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  • He will be on her team and be loyal to her

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  • He will be on her team - but it will not last for long

    3 37.50%
  • He will put CJ rule in question

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  • CJ will 'sideline' him by all means necessary

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  • He will join team Vicky and Saul

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    Thinking about some of this...

    We keep throwing around that CJ is a good leader. Putting a little more though into it, I think she's not a good leader. She's a good manager/supervisor but not a good leader. The difference? Managers and supervisors organize and plan things then try to make sure everyone follows the plans. Leaders inspire people and get people to come together for purpose. People want to follow a leader.

    Leaders and managers can be the same person but one does not necessarily imply the other.

    Michael has decent managerial skills and good leadership skills. CJ has good managerial skills and some leadership skills that need to be developed.

    In Dunbar, people had already desserted the building before TOWTM showed up. And then it was every person for themselves when the SHTF there.

    At the Tower, Michael was able to keep people together under all circumstances and even recruit more people at times.

    CJ is focused on the task first, foremost, and sometimes, only. People can be expendable to her and she's shown it several times.

    Michael is focused on the task AND on the people. One of the big character traits that endears most listeners to Michael is his care and compassion for the people in his care. Even if he is "emotionally unavailable" for a relationship with Pegs.

    Ok, got that out....

    On a somewhat related note, I'm starting to get this feeling that all the politics in the Colony isn't gonna amount to anything because dem zombs are gonna throw a wrench in the works. I don't think the Colony as a base of operations is going to last long, I fear....
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    Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

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    The real greatness of this episode is how remarkable it conveys a feeling of frustration and despair. CJ takes refuge in being a leader once again. And from her perspective, it makes perfectly sense as she would be of no great use unless being in charge. And in addition to what scbubba wrote, we do not know much in detail what happened at Dunbar on a daily basis. Maybe it was just meant accepting the loss of many loved ones like at the other tower. I am having a hard time believing that everything was a flawless glorious chapter in CJ's CV.

    Damn, even frustration feels good in the WA universe.
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