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    Huh so this thread is kinda dead but I'll add something to it. Here I go.
    I think cj was an selfish introverted otaku that worked at the library.
    First I'm gonna explain the introvert theory.
    First off, she was perfectly fine being alone in her tower, also the death of her fallen occupants didn't really phase her. Sean also suggested that cj gets over worked easily due to it happening often. Introverted people usually can handle lots of work easily but at a heavy cost.....stress.
    Next up the otaku part, or should I say she was a weeb in hiding....this is kinda easy to explain she had a katana in her I read some comments saying it was probably a hobby but if it was she would be better trained with it and, she is not well trained in that field of combat shown when she gets the sword stuck in a zombies bone from swinging incorrectly. When saw talked to Victor about movie night vic said "aww not more of that anime" but cj seemed ok with watching it.
    Next the library job. I half think she worked at the library and half think she was a weeb who inherited the hotel she survived in like Bill inherited his apartments. So the library theory is kinda half baked. She could have worked at the library because she was an introvert which would also line up with how she remembered "how to books" but maybe she just sent a team to get them.
    The selfish part next.
    Now I'm not against selfishness in this Just gotta look out for #1 but th just kinda went overboard. Cj is perfectly fine with using others as test subjects for her agenda as seen when she messed up victors suit at the time where she wanted pics of ground zero, or when she split the whole walled in community when they were low on resources i think she sent multiple groups to multiple locations to test the area before she picked which group to go with while she stayed at her original tower with saw and liz. She only keeps the walled up community going because she needs protection cause she lost her limb after saving them. Buuuuut heeeeey thaaaatssss just a theory an audio story theory. If ya read this whole thing thnx. You must have a pretty long attention span to read this whole half baked theory. Sidenote/ cj referred to saw and Vic as her tennants as if they were renting a room from her. So that could refer to her being a apartment manager.
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    Every week, a local high school lets out at 1:00pm and fills the streets with eager teenagers all wanting to eat lunch. But one group of enterprising young ladies has taken this invitation for lunch and run with it. Must you can check for the more new tips of education. They have 'food court' down to a science: take an establishment that offers cheap, quick eats and factor in these three things: hungry high school kids, the fact that they can spend their parents money, and that no one really wants to be there anyway.

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