For a 2nd time, I have passed 40,000 characters in a regular season write up. With that I have broken this into 2 parts

Here we are. Week 13. This is our leagues last regular season game. And what do we have. We still have a 6-6 tie in standings. Points will decide for these players. Of those teams only 4 will have the chance to become 7-6. Azoic Defenders and Winter Nom Noms have pulled away from the pack. No matter what they cannot be caught now even in a loss. So we are looking for those last 2 teams. Lets see what we have this final regular season week. Let's begin...


Darren McFadden (Oak RB)
(Ankle) He is said to possibly play. Game time decision. Probably limited if he does play.

Jonathan Stewart (Car RB)
(Ankles) A pair of sprains looks to keep this running back down and out

DeSean Jackson (Phi WR)
(Ribs) Injured Reserve designated to return though do not know why.

LeSean McCoy (Phi RB)
(Concussion) Still far off from returning. No change soon in status.

Aaron Hernandez (NE TE)
(Ankle) Questionable, probably nothing, note his game time status to be safe.

DeMarco Murray (Dal RB)
(Foot) He is closer to being back but not likely this week.

Danny Amendola (Stl WR)
(Foot) This guy cannot catch a break. Out of a walking boot but do not expect them to chance a set back by playing him.

Felix Jones (Dal RB)
(Knee) Likely active. Status really depends on Murray's status as well.

Miles Austin (Dal WR)
(Hip) Keep an eye on his game time status. Might not play.

Percy Harvin (Min WR)
(Ankle) Practicing but still looks to be rested.

Kevin Kolb (Ari QB)
(Ribs) Slowly but surely working on returning...just not this week.

Sidney Rice (Sea WR)
(Calf) He hurt himself in practice...keep an eye on game time status.

Micheal Vick (Phi QB)
(Concussion) Getting better not worse is the word of the day.

Blaine Gabbert (Jac QB)
(Shoulder) Injured Reserve. His season is done.

Andre Roberts (Ari WR)
(Ankle) He has not practiced all week. Looks to be a bad play.

Mike Goodson (Oak RB)
(Ankle) He may start...not likely though.

Ben Roethlisberger (Pit QB)
(Ribs/Shoulder) No guessing. He is out another week.

Willis McGahee (Den WR)
(IR) He is long gone and should be from your bench as well.

Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac RB)
(Foot) Out again.

Sit'em and Play'em
As usual there will be no mention of injured players on this list


Jay Cutler_-_No Forte makes his day a very bad day with no one to take the heat off of Marshall.

Antonio Gates_-_Not reliable and a bad match up.

Mike Wallace_-_No Big Ben means this wide out should be benched.

Sam Bradford_-_Facing the 49ers does not spell for a good game.

Ryan Mathews_-_He has sucked against worse run defenses, nothing will change this week.

Marshawn Lynch_-_Not going to be a rebound week against the #1 run defense.

Dolphins_-_They face the Patriots...that is bad juju there. Bench these fools.

Brandon Jacobs_-_Okay so he got a play last week. Does not amount to a starting spot.

Giants_-_Against this young QB they are just a bad match up.


Shane Vereen_-_He has filled the #2 slot very well now that he is healthy. Would fill a nice flex spot.

Owen Daniels_-_A must start this week.

Jeremy Maclin_-_A must play with D-Jax out.

Andre Johnson_-_After what we have seen him do in the last 2 weeks how can he be on your bench

Santana Moss_-_Not a great play but a for sure one

Jets_-_Yes I pointed this team out. Against the Cardinals, how could I not

Aaron Rodgers_-_For fucks sake...why is this QB on your bench

Jason Witten_-_Against the Eagles any player has high value

Robert Griffin III_-_Seeing this player on the bench makes me want to say evil things....But I will hold back...and just mutter under my breathe...PUT HIM IN!!!

Steve Johnson_-_This player deserves an honest look.