So here we are. We have finally made the Playoffs. We can separate the men from the boys. The teams that worked hard to get there over the teams that never tried or just gave up. We have four top teams to introduce and break down for you.

1st in the league Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity). It took five wins in a row to get to this point. A tough start to the season finally settled down as this owner took advantage of bye weeks and injuries to dash to the lead of the league. But always remember. He still has to win a championship to truly win the league.

2nd in the league is Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101) also fought the hard fight to make it to this point. Honestly looked to take 1st place until a heartbreaking loss by only 2 points. A strong team though could mean this owner may still snatch the Championship.

3rd place goes to Cats HateHitler (Mem) who returns for his 2nd playoff showing. Unlike last season though he was not a come from behind deal. He started strong and through mid-season injuries to still end up here. He almost didn't make it in a tight race for the 3rd and 4th slot in the play offs but here he is.

4th is our returning champion Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo). There was more than once this season that it looked as if this team had faltered right until the very end. But a strong win over TCM Revolver brought him back into the play offs to defend his title from last season.

So what do we have to look forward to for the play offs. Let us take a look.


Cecil Shorts (Jac WR)
(Concussion) He passed the tests to play but still seemed to experience the conditions. He will be held out to be sure he is fine.

Steve Johnson (Buf WR)
(Hamstring) He practiced but could be a game time decision as they do not want to aggravate the injury to badly. He may play but may also be a bad option if they take it easy on him. Keep an eye on his status.

Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac RB)
(Foot) He was expected back this week. With the season well over for the Jaguars he may rest the remainder of the season.

Jermaine Gresham (Cin TE)
(Hamstring) Game time decision. More than likely will play but make sure.

Hakeem Nicks (NYG WR)
(Knee) Looks to be questionable. Expected to play but keep an eye on his status.

Pierre Garcon (Was WR)
(Foot) He has not looked injured the last couple weeks and should be in this game.

Percy Harvin (Min WR)
(Ankle) Injured Reserve and done for the season.

Kevin Kolb (Ari QB)
(Ribs) He won't play other than in a back up position.

Ryan Broyles (Det WR)
(Knee) ACL tear and done for the season.

Sit'em and Play'em
I will go away from the norm and mention any injured players again in this list


Greg Olsen_-_He looks like a rough option this week. Go with another option if possible.

Steve Johnson_-_He looks limited due to injury if he does play. Go with another option if possible.

Hakeem Nicks_-_An injury looks to be slowing him down. Find another option

Alex Green_-_ Do not believe what the stats predict. He has been mediocre all season and this week will be no different.


Ahmad Bradshaw_-_This running back should be in your flex spot, not your bench.

Pierre Garcon_-_The defense he faces is not as tough as you should think. He should have a place in your line up.

Anquan Boldin_-_He faces the worse secondary in the league. What other reason do you need to move this wide out off the bench.

T.Y. Hilton_-_He looks like a great option and shouldn't be sitting on the bench.

Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo) vs Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity)

Matthew Stafford vs Matt Schaub
Stafford faces a defense that stepped up to hold the Vikings to only 119 yards passing last Sunday. To be fair though Stafford is much better than Ponder. And the Vikings did not have Calvin Johnson. The Packers are 17th against the pass and do not have to worry too much about a wide out other than Johnson or a running game. Schaub is up against a Patriots secondary that has allowed there last 2 opponents over 300 yards passing and are 29th against the pass but 9th against the rush. Expect more throwing then running and a good game from Schaub even on his 3rd road game in a row. Matt Schaub looks to take this match.

Joe Flacco vs Colin Kaepernick
Flacco plays against the 31st rated pass defense and looks to have a real good day even with what seems to be an up and down season. It looks like he has all of his wide outs healthy as well as a strong running game with Ray Rice. Though the Ravens defense may be unable to stop RG III, the Redskins may not be able to stop Flacco. Four weeks now Kaepernick has proven his value. There is the chance that he can hit bottom but there is no chance that he won't start. Harbaugh has said he will stay with the hot hand and even in an embarrassing loss to the Rams last week won't get him benched. But with the Dolphins 27th against the pass expect a very nice come back this week. Joe Flacco takes this match.

