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    Pin Follistatin: Possible cause of zombie pimpass-ness?

    Just as a disclaimer i am no bio chemist i'm still in highschool
    But after some research about follastatin it has lead me to a possible use of it

    Follastatin is a protein that inhibits the production of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH).
    (FSH) is hormone that regulates growth and physical development

    Now how is any of this relevant?
    I suspect that this is the key that makes the little ones so freaking bad ass, we know that the little ones started out as children (kind of) and i hypothesise that the use of follastatin at their young age is in fact what gives them their excessive strength and agility as is suppresses their bodies ability to regulate growth and making them much more stronger. It has been shown in our world to have this affect on clinical trial on mice and cows with it being researched as an antagonist to myostatin which inhibits excessive muscular growth.

    Follastatin is also found second most in the skin (ovaries at first) which may allude to the cause for their excessively thick skin.

    Also while this may be an extremely long shot that is based on speculation, many tumors have high (FSH) receptors which leads my to inference that a surplus of follistatin in a body may lead to many tumours as follistatin suppresses (FSH) which may explain Tanyas mentioning of there being many many tumours in the Behemoths as it is speculated that they are the early stage of the Little One development as whoever is in control possibly pinstripe zombie may not of found the balance of follastatin to use.

    Thank you for spending time reading my ideas

    I reference this article
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    There have also been studies done on mice with muscular dystrophy showing that Follistatin promotes muscle growth when injected directly into the muscle tissue. This explains the prodigious muscle growth in the special zombies.
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