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    Zombie Hater's Week 12 Round Up Part 1

    For the 1st time, I have passed 40,000 characters in a regular season write up. With that I have broken this into 2 parts

    So here we are. We have only this week and next to define how our playoff look. Right now before this weekend the 4 top dogs are Winter Nom Noms, Azoic Defenders, Paint Huffing Warriors, and Team Devil Dogs. Other teams are still in the hunt but Mrscott101 and GodofInsanity have pulled away by a small margin. Injuries have riddled these teams. Owners that do not check have added an interesting factor is strategies. Overall....there is still a fight for the playoffs and lets see what we have this week.

    Bye Week Teams
    Bye weeks are finished. I know I am happy about this.

    There are a lot of these, big ones too.

    Alex Smith (SF QB)
    (Concussion) Looks to be cleared but that is still in the air until Saturday

    LeSean McCoy (Phi RB)
    (Concussion) Not playing for sure. Has not clear 1st test of 5 part concussion test as of Friday

    Micheal Vick (Phi QB)
    (Concussion) Still Phase 2 of concussion tests

    Blaine Gabbert (Jac QB)
    (Elbow) Is on Injured Reserve and will undergo at least one surgery

    Percy Harvin (Min WR)
    (Ankle) Tried to get him back in but does not look good

    Kevin Kolb (Ari QB)
    (Ribs) He may be a back up so do not expect him to play

    Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac RB)
    (Foot) Still out

    Antonio Brown (Pit WR)
    (Ankle) Says he will play but still looks like he won't

    Greg Jennings (GB WR)
    (Groin) Closer to returning but not quite yet

    DeMarco Murray (Dal RB)
    (Foot) Still out

    Andrew Hawkins (Cin WR)
    (Knee) Still out but day to day

    Danny Amendola (Stl WR)
    (Foot) Bad news for the Rams who hope he will be back soon

    Ben Roethlisberger (Pit QB)
    (Rib/Shoulder) He is still out. They are hoping for a week 13 return

    Willis McGahee (Den RB)
    (MCL/Knee) Tore the MCL + fractured the kneecap = Injured Reserve

    Julio Jones (Atl WR)
    (Ankle) He aggravated it last week and it looks like this week he could be out to rest it. Limited play at the very least

    Rob Gronkowski (NE TE)
    (Arm) This is huge. Broken Arm out a minimum of 4 weeks if he is lucky

    Mike Goodson (Oak RB)
    (Ankle) Still out

    Darren McFadden (Oak RB)
    (Ankle) Still out

    Jay Cutler (Chi QB)
    (Concussion) Last phase to test is Saturday. He may play but keep an eye on his status

    Play'em and Sit'em
    As always there will be no Injury Report Players on this list


    Jared Cook_-_He is being phased out it looks like by 2 other TE's. Should be benched

    Brandon Weeden_-_Not going to do well against a Steelers defense that steps it up because of a missing QB

    Micheal Turner_-_He faces the top run defense in the league it could get ugly for him

    Miami_-_I just have a bad feeling here

    Giants_-_Am just not sure I would want a defense to face the potential scoring momentum that the Packers could develop

    Sam Bradford_-_The Cardinals tore up Matt Ryan last week and he is without bueno

    Brandon Jacobs_-_DROP HIM HE DOES NOT EVEN PLAY!!!! and yes I yelled for good purpose in my opinion

    Antonio Gates_-_The way the Chargers have been playing, none of there players are trustworthy


    Andre Johnson_-_After last week how can you keep him on the bench, too much potential of momentum

    Robert Griffin palm

    James Jones_-_A good filler for maybe an injured player

    Pierre Garcon_-_I know it shows he won't score well, but if he plays do not believe that he will rock it hard as he is Griffin's favorite target

    Ahmad Bradshaw_-_He will have a good game even if the QB's start shooting it out

    Anquan Boldin_-_He is set to have a great game

    Jake Locker_-_He plays the Jaguars who make any QB look like Joe Montana

    Aaron Rodgers_-_Why is this QB on the bench put him in geez

    Jason Witten_-_Has a great chance for a great game

    Andrew Luck_-_He will have a great game against a Bills non-existent secondary

    Golden Tate_-_He will see the end zone

    Shane Vereen_-_He finally played and can only get better after a strong start

    Owen Daniels_-_Do not let last week worry you he will have a nice rebound this week

    Chad Henne_-_Against the Titans he is too tempting to pass up after last week against a much better defense
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