For the 1st time, I have passed 40,000 characters in a regular season write up. With that I have broken this into 2 parts

Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity) vs Clear Sights (Clear Sights)

Matt Schaub vs Jay Cutler
Schaub up against the Titans looks to be a good match up. Yes they slowed him down earlier in the season but he seems to be on his game now. He may not have an explosive day like we would like to see but he will have good points on the board with the potential of an explosive day. The Seahawks can be a tough defense to pull. And we have seen that Brandon Marshall is really the only wide out that is capable for the Bears. We have not seen enough of Micheal Bush to know if Matt Forte is out will he pull enough weight to the offensive line to give Jay Cutler the chance to throw to a heavily covered Marshall. Matt Schaub takes this match.

Colin Kaepernick vs Josh Freeman
The Broncos will be looking to shut down Freeman or at least keep him from the end zone for a second week. With the way he has been playing I would not think that will happen again, or at least this week. The Broncos have a productive defense that gets the job done but Freeman may have too many weapons to keep them all covered well. Okay depending on what you read, there is no QB controversy in San Francisco. One side says Smith has done his job and will retain his starting spot. The other side says that Kaepernick is more dynamic and will start a 3rd time and is the future of the franchise. The most important person, Jim Harbaugh, has not said anything but this, “My players will be informed before the media.” Well in my opinion K-Pack will play. He beat the Bears and the Saints and has earned the starter position. Colin Kaepernick if he plays wins this match.

Frank Gore vs Arian Foster
Gore gets solid yardage. He seems to get less chance at the end zone if Kaepernick is playing but I think that will subside as he realizes more that the RB is there for that reason. There is nothing about the Rams defense that makes me worry that they will slow Gore down. The Titans have proven to be good at letting opposing RB's gain huge yards and find the end zone. Add into that Foster and this makes for a huge game for him. Arian Foster takes this match.

Alfred Morris vs Darren McFadden
The Giants are 13th against the rush but they will be facing Morris who has carved out a nice nitch picking up yards as he shares time with his QB who is also very capable of running the ball himself. The Giants seem to keep RB's away from the end zone but do not count on that here as Morris will get there as well as good yards. Okay, McFadden was not doing very well before his high ankle sprain. This week team mates have stated he will be back even though we have not seen practices or an official word from his team leadership. But if he is
to return, against the Browns may not be a bad pull. Alfred Morris takes this match.

Vincent Jackson vs Larry Fitzgerald
The Broncos are a bit better defense than the Buccaneers but the way Freeman is playing and the way Manning is playing Sunday could be a shoot out. Jackson has been up and down all season. Last week was down so the odds are good that this week will be up. Expect an excellent game from him. Well they has to be a lot of prayer and some luck mixed in if you think that Fitzgerald will do well. Its has nothing to do with the Jets. That could allow him some points with as bad as there defense is. No how well he does is directly connected to how bad Lindley throws and we know that will be bad. Vincent Jackson takes this match.

Torrey Smith vs Roddy White
The Steelers stopped Smith last time they met just a couple weeks ago. Not much has changed other than dates since then. The Steelers do not give up very much to wide outs so he could come up empty this weekend. Well when you have a team facing the want that wide out and QB in a fantasy team. Roddy White looks good for this game as he will face a defense that allows the third most yards to wide outs. Roddy White takes this match.

Greg Olsen vs Antonio Gates
I know that Olsen has not been very reliable this season but has had a couple shots of greatness this season. This week facing the Chiefs expect him to pick up a notch considering the Chiefs struggle to cover any receiver. Comes down to what kind of day Cam Newton is having. Until a change is made in San Diego, no player there is truly reliable. The Bengals are 12th against the pass and have been improving all season. Greg Olsen takes this match.

Cecil Shorts vs Steve Smith
Smith has had a lack luster season so far and the way things have gone the last couple weeks that does not look to change. Up side this week is he is up against the Chiefs and that is bound to add up to some points for the WR. Shorts is one of the guys that is way happy Henne has become the go to QB for the Jaguars. He has been able to show that there is some offense and how to use it. This week he is up against the Bills and that should translate into good yards and another trip to the end zone. Cecil Shorts takes this match.

