For the 1st time, I have passed 40,000 characters in a regular season write up. With that I have broken this into 2 parts

So here we are. We have only this week and next to define how our playoff look. Right now before this weekend the 4 top dogs are Winter Nom Noms, Azoic Defenders, Paint Huffing Warriors, and Team Devil Dogs. Other teams are still in the hunt but Mrscott101 and GodofInsanity have pulled away by a small margin. Injuries have riddled these teams. Owners that do not check have added an interesting factor is strategies. Overall....there is still a fight for the playoffs and lets see what we have this week.

Team Match Ups

Team Devil Dogs (USMCludwig) vs Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity)

Peyton Manning vs Matt Schaub
There are not many match ups that may look as good as Manning this week. He faces the Chiefs. They have allowed 20 passing scores in 11 weeks. Also Willis McGahee will be out so you know that Manning will have some extra lifting that is going to only make him look even better this week. Schaub may not be as explosive as last week. The Lions have a tough time covering the run and with a back as explosive as Arian Foster you cannot pass that up. Do not count Schaub out completely though as him and Andre Johnson blew up in a way last week that cannot be ignored. Peyton Manning takes this match.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Colin Kaepernick
I will start with Fitzpatrick here as he has a great match up against the Colts who have done well in many areas save the one that is stopping opposing QB's from throwing massive yards. Fitzpatrick has only one downside and that is his ability to throw to the wrong team more often than we would like. Kaepernick was on fire this week as he covered for the concussed Alex Smith. Harbaugh said he likes to stick with the “Hot Hand”. So figure this week Smith will get rested another week and Kaepernick will take on the easy secondary of the Saints. Figure this to be a huge week for him. Colin Kaepernick takes this match.

LeSean McCoy vs Frank Gore
McCoy suffered a concussion this weekend and you just may want to look towards another option considering as of Tuesday we had heard nothing from his concussion tests. Gore is facing the Saints who you think would at least be able to do one thing defensively but cannot. Gore looks to have another great weekend against the Saints and with a back up QB under center you can expect him to get a good workload. Frank Gore takes this match.

Chris Johnson vs Alfred Morris
Well as surprised as I am to say it, Johnson has become a steady play in the last few weeks. And this week we see him playing the Jaguars. There are not many better match ups for running backs of his caliber this week. The Jags give up an average 20 fantasy points a week to RB's. Morris is getting the ball more and more even as Griffin excels. The more they work him into the play scheme the more he gains in points. He is a for sure thing as long as they hand him the ball. Chris Johnson takes this match.

Mike Wallace vs Vincent Jackson
Okay the bad news is Big Ben won't be back this week. The good news is that Charlie Batch will be back. Bad news is that Batch has not played very much this season if at all even in pre-season. So while we think that Wallace will still could see his value plummet if Batch cannot get the ball down the field where they need it to be. Take this into account. The Steelers looked at 2 unsigned QB's and picked up 1, so maybe there faith is not to strong either. The Falcons have been tough against the pass for the last few weeks. Add in that Jackson has a tendency to have an up game and then a down game. This would be his down week. Even then I have faith that he will pull a double out of the box. Vincent Jackson takes this match.

Marques Colston vs Torrey Smith
Smith may have had a bad week last time around but this week is looks just perfect. The Chargers have just been horrible the last few weeks and Smith only had last week down. You can expect a bomb lofted his way and him to rebound nicely from this last bad week. Colston faces a stiff 49ers defense but even then we have complete faith that Brees will keep that ball going and that Colston will come down with at least one TD to make what few yards he gets into something good. Torrey Smith takes this match.

Jared Cook vs Vernon Davis
Davis was excited last week as he was thrown his 1st TD in 7 weeks. He highly complimented Kaepernick and if he is the go to QB this week, you can bet that he will reel in another TD this week. Hopefully no matter which QB we see, the offensive coordinator will realize how under used Davis is. Locker is back so with that you can expect that Cook will start to see his value begin to rise. It may be too late for some teams but for those with long seasons this may pay off for a last hurrah. Vernon Davis takes this match.

