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    Quote Originally Posted by scbubba View Post
    The characters in the show definitely seem to believe that Ink/Pinstripes/TOWTM/Freaky F'er in the suit are all the same guy. From a listeners perspective, there are some with doubts that they are all one and the same. I'm one of the guys with doubts....

    I'm also in for William I. being the daddy of Bill "Ink" in the Roberts clan.

    These two ideas may or may not have a connection....
    I think I lean that way too. Perhaps dr Roberts was experimenting on his own kid trying to modify his behavior. Imagine an very strict father who is in the medical profession. I can't imagine how one would react to their kid being covered head to foot by tattoos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eviebae View Post
    The vaccine debate, like most hopeless dichotomies, is a red herring.
    I agree with this, in that there is no debate. There is fundamentally no evidence for a connection between MMR and autism. Wakefield was- and still is- a fraud, who abused learning disabled children with his unethical research.

    Sadly, thanks to the press, and certain vocal groups, the vaccine "debate" is, in itself, a behemoth-like zombie- deadly, and very hard to kill.

    I will admit to being very nervous when the vaccine story was touted on WND, and I'm pleased to see KC's reassurances. There are a few reasons why I don't go with it- vaccines tend to be given to certain groups of the population, rather than everyone, ever, so it would seem pretty unlikely that such devastation would be caused. There would also be worldwide/ state differences in who has what vaccine, and it seems like everywhere has been affected to some degree or the other. In my eyes, the vaccine theory isn't workable.

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