Hi at all,

another question, another thread ahead! After listening to episode 18 and the following ones, I am quite undecided on the topic Post-Zombiecalypse World and what it would possibly mean for the characters. Reconsidering what we happened to witness thus far, it appears to be a coin flip whether you, as a survivor, will find a community which treats you equal to each other community member (the tower & Dunbar tower). Or you are not that lucky and become a slave of the mallers or a member of the strictly hierarchical structured colony.

I guess that besides the fact that a zombie apocalypse is really bad for your life insurances, the real horror starts when people begin to fight over resources, power and so on. How many people will die due to these unresolved issues? Will there be an http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/E Pluribus Unum motto U.S. again or patchwork of states like Medieval Central Europe?

PS: Personally, I favor Michael's community, where he is just a http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/primus inter pares.

What is your opinion?