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Thread: Theory on "Ink"

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    First, I would like to say I am new to the forum. I found "We're Alive" about a month ago and I couldn't stop listening! I am all current and really upset I have to wait a week for the next part.

    Anyway - I was listening to the We're Not Dead podcast and reading some theories here about "Ink" and the story behind him - and I wanted to share a theory I though of........

    The answers are in the tattoos......I think "Dr. William Roberts" purposely tattooed his body pre-Zday with all the information (formulas, chemicals, data, etc) in "life", to remember this info after he turns. (Kind of like the movie "Memento").
    Here's a breakdown of my theory:

    1. Dr. Roberts works at Raydon Labs - creates(or discovers) a chemical virus that turns humans into "zombies"
    2. Dr. Roberts tests and perfects this chemical on human subjects.
    3. Dr. Roberts finds that he is either somewhat immune to this virus and/or he creates an antidote that will allow himself to turn just enough, but not too much (keeping his mind sharp) - making him the ultimate zombie. The intelligent one.
    3. Dr. Roberts is convicted of murder (possible test subjects that he killed? or people that discovered what he was up to?)
    4. William has someone tattoo his body with all of his formulas/data/chemical compounds to make sure he has this information once he has turned.
    5. He now puts his plan in play by somehow creating an explosion, on the day he is going to court, that releases the chemical to turn people into the zombies - thus creating mayhem and eventually knowing in the chaos he will be freed and purposely bit - so he can become the zombie godfather - INK is born.
    6. Ink, now a zombie himself, can rule the zombies and lead them. With his tattoos and his experience of being zombie himself, he now has the tools to create a new army of zombies. The "Big Ones", "Jumpers", "Little Ones".....who knows what's coming next!

    Thoughts on my crazy theory?
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    Welcome to the forum. Now that you're all caught up, you will know what real agony is like waiting week to week. Your ideas don't sound crazy at all. In fact, you're in good company with a number of folks who suspect something similar, if not the same. I suspect most of the same things that you do, with the exception of him causing the explosion that sets everything in motion. (He was in jail and the outbreak was world-wide) Other than that, you and I are betting on the same horse.
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