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    Notebook Grognaurd's "Spoiler Free" Wiki

    Ok, I am Grognaurd. I was around a lot for the original. I hope to come back as strongly for Goldrush. I want to rethink how the wiki is done. As we progressed through four years of We're Alive, the wiki was kept "hot" and up to date with the current episode. Great for a quick refresher for us, but it SUCKED for new listeners. The fact that the splash page for "XYZ" would inform the reader that XYZ was DEAD was one hell of a buzzkill when they were just starting the journey on season one.

    I do not want anything like that to develop this time.

    I want in to be "Spoiler Free". At first glance this seems like an oxy moron. How can we have a detailed wiki without spoilers? The trick is to have the wiki evolve as the consumer of the media advances through the story. The most important factoids should be hidden by the Spoiler toggle. These can be sorted in chapter order below the main entry. So, the User must trigger the event. They can spoil, just like one can jump chapters, but it is their choice.

    Granted, there is some gradation here. If we find out that Puck as green eyes in WA:GR 1:4A, that really isn't a spoiler. IF ( insert new character here ) has a prosthetic lower leg because of a roadside bomb in Iraq and a biter crawls through the grass and chomps on his pant leg above the boot and this saves his life, well, that is a spoiler if it had never been mentioned before in the story.

    I look forward to meeting and working with you all.
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