49ers vs Steelers
The 49ers have owned for the last couple of weeks and when facing the Rams there is nothing that says they will not own again this week. They may not make another trip to the end zone but expect them to come close to a shut out unless they choose to rest players after half the game. The Steelers defense has showed signs of improvement over the last couple of weeks. Now maybe this is just because they stepped up due to the loss of Big Ben for a few weeks but they still improved. Earlier this season they held the Ravens down and this week could keep up that kind of play. The 49ers win this match.

Azoic Defenders look to take this match.

Team Devil Dogs (USMCludwig) vs Get To Da Choppa! (Joosbawx)

Peyton Manning vs Drew Brees
As to Manning there is not much to say. He has been on fire since the beginning of the season. Save for a couple games he has made multiple TD's in a game and thrown a minimum of 270 yards. The Buccaneers have allowed the most yards to QB's this season so this will be a great game for Manning. Brees may not have had 300 yards in his last 5 games but he still throws a hail of TD's in every game. The Falcons just do not look to have what it takes to stop him and has the very likelihood to become a shoot out this weekend. Peyton Manning takes this match.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Cam Newton
The way the season has gone for Fitzpatrick you know this has to be a relief to face the Jaguars. Where the Jaguars offense has exploded the last couple weeks there defense has remained stagnate as they have all season. Fitzpatrick should have a solid game this weekend. Newton finally exploded last weekend. And to help keep his momentum up he faces the Chiefs this week who make for easy pickings when he is on fire. He has an ankle issue that he may have to contend with but that does not look to slow him down very much. Cam Newton takes this match.

LeSean McCoy vs Trent Richardson
McCoy looks to be out again due to a concussion. The Browns have figured out something over the last 4 weeks. Give Richardson the ball over 25 times a week and you will get a lot closer to winning overall. They have not found the perfect mix to get there yet but its a start. Do not worry much about the Raiders stopping him either. They are 28th against the run so we will see a lot of action from Richardson. Trent Richardson takes this match.

Chris Johnson vs Doug Martin
Johnson last week got stopped by who he never expected. The Jaguars. This week he faces the Texans who look for a little pay back from when he ran all over them earlier this season. Do not expect him to rebound this week. Well you are seeing an all around RB with Martin. When he has room he runs all over a defense. When that defense stops him, he finds the end zone. Though the Broncos have improved defensively they will not be able to stop him this week. Doug Martin takes this match.

Mike Wallace vs Eric Decker
Decker seems to have exploded near the beginning of the season. Now he seems to have dropped off but he cannot be ignored. Where you have Manning throwing there is always a chance for him to explode with one big play. This week against the Falcons you could easily see that happen. Wallace's production lays on if Big Ben can get back under QB. The Ravens have not been as tough as per usual but against the Steelers you can expect a division fight. Wallace may have struggles if he has no viable 2nd receiver that can pull some of the coverage off of him even if Big Ben returns. Eric Decker takes this match.

Marques Colston vs Reggie Wayne
With one defense not able to stop the pass and the other injured and having issues with stopping the pass you can expect Colston to be on the receiving end of what could be a shoot out. Typically he is a for sure thing as a wide out for Brees and there is not anything that makes me think differently this week. He will have a steady game with good points. Wayne gets the passes. Now we want him to see the end zone. Against the Lions this week he just may do that. He is a constant on Andrew Lucks radar. He will have a solid game this weekend. Marques Colston takes this match.

Jared Cook vs Aaron Hernandez
Hernandez is healthy and rested. He does well against Miami before so there is not much to make us think he will struggle this week. Gronkowski is out so he does not share the ball with anyone else at the TE spot. Expect a solid game this weekend. I am still not entirely sold on Cook but it does look like he has had a bit of an upswing for a couple of weeks. The Lions do not cover TE's as well so he could continue that upswing. Aaron Hernandez takes this match.

Jamaal Charles vs Jordy Nelson
You have to continue to hope that Charles can remain healthy. Healthy he is a monster. And he is the only offense the Chiefs can muster. There is nothing when he plays the Panthers that can stop him other than an injury. Bar that and he looks to have a monster game this weekend. The Vikings defense is not what it was at the beginning of the season and Nelson seems to be healthy. At least healthy enough to find the end zone. The Vikings may just let him do that. Jamaal Charles takes this match.