Jamaal Charles vs Jalen Parmele
Simply put...give Charles the ball 20 times or more he will break 100 yards and more than likely get a TD. Now we have to see if they follow that policy which they probably will not. MJD is still out. Rashard Jennings just did not make the cut. Parmele was able to do better than Jennings at any point in one game. He gets to make another go of it this week against the Titans who have a dismal run defense. This week is his week to solidify his position until MJD gets back. Jamaal Charles takes this match.

Texans vs Rams
Things got switched up on the Texans last week and they tanked because of it. Expect a rebound this week as they will be prepared to stop the Lions in there tracks as to wipe last weeks slate clean. The Rams defense has been able to step it up and this week they was an inexperienced QB and a team who's offense has just taken a beating this year. The Rams take this match.

Azoic Defenders take this match.

Team Braindead (Socali) vs Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101)

Matt Ryan vs Tony Romo
Ryan had a horrible week 11. And in truth against the Cardinals there is no real excuse even though they do have a decent secondary...though last week they were Super Bowl class secondary. This week Ryan faces off with the Buccaneers who are nowhere near the same caliber of defense the Cardinals secondary is. Expect him to rebound nicely. Romo faces another team that is pretty bad defensively even if they have started to improve late in the season. Expect him to have a great game that will become a shoot out between him and Griffin. A flip of the coin really. Tony Romo takes this match.

Branden Weeden vs Andy Dalton
Most of the time Weeden is less than spectacular. And figure there will be more of that this week. Against the Steelers it will be mostly a ground game with Weeden handing the ball off very often. Dalton has been a solid QB most of this season. And this week he faces the dismal defense of the Raiders. This is going to be a great match for him and his primary wide out. Andy Dalton easily takes this match.

Marshawn Lynch vs Adrian Peterson
Do not let Lynch's status worry you. He will play. And against the Dolphins he will play well. They started out strong but over the last few games have struggled to stop the run. Lynch will remain a steady horse for your fantasy team this week. The way the Viking offense works is this....hand the ball to Peterson. This week against the Bears may slow him down but not by much. Expect a solid day from him as he rolls over the Bears defense like they have not seen this season. Marshawn Lynch takes this match.

Micheal Turner vs Ryan Mathews
Most runners against the Ravens this season I would tell you how they will have a good week. Not with Mathews. In truth he should be on your bench. He has been mediocre for the last 5 games not even breaking into double fantasy digits into that time. Tampa has the top run defense this season. Turner will be good for short yardage and hopefully that red zone work load. It is as simple as that. Micheal Turner takes this match.

Sydney Rice vs A.J. Green
Rice has been doing very well over the last few weeks seeing the end zone on a constant basis. This week they face the 27th ranked pass defense in Miami and there is nothing here that makes us think that Rice is going to slow down. Green has seen the end zone every weekend since week 2. This week Oakland I am sure would like to break that streak. Well we have seen how there defense plays and all know that will not happen. Green will have a unhindered and explosive weekend. A.J. Green takes this match.

Darrius Heyward-Bey vs Percy Harvin
Harvin will not play this weekend. There is every reason to think that the Raiders will have to air out the ball as often as possible this weekend considering that they will be playing from behind all day in my opinion. DHB played as well as can be last weekend as he played through a hamstring injury. He will be in the same condition so do not expect him to explode this weekend. Darrius Heyward-Bey takes this match by default almost.

Tony Gonzalez vs Branden Pettigrew
The Texans are not tough against TE's this season. They have allowed them to see the end zone more than any other team. This just may be the week for Pettigrew to bust into double digits and have a real solid game. Gonzalez looks to have a solid game this weekend. He has had some bad games with a bounce back mixed in but do not let that worry you. The Buccaneers are good against the rush but against the pass they struggle and against TE's they struggle even more. Tony Gonzalez takes this match.

Denarius Moore vs Victor Cruz
Moore was just plain bad last weekend. Expect this week facing the Bengals that he will rebound and have a great game this weekend bordering on explosive. Nicks looks to return this week which will hopefully pull some heat off Cruz this weekend against the Packers who may not be the best pass defense there is. Cruz has been pretty bad the last few weeks so buyer beware. Denarius Moore takes this match.

