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    Zombie Hater's League Week 10 Round Up

    Well I have to admit, from week to week I am getting more and more interested in how these teams can stay in the match. Bye weeks, Thursday games, injuries make it all a crazy season. So lets see what we have this week.

    Bye Week Teams



    Darren Sproles (NO RB)
    (Hand) He had surgery on it last week but he may play this week. Do not hold your breath.

    Mike Goodson (Oak RB)
    (Ankle) High Ankle Sprain...not likely to play

    Darren McFadden (Oak RB)
    (Ankle) High Ankle Sprain....not likely to play.

    Ben Tate (Tex RB)
    (Hamstring) Still out

    Owen Daniels (Tex TE)
    (Hip) My be or may be not out, check availability.

    Coby Fleener (Ind TE)
    (Shoulder) A couple more weeks out

    Calvin Johnson (Det WR)
    (Knee) He has a number of problems that he may stay out on to heal this week.

    Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac RB)
    (Foot) Still out maybe another couple weeks

    Antonio Brown (Pit WR)
    (Ankle) Tomlin has indicated he is doubtful to play

    DeMarco Murray (Dal RB)
    (Foot) He will have to be at 100% before he returns

    Percy Harvin (Min WR)
    (Ankle) he shouldn't play but check on his status

    Sit'em and Play'em
    As usual you will not see any bye week or injured players on this list


    Jay Cutler_-_He plays the Texans and they are still a tough unit to face

    Jacob Tamme_-_He is losing work to Dreessen so time to part ways with this TE

    Sam Bradford_-_The 49ers are going to stop this poor guy all weekend long

    Ryan Mathews_-_The Buccaneers defense is clicking at the moment may not be a good week for this RB

    Chiefs_-_If you are desperate for a 0 leave them in

    Darrius Heywood-Bey_-_Well the Ravens will keep him shut down look for a better option


    Jason Witten_-_Against an Eagles team not at the top of there game he is a must play

    Andrew Luck_-_Why Not, he has been doing awesome for a rookie season and this week against the Jaguars he has nothing there to stop him

    Tom Brady_-_Simply is he doing on your bench

    Wes Welker_-_Read the comment for the player directly above and place here

    Anquan Boldin_-_Against this Oakland secondary he should be in

    Heath Miller_-_A good flex player this week against the Chiefs

    Ryan Tannehill_-_This one may surprise you but against the Titans everyone looks good and he has been getting better

    A.J. Green_-_Well against the Giants maybe he should be on the bench....are you crazy get his ass in your line up

    Andre Johnson_-_Even against the Bears he is in an upswing on passes and this will not be bad week either for him

    Reggie Bush_-_The Titans cannot stop the run and Reggie Bush runs very well

    Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity) vs Mallers Da Winna (COsurvivor)

    Matt Schaub vs Aaron Rodgers
    Rodgers is on bye this week. Schaub faces the Bears defense that has made almost all QB's that they have faced not have a very good day. I expect the Texans to keep this one on the ground so the Bears do not get to picking the ball off to extensively. Matt Schaub takes this match by default.

    Alex Smith vs Eli Manning
    Its a coin toss for Smith here. He did really well against the Cardinals a couple weeks ago and it is hard to expect the Rams to falter in the same way as they have had a bye week as well to prepare. But there is that idea, that temptation that Smith will have another great day with multiple TD's. The last couple weeks have been a huge let down for Manning owners. Not even breaking 10 fantasy points in 2 weeks could make you shy away from this QB but do not think Manning will be below that again. This week against the Bengals looks to be a good game for him to rebound and restore your faith in him. Eli Manning takes this match.

    Frank Gore vs Darren Sproles
    Sproles is out due surgery on his left hand. With the Rams being 13th against the rush and Gore is rested up and healed up makes for a very good game for Gore. Add in that it is a home game and this match looks just way too damn good for me to go against Gore. Frank Gore takes this match by default.

    Fred Jackson vs Mike Goodson
    Jackson is getting cut out of the plays more and more as Spiller takes over even more and more. Add in that he may be healthy now but as we have seen he can be injured quite easily. All said and done is that he still has some juice in the tanks but just at this time but this team just does not have to worry about using him with another talented RB in the lineup. 1st Goodson has a high ankle sprain. 2nd he plays 2nd fiddle to McFadden. Expect nothing. Fred Jackson takes this match.