Texans vs Patriots
Is there really anything that the Titans have to make you worry that the Texans will be unable to handle them. Nothing really so expect them to keep the Titans at bay. The Dolphins have been turnover happy and this week it looks like the Patriots will benefit from there butter fingers. I do not think they will do as well as the last couple of weeks but it will be close. The Texans take this match.

Get To Da Choppa! Looks to take this match.

Cats HateHitler vs Winter Nom Noms

Carson Palmer vs Tony Romo
Palmer may be facing what could be a tougher pass defense after the last few weeks. And last week he did hit a snag in what has been a decent season overall. But that does set up for a rebound this week even if it is not an explosive one. The Eagles got torched last weekend and this weekend they face Romo who is coming off of a hot Thanksgiving game. He will not be having to throw from behind so do not expect another 441 yards but he will still have a solid game against the Eagles defense who are in as much disarray as the rest of there team. Tony Romo takes this match.

Sam Bradford vs Andy Dalton
The has been nothing huge about Bradford's season to date. This week he faces the 49ers and I do not see anything big happening there either. He should pass the ball more this weekend but with an average of 1 interception a week a t least that does not look very good for him. Expect very little from him. Dalton have been on fire the last 3 weeks and when you see a Chargers team next on his list, does that make you think that will come to an end. Me neither. He will have another very good game against a team that cannot keep from self destructing. Andy Dalton easily takes this match.

Ray Rice vs Adrian Peterson
When you see a division game against certain teams you know it could turn into a bad fantasy day for your players. Rice this week is looking for some payback after the Steelers stopped him a couple of weeks ago. Do not expect him to blow up but to grind his value inch by inch. Peterson is on a 100 yard roll. The Bears were unable to keep him back from it and you know there is no way the Packers will keep him from it either. The only plus here is that he will more than likely get that TD to stack on top of it. Adrian Peterson takes this match.

Stevan Ridley vs Ryan Mathews
Since week 5, Mathews has been pretty much a dude. There is no upside for him. He has done bad against teams he should have excelled against. This week is no different. Simply put, look elsewhere if you can. When you have a strong passing game then you can expect your running game to slow down. Ridley has been reliable and will continue to do so. This week he has a very real chance to explode against Miami so you certainly want him in. Stevan Ridley takes this match.

Calvin Johnson vs A.J. Green
Now this is the Megatron we have wanted to see all season. 4 games over the 100 yard mark and a TD in each. The Colts have nothing to stop him. A must play and know that you cannot take the sky from him. Megatron will excel this weekend. Well we could look heavily at the fact the the Raiders stopped Greens TD streak or we can take notice that the Chargers seem to have given up trying to cover wide outs. Simply put, expect that TD he did not get made up this weekend with the possibility of another for kicks. Calvin Johnson takes this match.

Dez Bryant vs Percy Harvin
I am sure there were many bit by the Harvin bug last week. He was stated to play then at the last minute pulled out. Keep an eye on his status and do not expect much from him if he does play. Bryant has seen the end zone for the last 3 weeks. The Eagles have nothing that makes us think he will not see it for a fourth week. He has crested 100 yards 2 times in the last 2 weeks. There is nothing to say he won't do that again. Dez Bryant takes this match.

Scott Chandler vs Brandon Pettigrew
Pettigrew just is not a reliable play. He gets the targets but he just does not produce with what he gets. This week against the Colts would be a great chance to explode but in all truth I do not see that happening. He may have a better than average week and that is about it. Chandler could also do better than normal considering he will face a Jaguars team that lets opposing offenses move the ball down the field at a steady rate. Expect him to be a red zone king this week. Scott Chandler takes this match.

Hakeem Nicks vs Victor Cruz
Well when you face the Redskins, you can expect a shoot out. Both of these wide outs should have an excellent weekend. Nicks is healthy and if he can get the targets he should capitalize easily on them. For Cruz it should be time for him to use this bad pass defense as a time to rebound from what has been a pretty slow month for him. Really comes down on who gets targeted more. Victor Cruz takes this match.