Dolphins vs Cardinals
The Dolphins should be a prime pick this week as the Seahawks have struggled mostly this season offensively. But it seems that the Dolphins defense has taken a downward turn and just may not be very reliable this weekend. After watching the Cards take down Matt Ryan last weekend I just have no faith that Sam Bradford will lace the ball between there fingers this weekend. The Cardinals take this match.

Going to be close but Team Braindead may just take this match.

Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo) vs Get To Da Choppa! (Joosbawx)

Matthew Stafford vs Drew Brees
After last weekend, the Texans defense have got to be doing some soul searching after letting Chad Henne blow up against them Stafford is a far superior QB in comparison but everything points to the Texans getting it together and putting the brakes on Stafford and rebounding nicely from last week. No matter how tough the Niners defense is there is no reason that they will stop Drew Brees. Hell I do not even think they will slow him down. With someone that can out throw just about anyone in the league why do you need defense. Drew Brees easily takes this match.

Joe Flacco vs Cam Newton
Flacco exploded 2 weeks ago then crashed hard last week against a pass defense that should not have stopped him. That may be tough and have you rethinking this QB just look at who he plays this week. The Chargers have allowed 5 TD's to QB's and there wide outs 5 times in 2 weeks. Keep him in as he will rebound nicely. Newton has had a troubled season so far but this week faces an equally troubled defense with the Eagles. They are in the midst of imploding as a team overall and should allow Newton to have an explosive day. Cam Newton takes this match.

Benjarvus Green-Ellis vs Doug Martin
Last week we saw the Law Firm in form that we have hoped to see all season. And this week he faces Oakland and there is every reason to think that he will be in the same form as last week. He has not amounted up to much beyond last week and the possibility of this week. The Falcons have not done well this season against the run and Martin is on fire. Expect what could amount to an explosive weekend for him. At the very least he will do better than his average. Doug Martin takes this match.

C.J. Spiller vs Ronnie Hillman
Hillman is in for the injured McGahee. Hillman with this start faces the easy defense of the Chiefs. What better way to jump into it. Expect the Broncos to use Hillman heavily as they will probably surge to a large lead on the arm of Peyton Manning. Spiller will be the go to man for the Bills. Fred Jackson does not look to return this week and even if he did they would not run him too hard. The Colts will not be able to stop Spiller giving him a real good looking weekend. C.J. Spiller takes this match.

Steve Johnson vs Eric Decker
If Decker can get 4 catches and up he will have a great week. The only thing that saved his fantasy owners last week was his lone TD along with a measly 23 yards. This week should turn out better as anybody facing the Chiefs offensively looks very good against the Chiefs. I have a hunch that with the way Fitzpatrick has been giving the ball away this season that the game against the Colts will remain mostly on the ground. Johnson will get his points and see some action but nearly as much as we would like to see. Eric Decker takes this match.

Randall Cobb vs Reggie Wayne
Cobb blew up last week in the way that is Rodgers passing up his other wide outs and throwing to him nearly half the games throws. The Giants defense is not anything to write home about. And this week we are looking to see just how much Rodgers relies on Cobb again. And I think we will see him become the #1 wide out for a 2nd week in a row. I am not thinking that the Bills will be able to stop the Colts prolific rookie QB and seasoned wide out that is is favorite target. The downside to a rookie QB is that Wayne suffers through Lucks growing pains. This week will be a good week. Randall Cobb takes this match.

Jimmy Graham vs Kyle Rudolph
Rudolph has been not so great mostly this season with some spurts that sees daylight. This week he faces the Bears and that alone makes me think that he will have one of those days and not in a good way. Look for an alternative. Since his return from injury Graham has been in steam roller status. He is the lone constant target for Brees and it seems that Brees likes to throw that pigskin. Jimmy Graham easily takes this match.

