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    One part that is worth re-listening to is the "Breakfast Club" moment the inmates are having in Chapter 4 after they decide to wait for the power to shut off. Everyone talks about what got them placed behind bars, goaded on by Jeremy who refuses to participate. He doesn't object to Jodi telling the others what his file says. He even says that he is eager to hear what is in it too. This piece doesn't point to anything concrete in the story, but it does support Jeremy's claim that he is in the jail to kill Simeon.

    My personal thoughts are that Jeremy infiltrated the jail and assumed a false identity or someone's else identity. He's says that he doesn't trust the others, but I believe the real reason he doesn't talk about his crime is that he doesn't really know why is 'cover' is in jail.

    Also, listen to the beginning when Simeon narrates about entering T-Block. A guard can be heard bringing Jeremy's transfer papers. Again, nothing concrete, other than to single out Jeremy as an inmate in transit. Keep in mind that he was in T-Block for a couple of hours before Jeremy, but KC felt it important to mention him as someone with a special status (as a trustee) mixed in with the inmates who're going Bluestacks Kodi Lucky Patcher up-state.

    All of this points to 'Jeremy's' revelation that he somehow arranged to be on the bus accompanying Simeon, in order to kill him. His false ID is suggested by him questioning Simeon, asking, "Who's Jeremy?
    i want to ask the same question
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