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    Quote Originally Posted by Eviebae View Post
    They seem to adapt to any physical threat--it seems like it gets harder and harder to penetrate their skins as they are shot/over time and the Ether slowly lost it's effectiveness. Though thinking of it; Ether is a solvent/hydrocarbon, right? Like the haze might be.

    I've said in the past--how can their bodies distinguish a threat from normal wear and tear? Like, would their heartbeat result in a thicker and thicker heart muscle?

    Before Bolder I thought the characters should have gone where it gets cold in the winter. Then the zombette showed up and seemed to do fine.
    While I see your point I'm not sure that having thicker skin would be enough protection against the winters we have in this part of the world. Crocodiles, elephants and rhinos all have thick skin but I doubt they'd be able to survive a winter in Alberta.

    As to the day in Boulder, I'd forgotten about the horde that moved in. You're right, they seemed fine. Then again, I don't remember if it was said how cold it was. Anyone can last outside in the cold for a while but that doesn't mean they'd survive long term.

    Just playing devil's advocate here.

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    The numbered one clung to the outside of the helicopter for a couple hours with significant wind-chill and cold weather. Then scurried through the snow to Bolder. This doesn’t mean they are immune to cold but at a minimum they have a superior resistance. Besides the smart ones probably could figure out how to keep warm, there were a lot of little fires in the arena.
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