    Vincent Jackson vs Micheal Crabtree
    Expect Jackson to have a great weekend showing his old team why they miss him. Also the Chargers do not cover the pass so well so expect a lot of passes being thrown Jackson's way. I just do not have faith in Crabtree. Everything is in his favor. The Rams are not good against the pass. He had a 2 score game before the bye and plans on continuing his hot streak. Smith is set to have another good game. I just do not by into it. Fact is that he has had only 2, count them, 2 games that hit double digits this season. A total of 3 TD's, 2 only in the game before the bye. So I just do not see putting my money on this wide out. Vincent Jackson takes this match.

    Torrey Smith vs Mike Williams
    With Jackson around, Williams has finally found a solid role in his #2 slot as a wide out. Even better he has found the end zone 5 times this season, twice at home. With this team clicking on all cylinders offensively, it makes Williams even better at getting open and producing those stats you all want to see. Smith is a deep threat and Flacco can throw deep. Oakland struggles containing a deep threat. Do keep an eye on his status and play time since his coach wants to keep him “fresh' but beyond that Smith is a go to this weekend. Torrey Smith takes this match.

    Vernon Davis vs Martellus Bennett
    The Rams have a tough time containing TE's. So that is not my worry. What I am curious about is just why the San Francisco offensive coordinator seems to have cut Davis out of the play scheme. So this weekend looks great for long as he is involved in the game more than 1 pass. Bennett started strong but seems to have fallen to the wayside for the Giants game plans. He faces another team that seems to have issues keeping TE's at bay but he also has to be involved to gain from that point. Vernon Davis takes this match.

    Pierre Thomas vs Brandon Marshall
    Do not let last week worry you with Thomas. He faces an easier team verses the rush this week and was averaging better yards than either other RB available to the Saints. So figure that they will take notice of that this week and see him gain more than this last week. Marshall faces a team that by all rights should stop him. But the Texans got torched before and it looks to be setting up to happen this weekend. Cutler and Marshall are on there own time zone and can be expected to do as they have been doing all season. Brandon Marshall takes this match.

    49ers vs Bears
    Who here thinks the Rams can punch through the Niners defense and score like mad. Anyone? Yeah me neither. The 49ers simply put will dominate the Rams. The Bears are going to do very well also. They have one problem. They have to stop Arian Foster. If he gets loose they will have a bad day and he does have the talent to break out and explode. The 49ers take this match.

    Azoic Defenders should own this match.

    Clear Sights (Clear Sights) vs Paint Huffing Warriors (TCM Revolver)

    Jay Cutler vs Ben Roethlisberger
    I am not sure that I but into Cutler being stopped by the Texans. If him and Marshall get on that run like they have a couple times this season he may just explode but that being said he will have a tough game ahead of him this weekend. Big Ben is primed to light up the Chiefs. And there is nothing here that makes me think that he won't do it. Big Ben and any of his wide outs should be considered must plays. Ben Roethlisberger takes this match.

    Josh Freeman vs Robert Griffin III
    Griffin is on bye. Freeman has really turned it around this season. A running game that is clicking and 2 wide outs that can catch almost whatever he throws at them makes him a very good choice facing the Chargers this weekend. Sure they have picked up there defense the last coupe of weeks but Freeman is slowly climbing into a class of QB that does not get fazed by that kind of defense. Josh Freeman takes this match by default.

    Arian Foster vs Matt Forte
    Foster just cannot be stopped. This monster RB may be slowed down by a Bears defense that allows less than 10 points to RB's a game but all it takes for Foster is one break out play and he has made your day. Well Forte has had 2 TD's in his last 2 games but that was against the Panthers and the Titans. The Texans are in a much higher class of defense and that may just slow him down. Arian Foster takes this match.

    Darren McFadden vs Willis McGahee
    McFadden has a high ankle sprain so do not expect him to play. The Panthers are 20th against the rush and have allowed a TD to opposing RB's in both of there last 2 games. McGahee mixed in with Peyton's awesome throwing game should run all over Carolina. Willis McGahee takes this match almost by default.

    Larry Fitzgerald vs Julio Jones
    Fitzgerald is on bye. Forget Jones last 2 games. They do not matter even if they were good. All that matters is that he faces the 29th rated pass defense in the league. Matt Ryan will throw all days long just to keep up with Brees and Jones will get another game that surpasses the 100 yard mark and at least 1 TD. Julio Jones takes this match by default.