Rashard Mendenhall vs Jordy Nelson
Nelson is being eased back into the line up so do not expect them to rely heavily on him still this week using other healthier options. It is a good match to let him ease back into it considering that the Giants pass defense just is not really that good. I am just not too sure how heavily Mendenhall will be used this week as he seems to be injury prone this week. But with the problems at QB he may just be forced in under circumstances that may not be the best. The Browns are not a tough defense but knowing the Steelers injury issues you can bet they will lay on the heat. Jordy Nelson takes this match.

Broncos vs Patriots
Simply put I am not that impressed with the Patriots defense. But I am even more unimpressed by the Jets overall. The Patriots should have a good game stopping this Jets team which looks to continue to implode. The Broncos are a strong defense that faces a weak offense. They will have there way with the Chiefs easily. The Broncos take this match.

Nick I know this fills you full of confidence but...

By the numbers Get To Da Choppa! Should take this match by a nose.

Paint Huffing Warriors (TCM Revolver) vs Cats HateHitler (Mem)

Tom Brady vs Carson Palmer
Having a tough time at the TE position Brady should be able to easily use his other viable options and make the Jets look like chumps. There is nothing that makes me think that the Jets can use Gronkowski's injury to there advantage. Expect a great game for Brady. Palmer has been a passing freak this season. TheRaiders run game has taken a bunch of hits this season making Palmer and his wide outs the only viable offense the Raiders have. The Bengals are tough against the pass and could give him some headaches but out of shear pass attempts he will have a solid day. Tom Brady takes this match.

Ben Roethlisberger vs Sam Bradford
Big Ben is out this week. Bradford has been anything but solid this season. Now he faces a team that picked off the Falcons Matt Ryan 5 times last week. Yeah look for other options. Sam Bradford takes this by default.

Matt Forte vs Ray Rice
The Vikings defense has slipped over the last few weeks and Forte is looking to rebound after a couple tough weeks. You would think with the QB injury issue in Chicago that he would have had a larger workload but 2 tough defenses put a sock in that. Cutler may be back and look for better numbers this week. Versus the run is where the Chargers have done decent this season. That could slow Rice down and add in that we are thinking that the Ravens will take to the air against the Chargers who have struggled in defending the pass. Matt Forte takes this match.

Willis McGahee vs Stevan Ridley
McGahee has torn an MCL and is out for the remainder of the season. The Jets are a disaster right now. They will be unable to stop any of the Patriots defense and that counts this explosive RB. Ridley will have a good work load when the Patriots surge ahead and start working down the clock. Stevan Ridley takes this match by default.

Wes Welker vs Calvin Johnson
The Patriots released Deion Branch and have cut down the number of plays that we see Brandon Lloyd takes. Gronkowski is out with a broken arm so there is no reason to thing that Welker will have a down turn on the number of passes that are thrown his way. Expect them to go up as will his fantasy score. Now we have seen what we have expected all season from Johnson. Over the last few weeks he has not been under 125 yards and has gotten that coveted TD each week for the last couple. The Texans are a tough defense but you know he will be heavily used and has the talent to bust out of a tough defense. Wes Welker takes this match.

Julio Jones vs Dez Bryant
Bryant has been maddening at times because of his butterfingers. But the last 2 weeks he has been a solid play and the Redskins are not tough against the pass in any manner. Expect a great game from Bryant as long as he catches the ball. Jones aggravated an ankle injury and should not play this week. Dez Bryant takes this match by default.

Jacob Tamme vs Scott Chandler
Tamme did better than expected last week. The Chiefs are a sweet match up for him but I still have my doubts on his reliability as a go to TE. Chandler explodes every few weeks and the Colts can be tough on TE's even if they let Gronkowski romp them last week. Remember this though...they also broke Gronkowski's arm. Like I said, tough on TE's. Scott Chandler takes this match.

Demaryius Thomas vs Hakeem Nicks
1st, expect Thomas to play. And he is a steady play. McGahee is out so expect everyone under Manning's command to take it up a notch to keep up there momentum. He will have a great game facing the Chiefs which makes Thomas a nice play as well. Well we now can say that Nicks is healthy. Now we have to see if he can capitalize on that and blow up the Packers secondary that has been beat up this season. Figure Nicks will have a solid game. Demaryius Thomas takes this match.