C.J. Spiller vs Frank Gore
For some unknown reason, Spiller has not been as used as much as Fred Jackson even though Spiller is considered the starting running back. Even losing most of the touches to Jackson still means he does well with the ones he gets. The Rams are 14th against the run so are no mere pushovers as we saw last week with the 49ers. Still expect Spiller to have a solid day even if it is not explosive. Straight up the Dolphins have struggled stopping running since week 7. There does not look to be any changes this week other than Kaepernick may steal some of Gore's thunder. Frank Gore takes this match.

Bryce Brown vs Alfred Morris
The question that lays ahead this week for Brown is if a injured LeSean McCoy makes his return this week. McCoy had been doing decent previous to his injury but Brown has done well enough in his absence to not be ignored even in McCoy's return. This week, either way he faces the #1 run defense in the league. So do not expect the huge yards that we have seen the last couple of weeks but still should have a solid game even if McCoy returns. Something that stands out this season like a sore thumb is the fact the Ravens are 23rd against the run and when facing a team with Morris on it who runs very well in tandem with his QB how has rushed himself for 714 yards this season. The Ravens just won't be able to stop this running back Sunday. Alfred Morris takes this match.

Steve Johnson vs Torrey Smith
Johnson has a hamstring that is bothering him. Last week he was only targeted 5 times with a TD. If he plays this week hope for another TD in what may turn out to be another lousy game yards wise. The Redskins are 31st against the pass so simply put expect Smith to have a great day as a nice rebound against a tough Steelers defense last week. The Redskins are night to the Steelers day in comparisons and there is nothing really there to stop Smith on his long routes. Torrey Smith takes this match.

Randall Cobb vs Chris Givens
Cobb has had a couple slow weeks but even with Jennings back we have seen Jordy Nelson go out due to injury. Cobb still is very relevant and Rodgers seems to target him more than his other receivers. And Cobb had the Lions numbers the last time they met, nothing says he won't be able to dial it in this time around. The Bills are 13th against the pass and as we have seen Givens do very well in the absence of Danny Amendola who does not look to return this week. Givens and Bradford look to be in step with 20 targets over the last 2 games. This is a pick by defense, Chris Givens takes this match.

Jimmy Graham vs Greg Olsen
Graham has not been himself over the last 3 games. Against the Giants who have been able to keep at bay all preceding TE's it does not look very good that he will explode. After last week with the dismal performance by Brees against the Falcons there may be no hope for a big game. Olsen may have issues with his back this week but other than that he has been a decent play all season. The Falcons have been generous to opposing TE's these last couple weeks. If he plays he should have a solid day. Jimmy Graham takes this match.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis vs Vincent Jackson
The Law Firm has shown that he is a solid RB play over the last 3 weeks. This week he is set to have another good week facing the Cowboys who have been giving up over the last couple of weeks. With a solid passing game in Cincinnati to keep the line open he should have a very nice day. Jackson faces a team the gives more TD's to wide outs like it is candy. The big question is his calf injury and just how severe it is and if he will play. He plays, he will have a great game. Benjarvus Green-Ellis takes this match.

Broncos vs 49ers
The Broncos face the Raiders who will be without both of there running backs for another week. All they have to do is rein in Carson Palmer and his wide outs which could be a chore. Miami is going to be eaten alive this week facing a 49ers defense that is looking for a little redemption after allowing the Rams to go right over them last week. Expect a solid day in San Francisco. The 49ers takes this match.

This is going to be a tough match as the scores will be close across the board. I may regret this as the opposite sometimes has the way of happening but...
Azoic Defenders should take this match by a nose.

Cats HateHitler (Mem) vs Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101)

Carson Palmer vs Tony Romo
The Broncos did well slowing down Palmer in week 4 and they have only gotten better since then. Manning is going to surge the score ahead more than likely so anything that Palmer picks up may be after there is no hope of wining the game. Romo has been a TD machine over the last couple of weeks. Of course both of those defenses were nowhere on par with the Bengals defense. He will still have a solid game but maybe not quite 3 TD's. Tony Romo takes this match.