    Roddy White vs Malcom Floyd
    White has the potential to explode against the Saints this weekend. He does well there in the past and Ryan likes to spread the ball around to both of his wide outs who will both greatly profit from the 29th ranked pass defense in the league. Floyd is the greatest recipient of passes from Rivers on his team. It has not been great fantasy points for him but this weekend facing the Buccaneers it could just pay off. Roddy White takes this match.

    Antonio Gates vs Jacob Tamme
    At the beginning of the season we thought Tamme would have a good working relationship with Manning since they had played on a team previously. Well that has not panned out and if you can find another option take him. Well just maybe Gates can come out of retirement to have a great game against the Buccaneers who this season have struggled against TE's. We will see because Gates has come out of hiding only twice this season truly so I am not so sure. Still Antonio Gates takes this match.

    Steve Smith vs Demaryius Thomas
    Well the Broncos are not the best defense against wide outs but they are not the worst either. Smith has the talent to make it to the end zone but I just am not sure the panthers team this season has the heart to help him pull it off twice in a row this season. With Thomas it is not really about what he can do. It is about what his QB can do. And Peyton has no off button. Thomas may not have a huge game but expect Manning to find him once for a big play. Demaryius Thomas takes this match.

    Steelers vs Giants
    The Chiefs offense has not done anything to make us think that they can do anything to make this defense breathe hard as they get stopped on every play. The Giants D have really stepped it up the last few games. The Bengals have given up 15 turnovers and with the Giants starting to grab those up makes them just look very good. A tough call but I think the Steelers take this match.

    As of this second Clear Sights squeaks by to win this match.

    Cats HateHitler (Mem) vs Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo)

    Carson Palmer vs Matthew Stafford
    Palmer has the talent to make throwing every down work in his favor against lesser teams. The Ravens may not be as good as previous seasons but with not having to worry about a credible running game, they will be able to cover Palmer's wide outs to the extent of ridiculousness this weekend. The stats say that Stafford should have as many TD's as he had last season. Does not having a credible running game hurt him that bad in the end zone. Evidently so. Carson Palmer takes this match.

    Matt Hassleback vs Joe Flacco
    Hassleback is going to have to go to the air. Miami is tough on the run and I am not sure we can say that Chris Johnson will bust through that. So expect Hassleback to try to explode before he gets regulated back to the bench when Jake Locker returns from injury. The Raiders defense has done surprisingly well. So Flacco just may have a tough game of it. Well he may not see that 300 yard mark but do not think that he will have a horrible game. With a good run game to help him out he will get his points this weekend. Joe Flacco takes this match.

    Ray Rice vs Benjarvus Green-Ellis
    Rice will explode this week. Count on it. He is a versatile RB that can receive as well as run so it is just simple to expect him to blow up against the 21st rated rush defense in the league. Well if the Law Firm is going to cross that 100 yard mark this season, next week against the Giants will be it. Lesser RB's have exploded against them and he has the talent to do better than even them. Ray Rice takes this match.

    Stevan Ridley vs C.J. Spiller
    The Bills seemingly are unable to stop the run. Earlier this season Ridley nailed them down for 106 yards and 2 TD's. This time he is the single back in the line up. He will get all the hand offs and should just have a huge game. Spiller should tear up the Patriots non-existent run defense. It was there in the beginning of the season but seems to have gone to the wayside. Spiller is also taking more and more of the snaps from Fred Jackson as he has proven more explosive. Stevan Ridley takes this match.

    Calvin Johnson vs Steve Johnson
    Well this week should be able to help break Megatron's TD drought. He does well against the Vikings before and though they seem to have it together covering wide outs, Megatron is just not a typical wide out. With the Patriots defense faltering mid season you can expect Steve Johnson to have a pretty good game this weekend. I do not think they will out produce the Patriots score wise but he will perform better than last week and that is for sure. Calvin Johnson takes this match.

    Hakeem Nicks vs Brian Hartline
    Nicks exploded once this season and everyone says this weekend is the next big explosion for hm. I do not know if I buy into that line. Yes he is injury free and has shaken off all the rust but when betting for your fantasy team that just may not be enough. The Titans are 27th against the pas so this should be a weekend that Hartline just will not be as covered as other teams have been doing to him so he will not blow up again. He may not blow up but he won't be held back either. Brian Hartline takes this match.