Giants vs Seahawks
The Giants face the Packers and simply put I would not want to be playing a team with Rodgers at the helm and what he could do to us score wise as a fantasy owner. Find an alternative. The young defense we see in the Seahawks has a nice match up against the Dolphins. The Dolphins have been having there offensive struggles the last few weeks and that will give the Seahawks a nice weekend. The Seahawks take this match.

With the injuries in this match, Cats HateHilter will take this match.

Mallers Da Winna (COsurvivor) vs Clear Sights (Clear Sights)

Eli Manning vs Jay Cutler
Manning is coming off a bye rested and studied we hope. He also faces a Packers secondary that is beat up and he should be able to pick apart in a game that looks to be a shoot out. Right now Cutler to play has to pass the last phase of the concussion test. He is still questionable. Even then pay attention to his reports he may play but may not be at the top of his game when he returns. Eli Manning takes this match.

??? vs Josh Freeman
Freeman has been a solid play almost every game this season. The Falcons defense has had struggles against the pass allowing multiple TD's in almost every game this season as well. Freeman with his 2 strong wide outs look to add to that stat and have a great game this weekend. Josh Freeman takes this match by default.

Brandon Jacobs vs Arian Foster
Jacobs has not played all season. Drop him. Look Foster to rebound nicely after last week he was kept from the end zone. He will cross his 100 yard mark easily and I suggest 2 TD's and up for him. Arian Foster takes this match by default.

??? vs Darren McFadden
McFadden is out still due to injury. No winner here.

Micheal Crabtree vs Larry Fitzgerald
Well Crabtree the last few weeks has finally began to amount to something. This week is too good to pass him up. The Saints have no real pass defense and the way it looks is that this wide out will find the end zone once again this weekend. Even if Kolb returns I am not too sure if Fitzgerald is a good play because it seems they like to starve him every few weeks before giving him so throws. Fitzgerald faces the Rams and they will probably do a decent job at stopping the Cardinals offense this weekend. Micheal Crabtree takes this match.

Mike Williams vs Roddy White
Do not let the last couple weeks worry you about Williams. This week looks to be a good rebound week considering we are expecting this to be a shoot out between the Buccaneers and the Falcons. Freeman is comfortable throwing to him and he has shown that given some help with another good wide out he is very reliable. White has busted down the 100 yard mark 3 games in a row and with Julio Jones looking to be out or given light duty this week you can expect White to bust through that door again. A flip of the coin really. Roddy White takes this match.

Martellus Bennett vs Antonio Gates
Bennett has not exploded this season even though he has had opportunities to and has not seen the end zone since week 3 either. Not a sure bet by any means. The problems that the Chargers have had this season has dragged Gates right down with them. The Ravens should be a must play for him because they have been easy to beat with TE's but the Chargers have squandered too many chances to be trusted with that. Martellus Bennett takes this match.

Brandon Marshall vs Steve Smith
Marshall is really hoping that Cutler is back this week. If not he will have another tough week with a below average solid score. If Cutler is back he may still be below his own average but it will be a lot better than now. Plus to miss the opportunity to be the main go to guy against the Vikings would be a sad say for him as he should by all accounts have a great day against them in normal unconcussed games. Smith may have not been the most reliable in past weeks but facing an Eagles team who's off the field issues are directly affecting there on field play is too good to pass up. Expect him to play well on Monday. Brandon Marshall takes this match.

Bears vs Steelers
Big Ben is out again so expect the Steelers defense to step up again and make sure the game against the Browns is more than winnable for there own offense. The Bears face the Vikings who seem to have a tough time keeping there QB from being sacked and the Bears really like to sack QB's. If they stop Adrian Peterson, the Bears will have no offense to worry about. The Bears takes this match.

Against the norm where a team takes the match who has more players that beat out there opponents players, I feel that that one team even with more player winners has too many holes to overcome.

Clear Sights takes this match