Jake Locker vs Andy Dalton
Locker has not been overly hot since his return from injury. This week he faces the Colts who have had only 6 interceptions and are 20th against the pass. With a simpler passing scheme and this easy defense to throw against sets Locker up for what could be a solid weekend. At home Dalton does not throw interceptions. He also throws for quite a few yards and hits the end zones with regularity. Even though the Cowboys are 10th against the pass do not expect that to slow Dalton down who has been doing very well this season. Andy Dalton takes this match.

Ray Rice vs Adrian Peterson
Rice has been running light duty mostly it seems this season. The Redskins are 4th against the run and may slow him down but he has run against tough defenses before but that has not hindered him all that much. What may slow him down is if the Ravens get into a match to keep up with the scoring of RG III and Co. If that happens and Flacco takes to the air hope that he gets receiving in the mix to keep his score up. Peterson was described as “otherworldly” this week. And that may not be too far off base. He has been able to run against defenses that only have to worry about him and still are unable to slow him down. The Bears have slowed him down previously but not near as much as expected. Expect another good day here. Ray Rice takes this match.

Stevan Ridley vs Ryan Mathews
The Steelers are 24th against the rush and teams are trying to use that to there advantage. But to be fair, Mathews has not broken double digit fantasy score since week 5. And that was the only time this season. Against defenses he should have rolled right over. Nothing makes me think this will be different. The Texans are tough on the run but with Gronk out and Brady lofting the ball more regularly to his wide outs, he will be needed for those goal line and red zone situations. He has seen the end zone 5 weeks in a row. Nothing says he won't see it for a 6th. Stevan Ridley takes this match.

Calvin Johnson vs A.J. Green
Johnson is another wide out that is just being used over and over. It is beginning to look like Stafford has no one else to throw to and Johnson can reel in just about anything sent his way. I won't quote the list of stats and records he is about to break this season but will say this, 4 weeks he lite up the Packers for a TD and almost 150 yards and has been on fire ever since, there is nothing that says he will do any different this week. The Cowboys are 10th against the pass but over the last couple of weeks that has not shown. It all points to Green having a fantastic weekend and a visit to the now missed end zone for the 1st time in 3 weeks. He will have a better than solid game. Calvin Johnson takes this match.

Dez Bryant vs Victor Cruz
Cruz finally found his hands last week and crossed that 100 yard mark after a bit of a dry spell. The Saints defense does not have anything to slow him down this week either. Unless Manning goes into a complete slump expect Cruz, who in my opinion, is the Giants #1 wide out in play even if not in title to have a solid outing this weekend. Week 10 Bryant lit up and has stayed on fire since then. Expect to slow this weekend considering he is facing the 5th ranked defense against the pass. He will still have a good weekend as Romo looks to have complete trust in him now but it will not be a 150 yard day with 2 TD's. A bit less than that. Victor Cruz takes this match.

Jermaine Gresham vs Mercedes Lewis
You need to watch Gresham's status as his hamstring may be giving him an issue. He should still play and faces a Cowboy's defense that on paper has not been very nice to tight ends. The last few weeks they have loosened up on that front and should be able to give Gresham an opening to have another solid day. Lewis has a lot of promise this week. The Jets defense is not the best, Chad Henne has been using him more and more every week, and he just may be used as a back up runner with the RB situation in Jacksonville in a bad way. Jermaine Gresham takes this match.

Hakeem Nicks vs Alex Green
Green is just like a bad tomato. Every time you look through the stack you find him. He is a below average runner. And even with Starks injured and the ball his own to use as he wishes, does not raise his value in any way. Expect 5 to 8 fantasy points if you are lucky. Nicks may be a bit sore but do not expect him to miss any time facing the 30th ranked defense against the pass. Nicks has not been very exciting since his return from injury but with the Saints on deck you just cannot pass up what could end up being a very decent payday. Hakeem Nicks takes this match.

Seahawks vs Cardinals
Quick an dirty. No matter who takes the stand at QB for the Cardinals, the Seahawks will handle them all day long. Add in to running game to worry about and this match is cake. The Cardinals were hot against the Jets last week. The Seahawks are not even close to being as bad as the Jets right now. There rookie QB has come a long way this season and add in a solid running game with Marshawn Lynch and the Cards will be in for a long day. The Seahawks take this match easily.

Cats HateHitler looks to take this rematch in the postseason for himself.