    Rob Gronkowski vs Jimmy Graham
    There was a point this season when I would have been doubting the Gronks skill. Well after the last few weeks my tune has changed. Facing the Bills dismal defense he is just going to have another huge week. Expect a TD in his future this weekend as well. Jimmy Graham is full up healed and his opposing teams have noticed it these last couple weeks. Atlanta has struggled against Graham in the past and with Brees still able to spread the ball around it makes Graham a huge threat. Rob Gronkowski takes this match.

    Miles Austin vs Rashard Jennings
    Austin is getting the passes considering it seems that he is having less trouble than Bryant holding onto the ball. This week he faces an Eagles team that is just in complete disarray. That will do him very well as he is looking to get another TD in his stats chart this weekend. Jennings has not performed as well as some owners had hoped for but this week against the Colts who are 26th against the run it should finally payoff for him. Miles Austin takes this match.

    Seahawks vs Broncos
    Well I am just not sure what the Jets expect to do this week against the Seahawks defense. They just do not seem to have it together offensively and when you get fans chanting for Tebow to come in you just may have to evaluate you QB heavily. Well the Panthers have not wowed us this season offensively save for some of the antics of there QB. Beyond that the Broncos have stepped it up against passing teams and should be able to keep the Panthers at bay. The Seahawks take this match.

    Cats HateHitler should make short work of this match and take it.

    Get To Da Choppa! (Joosbawx) vs Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101)

    Drew Brees vs Tony Romo
    God I do not know what else to say about Brees other than he is a machine. If you think that the Falcons are going to hold him and not let him score at least 2 TD's then you may just want to re-examine what you know about this game. Romo may have to take to the air more than they would like against the Eagles since it still looks like Murray will be out and Jones has been playing injured. He should do well. He kept from throwing any interceptions last week and if he can stay on that kick this week than he will have a good day. Drew Brees takes this match.

    Cam Newton vs Christian Ponder
    To be fair, I want to point out that yes Newton seemed to find himself last week and pull out a win for his team. But I also want to point out that was against the Redskins who are last against the pass. The Broncos are not nearly as bad as that. He may still have found his center last week but its going to take a bit more this week than finding balance. Simply put, with Harvin unlikely to play this week, Ponder is a bad option in an fashion and there is nothing truly else that can be said about him other than that. Cam Newton takes this match.

    Doug Martin vs Adrian Peterson
    The Chargers are 20th against the rush. Now Martin may not explode like he did last week against the Raiders but he will still have a pretty damn good game. He will be looking to get over the 100 yard mark for a 3rd week in a row. The Lions are 22nd against the run and Adrian Peterson will be running all day long. With what looks like no passing game to note for the Vikings you can probably expect Peterson to easily pass that century mark. Tough call but Adrian Peterson takes this match.

    Issac Redman vs Alex Green
    Green is on bye this week. I want to say do not expect Redman to explode because last week was just huge. But he faces the Chiefs this week and anything is possible. With this match up the Steelers may just let Dwyer and Mendenhall rest another week and let Redman take the workload. Issac Redman takes this match by default.

    Jordy Nelson vs Victor Cruz
    Nelson is on bye this week. Cruz got rocked last week in a major hit that looked above par after the fact. He looks to play this week and though the last couple games may have been tough on him, facing the Bengals looks to be a good week to rebound for him. Victor Cruz takes this match by default.

    Eric Decker vs Percy Harvin
    Do not expect Harvin to play this week. Manning has decide that he likes to throw to Decker...a lot. With that he will have a good week every week since Manning has proven over and over again that he has no issues with his neck and throwing the ball. Add in the Panthers this week and he looks like a very good play. Eric Decker takes this match.

    Kyle Rudolph vs Brandon Pettigrew
    Well with Harvin out, Rudolph should be the one to gain from his absence. That will up his value for some time though by how much I am no too sure. The Vikings are tough on opposing TE's so Pettigrew may not really break out and surge out of his slump this week. Kyle Rudolph takes this match.

    Trent Richardson vs Ryan Mathews
    Richardson is on bye. The Buccaneers have been holding opposing RB's to an average of 77 yards a match. With the Chargers struggling you could see Mathews end up being a non factor if he cannot break out of this tough defensive line. Ryan Mathews takes this match by default.

    Falcons vs Cardinals
    Cardinals are on bye this week. I do not care what teams have been able to pull defensively on the Saints over the last couple of weeks. There is too much chance of a blow out to make it worth it. The Falcons take this match if they do not get negative points.

    Get To Da Choppa! Takes this match.

