even said good-bye to him or gave him a kiss. He must have made her really mad. After school, he will stop off at the store and get her some flowers. He saved up twelve dollars. Flowers should cost that much he thought. He saw his friends at the bottom of the hill in the street looking at something on the pavement. “This is where it happened.” Said someone in the group of kids huddled around the spot. What happen Billy thought to himself. He looked back and his mother was already back, out of sight. He sees the bus ahead, and the other kids already starting to board it. He better hurry he thought. He had better not be late for school.
As he started to run down the hill. He had seen the blacken mark in the street where the other kids had stopped before. He'd better not stopped to look at it cause he would miss the bus. Then his mother would be really mad at him. As he passed it, something drew him back to it. The bus was still waiting for a moment as other kids start to show up and boarding it. He felt that he had enough time to at least look at it. The dark spot was about as large as he was. It was like something had been spilt here. He examined it closer, there were two parallel marks leading up to the spot. They looked like skid marks. He went to touch the large roundish spot.
There was a spark of electricity that arced from his hand to the spot. He wanted to call out to his friends and have them see what he saw. However, they were on the bus, and they couldn’t hear him from that far away and all the other kids talking on the bus. The stop sign arm of the bus swung closed as the last kid on the bus sat down. If Billy ran right now he could catch the bus before the driver took off. The brake lights dimmed and went off. The bus driver mustn’t have seen him the review mirrors. He thought. The smoke from the exhaust billowed out from the tailpipe. He had better been started running; he thought. He got up and started to move but a larger spark of electricity arced again, and it grabbed him. He tried to break free, but he couldn’t.
The longer he struggled against it, the further it pulled him down. It was like a large magnet pulling on him, forcing him down to the dark inky spot. It was relentless he couldn’t get up he was stuck to the ground now. Next, there was blackness around him; covering him except for slot of light 8 – 10 inches tall. Afterwards, he saw a man’s feet in the light then his knees, and he saw the man’s face, at first it the expression on his face was of concern then horror. Billy saw the bus leave yet still stayed there. He didn’t understand what he was seeing. He saw Mrs. Perl the bus drive comes out the bus and runs towards him. She got on her knees and looked towards me. Then her face was horrified, Billy wanted to say he was sorry for missing the bus. However, nothing came from him. He tried to raise his hand; nevertheless, he couldn’t. He didn’t