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    Part 8: Captured

    “Did you make sure the prisoners aren’t going anywhere?” The Chief of Police asked his Deputy as soon as the passenger door of the Dodge Charger swung open. The Deputy looked at the Chief for half a second; before remembering the current situation. The Deputy quickly got in the vehicle and closed the door.

    “Yes sir, I went to the prisoner transport vehicle myself to make sure they weren’t going anywhere.” Responded the Deputy while trying to catch his breathe.

    “All units, back to HQ” The chief commanded.

    “How many men did we lose back there?” The Chief asked as the group of vehicles sped away from the oncoming mass of creatures.

    “I’m not sure sir; I think we lost more people to the prisoners than those things.” The Deputy responded.

    The captured Mallers tried to free themselves from their shackles, but all movement was futile; They were blindfolded and gagged, their hands were cuffed behind their backs and their ankles were tied tightly together. Clearsights tired quickly, still losing blood from the wound he sustained during the initial contact with his captors.

    “Chief, some of the prisoners are injured.” One of the officers in the prisoner transport vehicle said over the radio.

    “We’ll get them medical attention when we’re back at headquarters.” The Chief quickly replied.

    The captured Maulers felt the vehicle come to a halt. They were all grabbed by the arm and led somewhere.

    “Damn it! I can’t see, can’t run, can barely move at all.” One of the prisoners thought to himself, unable to speak due to being gagged by his captors. As he and his fellow Mallers were being herded to whenever they were going he tried to pick up anything he could from the few conversations that his captors were having.

    “Hurry up with the sedative!” Was the last thing he heard before feeling a sharp pain in his right arm; and losing consciousness.

    “Echo, Shadowsong respond.” Scratch said, using the CB radio in Durai’s lemmozene.

    “We’re here, still alive and in one piece.” Echo responded.

    “Is that thing still after you?” Scratch asked.

    “Nope, we lost that giant about a mile back. We’re heading back to camp right now.” Echo answered.

    “Don’t! We aren’t there anymore.” Scratch hastily warned.

    The sound of Echo and Shadowsong’s vehicle coming to a screeching halt was audible over the radio.

    “There were too many of them, there was no way we were going to hold them off.” Scratch said.

    “Alright, where are we going then?” Shadowsong asked.

    “Our new home. Just head south boys, you know where we’re going.”

    To Be Continued...

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    I think the Chief of the Police should take strict decisions. How a prisoner can break the jail easily as topessaywriting also have been reported the issue to high authorities.

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    Interesting narration!

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    The report is very honest and detailed. thank you for sharing!
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