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Thread: Who failed?

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    Well, realistically, until you know the source of the zombie outbreak you can't work out if the government screwed up. I mean, really, if it was something completely unpreventable, then really they haven't screwed up - nothing they could do. With the rate of growth seen in the series you can see it's pretty difficult for anyone to react and stop it, without any prior knowledge.
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    Quote Originally Posted by YetAnotherBloodyCheek View Post

    So here is my question, against the background of z-day, does it seem likely that all of these organizations were completely clueless and unprepared, provided that z-day was a globally planned attack? What about all the financial and information flows? Or could we not just say that the only valid explanation for z-day is a supernatural one?

    I mean, sarcastically put, I guess there is more information about me stored somewhere in the U.S. than in Germany.

    I'm gonna say that is was probably Natural or extra terrestrial. The Earth produces more energy than can be produced by human action at a single instant. The ring of fire has a HUGE amount of energy to make it what it is. Compare the effects of the damage of the B-83 nuke to an earthquake. If all of the energy of a 9.0 magnitude quake where placed within the radius of the fire ball of a B-83 then (I haven't done the calculation) shit would be shook to dust.
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    I don't think anyone really "failed".

    If it was a planned international attack, it could have been something as simple as a suitcase bomb, or even a single vial of liquid(e.g. T-Virus). Once the "virus"(which would have had to been airborn) is released, i don't think anyone could have prepared for it. Plus i honestly don't think it would be impossible for a group to plan something as simple as a small simultaneous attack with a hand held bomb/vial. By the time the intelligence agencies noticed something, started an investigation, and tried to stop it, it could already be too late.

    Maybe it was something an earthquake(cracks in the ground) releasing some type of gas that's causing it.

    Either way, both things would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to prepare for or make a stand against after the fact.. As fast as the infected turn, it would take no time to spread because of a few main factors. First, the zombie apocalypse would be so unbelievable that many would simply fall victim to hesitation. Second, the population in big cities is so high that it could infect thousands in a matter of minutes like a big domino effect. Third, Think of the lack of personnel due to awol to be with/find family during the apocalypse. Fourth, think of how many ground troops it would take to halt the spread of something like this. It would be impossible.
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