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    Quote Originally Posted by Savvi View Post
    My theory is that as long as you don't choke to death in the gas and escape, you'd be fine. CJ's side of the tower, first noted that their convoys found the zone was harder to breathe. I suppose couple of their guys were exposed to it as well. (correct me if I'm wrong... its been so long.)

    And when the gasses came up, I guess that majority of the people choked to death and came back alive, it was probably heavier too when the gasses broke out.
    I think i recall that the person in CJ's old group managed to get back to Dunbar before being turned. Don't remember where i heard it, haven't listened to the podcast in a looooong time....

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    Hi KC!

    Just binge listened to all the chapters during the last few weeks of work. Just wanted to say thank you for such a great experience. Extremely well written and acted. The dynamic between Lizzy and Saul was one of my favorite parts as well as their exits. And had a soft spot for both Datu and Kelly. I enjoyed how the character's grew and changed with the show. Thank you so much for the experience and I cannot wait to listen or read more of your works.
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