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    About WA discussions ...

    I wrote this on the chat currently:

    LiamKerrington: I just love it that some of us got up with interesting new discussions in the theory-section. All those games: sweet. Really. But having the few new discussions make me understand what I have missed for quite a while. Seriously: I need to relisten to WA!
    Who feels the same?

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    Zombie Story:
    - raises the acceptance of killing humans in huge numbers,
    - reveals everything bad and and even worse about human behaviour and psychology,
    - is fun.

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    Amen brother!
    Well, my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

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    That's always the hardest part of the breaks: How do you keep discussing the show without just going in circles. It's always great to have a new topic or new approach to a topic to discuss while we wait. And I think I'm with ya on it being time for a fourth re-listen. (or is it fifth? I'm getting to the point where I'm loosing track of how many re-listens I've done)
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    Right there with you guys... I'm getting ready for another listen through myself. With notes, again.

    I just realized that I might have been fibbing to you guys. When ever I go off the deep end and put on my heavy-duty foil hat, I usually state that, no, I don't have a conspiracy theorist's bulletin board with the colored string... I just remembered that my notes are color coded.

    Quote Originally Posted by HardKor View Post
    That's always the hardest part of the breaks: How do you keep discussing the show without just going in circles.
    Well, given the distance of time and a new perspective with revelations from the more recent episodes, your point of view can change. Not to mention the minutiae that you may pick up. I'm with you, the next LT I'm planning to start this coming week will probably be my fifth-ish. Each time though, I've picked up something new.

    Something I'm going to be looking for at the start is the issue with reservist mobilization that has come up again recently. There's a lot to it... it's a mire of Constitutional law and USC Title 10. I've already done some preliminary research into it to refresh my memory. I'm off early tomorrow and all day Wednesday, so after a quick listen to the first two chapters and a review of Kimmet's info-dump breifing, I'm going to get started writing it up for the forums. I'll probably put it in the theories general section. Caution: link heavy wall o' text coming.
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    Hey, get a load of this. Guess who started writing again and has a spot in the fan fiction subforum?


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