    Team Braindead (Socali) vs Team Devil Dogs (USMCludwig)

    Matt Ryan vs Peyton Manning
    Well you may not want to see your defense facing the Saints but you sure do want to see your QB facing the Saints defense. I should say what defense. Ryan is going to have an awesome match with huge numbers in what will surely be a shoot out. Who here thinks the Panthers could be a speed bump in how well Manning has done in the last 3 games? Yeah me neither. This is going to be another good game for Manning. Matt Ryan takes this match.

    Brandon Weeden vs Ryan Fitzpatrick
    Weeden is on bye. Fitzpatrick has the Patriots number. If he can keep from throwing the interceptions he should have a monster game. In week 4 he threw 4 TD's but also threw 4 interceptions as well. So this week looks great for him. Ryan Fitzpatrick takes this match.

    Marshawn Lynch vs LeSean McCoy
    Lynch is the Seahawks best offensive weapon. He has had 3 tough weeks and produced very well each week. This week should feel like a vacation when he runs against the Jets. He is looking to get his 6th 100 yard game this season. With McCoy you have to worry that if the Eagles fall behind that the game will go to the air and he will be left with only goal line runs. He is very capable to have a good week but there are a lot of variables that seem against him this week. Marshawn Lynch takes this match.

    Micheal Turner vs Chris Johnson
    In truth the Saints are an all around horrible defense. They are 32nd against the rush. Add in that Turner has done well against them in the past. The only worry here is that this will become a shoot out and the RB's get left behind picking up scraps as receivers. Well I guess the last few weeks has shown us the C.J. Has found his feet. He did well against 2 really tough rush defenses and even though Miami is good there too he is primed to tear through them as well. Add in that right now he is the Titans only true offense. Chris Johnson takes this match.

    Sydney Rice vs Mike Wallace
    No matter what corner goes to cover Rice, this should be a good week for him. He has been getting all the attention for TD's over the last few weeks and with the Jets in disarray, I do not think they will cover him as well as they should considering all the other off the field crap going on there. The Chiefs are easier to pass against, 25th in the league, than they are to run against, 3rd in the league. Considering the problems the Steelers are having at RB, you can all but be sure that any Steeler wide out is going to have a good day and Wallace is one of there most sure handed wide outs, so his day will be great. Mike Wallace takes this match.

    Darrius Heywood-Bey vs Marques Colston
    The Ravens can be tough against certain teams and there wide outs and the Raiders are one of these teams. Heywood-Bey is in for a tough day and unless he can slip by with a break out play then do not expect very much from him. Colston may have only been hot a couple times this season but he has been steady. Brees is very comfortable with his #1 wide out that even as he spreads the ball around you can easily assume that there will be TD in his game this weekend. Marques Colston takes this match.

    Tony Gonzalez vs Jared Cook
    Almost any player position is going to do well against the Saints poor defense. The only one is Gonzalez that may not live up to this. He has done poorly in the past against them and he is a close in option and you can bet that Ryan is going to have to go to the wide outs to keep up in what is sure to become a shoot out. Cook hit bottom last week when he delved into negative points fantasy wise. This week I will say just this, now he has no where to go but up...right? My bets are off. Tony Gonzalez takes this match.

    Denarius Moore vs Jamaal Charles
    With both of there RB's down and out you can expect Palmer to throw all day long. Now some wide outs will prosper from this and some won't. Moore will as he is the most targeted wide out that Palmer throws to. With the volume of throws heading his way this weekend he may just have a good day. If his team decides to put there faith in Charles hands and legs he will have a great day against a Steelers defense that is not quite the Steel Wall that we once remember and love. But we have to see if the powers that be in Kansas City figure it out to see how well Charles will do. Jamaal Charles takes this match.

    Dolphins vs Texans
    All the Dolphins have to do is stop Chris Johnson. They do that and you will have a great scoring defense in them. The Texans face off with the Bears. This is going to be a low scoring defense slug match. And out of it the Texans will float to the top. The Dolphins take this match.

    Team Devil Dogs take this match up.

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    God... I love when you pick against me. I love it even more when you say someone will make short work of me. You're like those bud light commercials. It's only weird if it doesn't work.
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    yeah this year has been interesting even though last year was a bit of the same with you for an odd reason. And to be fair, gimminy geezus I did not expect Flacco, Brocos and Graham to explode like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodofInsanity View Post
    yeah this year has been interesting even though last year was a bit of the same with you for an odd reason. And to be fair, gimminy geezus I did not expect Flacco, Brocos and Graham to explode like that
    Oh ye of little faith.....
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