Packers vs Cardinals
The Packers do not have much to worry from the Vikings air attack. If they can stop Peterson they will do well. The Bears could not stop Peterson so do not have high expectations. The Jets are is full implosion mode. The Cardinals play at the Meadowlands and it may be more friendly an environment for them than its home team. Expect a solid game from this tough secondary and defense. The Cardinals take this match.

Winter Nom Noms look to have a solid game this week and take this match.

Team Braindead (Socali) vs Mallers Da Winna (COsurvivor)

Matt Ryan vs Eli Manning
Facing a horrible Saints defense makes for a very good game for Ryan. He has played from behind in almost every game facing them and although they have loss most of those times, fantasy wise it plays out very well for Ryan. Possibly an explosive day for him. We finally saw Manning break out of this slump he had been in since week 6. Too long of a slump I think. Whatever he did to get his shit straight worked. And what better way to follow up. Against the horrible Redskins secondary. Add in how well the Redskins offense is and you know manning will have to work for his dinner this week. Matt Ryan takes this match.

Brandon Weeden vs ???
Weeden had a concussion last week. He should be able to start this week and facing the Raiders makes for a nice return after getting knocked around and a rebound after last week dismal score. Brandon Weeden takes this match by default.

Marshawn Lynch vs Brandon Jacobs
Lynch faces the #1 rush defense this week. Last week we saw a hiccup in his 100 yard game streak this season
and nothing makes us think that this week there will be any change. Expect a low scoring day for Lynch. Jacobs may get some play time since Kendall Hunter is out. We just do not know if it is worth him in a line up. Marshawn Lynch takes this match.

Micheal Turner vs ???
Turner has not been impressive over the last few weeks. This week against the Saints is a chance to rebound and give us what he's got. Add in that he is still the go to on the goal line and he makes for a nice pick up this week. Micheal Turner takes this one by default.

Sydney Rice vs Micheal Crabtree
Rice has been starved a bit as the Seahawks QB has spread the ball around looking for more routes and maybe give Rice some breathing room. As that test fails expect Rice to start getting more of the passes again and this week against the Bears not have a big day either way. Well we have seen Crabtree's 3 weeks of actually doing something come to an end. But this week against the Rams, will we see him bounce back. With Kaepernick we have seen a downturn in his workload but against the Rams there may be enough to go around. Micheal Crabtree takes this match.

Darrius Heyward-Bey vs Mike Williams
Williams has not seen that upswing on a constant level that we thought he would with having Vincent Jackson around to pull some heat off of him. This week against the Broncos he may get a bit of a break considering they will have there hands full covering Jackson. Heyward-Bey was shut down last week. Expect him to look for redemption this week against the Browns who just let Romo explode all over there..well lets just say DHB looks really good for redemption this week. Darrius Heyward-Bey takes this match.

Tony Gonzalez vs Martellus Bennett
Simply put, Gonzalez has the Saints number and he will dial it in again this week. He may not explode like he did week 10 but it will still be looking very good for him. Manning has found his game. With that we are hoping that Bennett finds his as well. It may be to early to tell if he is relevant again but facing the Redskins may be too good to pass up to find out. Tony Gonzalez takes this match.

Denarius Moore vs Brandon Marshall
The Seahawks have a tough secondary. Since there is only one wide out worth his pay for Cutler to throw to, you will have to expect Marshall to fight for every yard he gains. He has the talent to break out and make impossible catches, it just comes down to how hard he fights for them. So with Moore we are hoping that he will not pull in a turkey with 1 catch for a third week in a row. The Browns are a nice match up to pop that bubble but we have to see where Palmer's attention goes this weekend. Brandon Marshall takes this match.

Dolphins vs Bears
The Seahawks are the 31st ranked pass offense. There only chance at true offense is through there RB and the Bears are #1 at stopping the run. This may be the best defensive match up of the week. The Dolphins face Tom Brady and Co. Simply empty slot may be better than having this defense in. The Bears take this match.

Team Braindead gets a pass and takes this match.

