spot waiting for breakfast then the slobber monster made her attack by throwing cheerios at him that have been in her high chair table. “Mom! Sammy is being a butthead again.” Billy said. His mother ran out of the kitchen crying and into her room. Oh, great he made his mother cry. He thought. He was in the doorway of his parent's room now his mother’s room. She was on the edge of the bed crying, blowing her nose with a tissue that came from the box next to her bed.
The last words of his father came to him before he died. He is now the man of the house, and his mother will be depending on him. And a true man is never afraid to say that he was sorry. He stood there for a moment, next he moved toward his mother reaching to put his hand on her shoulder like his father did when he apologized after finding out that the cancer was going to take his life, and that he won’t be around too much longer. Then a crash came from the kitchen, and Sammy started to cry. Billy’s mom got up and ran to his sister “It’s ok Sammy. It was just your bowel hitting the floor.” She said as she picked up the bowel and after that kissed her daughter on the head. She had seen the time on the kitchen clock and then said. “Oh, sweetie I am going to be late for work.” She hurried and got Sammy dressed and herself too. Billy felt bad, not only making her late for work but for she had to work.
Billy’s dad had unfailingly brought home the paycheck, and his mom had always taken care of Sammy and himself. Now she has to work, and she has barely anytime for him or Sammy. He wishes that he was older, so he could go to work, and he would bring home the paycheck. He was just 10 years old, the only jobs he could get were cutting grass or shoveling snow. Those were always seasonal and depending on how the weather was at the time also. He wanted a paper route that would be a steadier income. With the internet, The paper routes have almost all dried up. He hadn’t realized that he was in the car already sitting in passenger side and along the way.
His mom would drop him off at the place where he would have to walk a little way to catch the bus. Then she would drop off Sammy at the day care and head off to work. Ah, there is the spot; Billy thought. The spot was on a hill between two houses. All he had to do is go down the hill to the street below. Then cross it and he would get on the bus and go to school. He had always liked school. He just loved to learn all he could. He saw his friends at this moment starting down the hill he wanted to catch up with them. He would sit by them, and they would all talk about what they did this past weekend.
When, his dad and passed away, they would sit and talk to him. They were all so kind to him. Billy was at the top of the hill, and his mom drove off to take Sammy to day care. She never