind of keratin, which we see as something used with both the little ones and at least one behemoth in the original series. Whether this is a normal zombie wearing skin or a behemoth, though, and if this image has any relevance to the story at all, then I think I have a pretty solid theory that the infected really are forming their own tribes.

    But I'm still pretty new to this series, so I may be wrong or there's something I missed. And of course, we'll have to see where the full trailer takes us when it's released on March 22nd, followed by finally the first episode of Descendants on April 5th. If there's holes or anything you'd like add, feel free to. This is really just me doing a bit of wild speculation of my own.
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