Paint Huffing Warriors (TCM Revolver) vs Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo)

Tom Brady vs Matthew Stafford
The Dolphins are 26th against the pass. Brady is 2nd ranked in passer rating and 5th in yards. Nothing else needs to be said other than Brady will have an awesome weekend. Stafford is not much worse off considering he faces a very easy defense with the Colts. Even if he had a slow start he has got it going on now even with a little burp. Still gonna have a great game. Tom Brady takes this match.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Joe Flacco
I will start with Flacco. The Steelers defense has stepped it up over the last couple of weeks and there is nothing to say they won't keep the heat up under Flacco. Do not go into this weekend expecting anything better than mediocre numbers as the Ravens will use Ray Rice's feet for most of there offense. There is a big question mark with Big Ben. Everyone wants him to start. The problem is we do not know if he will be 100% and even if he does will he finish the game. Find some other option to be safe. Joe Flacco wins this match.

Matt Forte vs Benjarvus Green-Ellis
Forte left last weeks game with an ankle injury. So far all we know is he is questionable. He may play still but there is every chance he will share time with Micheal Bush as they rest that ankle. Keep an eye on his status. The Law Firm has looked like a real RB the last couple of weeks. This week facing the Chargers he will get his chance to look like a real RB for a 3rd week in a row. The Chargers have given up over 100 yards to opposing RB's in there last 5 games. Benjarvus Green-Ellis takes this match.

Willis McGahee vs C.J. Spiller
McGahee is injured reserve and out for the season. The Jaguars are 31st against the run. Even splitting time with Fred Jackson, Spiller is set up for a great day against this horrible run defense. He averages 6.4 yards a play normally and against this defense that could sky rocket. C.J. Spiller takes this match by default.

Wes Welker vs Randall Cobb
Welker is at the top of his game this season. Miami has nothing that can stop him. Him and Brady will simply roll over this dismal pass defense. He has been getting at least 6 catches a game and he will get that minimum this week. Just because Cobb stuttered last week does not mean you should bench him this week. Aaron Rodgers still has targeted him more than any other receiver this season and that has earned him a top spot on any fantasy team. And this week against the Vikings who's defense had started out well but faltered the last few weeks sets him up for an awesome game. Wes Welker takes this match.

Julio Jones vs Greg Jennings
Jones had everyone thinking he would not play. What did he do, showed up to have a season best 147 yards and a TD. This week looks to be even better facing the Saints and what should be a shoot out. He may have to share this week but expect him to more than likely top another hundred yard game. Jennings should return this week. He will get used to considering the types of plays they used him on have not been as successful with him injured. He will be used more lightly than expected though as Rodgers has found a couple wide outs that can ease his work load as he gets back into the swing of things. Julio Jones takes this match.

Jacob Tamme vs Jimmy Graham
Tamme seems to have become relevant in the last couple weeks but in truth do not let that get you too excited. The one thing going for him this week is that Tampa Bay really has no pass defense and with Manning under the gun that just may let him be relevant one more week. Another player in the middle of what looks to be a major shoot out. Add in that Graham is one of Brees' favorite targets and always gets some
action. This one is to easy to call Jimmy Graham is going to take this match.

Demaryius Thomas vs Bryce Brown
The Buccaneers make it so you have to take a close look at any wide out that faces them. They are very generous at giving away yards and touchdowns. Tight now Thomas looks to be Manning's favorite target and has scored well every week save for 1 since there bye week. Brown started last week looking for a job. And he came in and showed that he had the right stuff and cannot be ignored. McCoy looks to be out again. So he will get another start. Against a Cowboys defense that has eased up on opposing RB's in the last 7 weeks. Bryce Brown takes this match.

Giants vs Chargers
Someone here is a betting man. The only thing working right for the Chargers is there defense. They are 6th in scoring for fantasy teams this season. But this week they face a hot Dalton and Green. They may get to Dalton but there is no way they will stop him. There is one thing that is a constant this season. If you are facing the Redskins with Robert Griffin III under center...look for another option. Only 3 times have they been held under 20 points. But it is more than that. It's Griffin himself. He may have not thrown over a thousand yards this season...he has almost rushed for a thousand yards this season. That is amazing...this is unstoppable. Chargers take this match.

This looks to be Voodoo Children's match.