Well, well, well. Here we are in week 9. Some of you <aggressively points finger> are MIA. Well I see how it is. We will just continue this without you. May all your IR players support you this season. Okay enough joking around. How about these teams and players. I know I have nearly pulled out my hair this season, how about you? Well lets see what we have this week.

Bye Week Teams



Jonathan Dwyer (Pit RB)
(Quad) He is doubtful but meow most likely will not play.

Darren Sproles (NO RB)
(Hand) Broken hand is out indefinitely.

Greg Jennings (GB WR)
(Groin) Maybe back at end of the month

Pierre Garcon (Was WR)
(Foot) Won't be back til after week 10 at least

DeMarco Murray (Dal RB)
(Foot) Was thought to be back this week...oh well.

Coby Fleener (Ind TE)
(Shoulder) Out a couple weeks

Robert Meachem (SD WR)
(Hamstring) Maybe back next week.

Ben Tate (Hou WR)
(Hamstring) Have to see if he is back next week

Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac RB)
(Foot) There is no timetable for his return as of yet

Rashard Mendenhall (Pit RB)
(Achilles') He is doubtful...meaning he won't play.

Sit'em or Play'em
As always no injuries or bye week players will be on this list


Brandon Weeden_-_Stats say that he is likely to do nothing this week worthwhile.

Dolphins_-_Luck has been doing very well and I do not think they will stop him this week making for too many scores against them.

Mike Goodson_-_Not even a chance of doing something means this RB should be benched

Matt Hassleback_-_ The Bears have picked off 16 passes, makes for a bad run for Hassleback.

Chris Johnson_-_The Bears are 1st in the league against the rush

Steelers_-_The face they Giants who protect there meow QB well and know how to score...a lot.


Andre Johnson_-_He has the potential for an explosive game

Micheal Vick_-_He started off bad but is improving and plays the 32nd ranked defense in the league

Reggie Bush_-_The Colts cannot stop the rush and he will run all day long

Jason Witten_-_He is exploding, get on the wave or miss the ride.

James Jones_-_He is the big boy on the meow block with other wide outs being injured

Brent Celek_-_This TE should not be on the bench facing the Saints simply put.

A.J. Green_-_He should be in against the Broncos

Antonio Brown_-_Big Ben's favorite target why is he on the bench

Team Braindead (Socali) vs Azoic Defenders (GodofInsanity)

Matt Ryan vs Matt Schaub
Ryan faces a tough Dallas defense who still ranks 4th against the pass. Of course they said last week he would have issues with the weather and that seemed to come out well. This time meow he is at home and very comfortable. He may not have a huge day but it will be a good day. Schaub as always can be a risky pull. This week facing the the Bills who seem to have no defense he may end up having a good day as they pull ahead and then Arian Foster takes over to grind the clock. Matt Ryan takes this match.

Brandon Weeden vs John Skelton
Well I have to say when I see this I think we are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Weeden faces the Ravens who have not been there usual selves when it meow comes to stopping the pass, but even then he does not look to have an easy day. The Packers have stepped up there pass rush and Skelton still needs time to get into the swing of things after being out and still being injured. The Packers will not give him this time. John Skelton takes this match.

Marshawn Lynch vs Alfred Morris
There is only one thing with Lynch, he gets the ball a lot. He is truthfully the only viable offense that the Seahawks have that is reliable. So they keep giving him the ball and he will keep trudging away and putting points on the board for you. Even the Vikings will not be able to stop him entirely as he ekes out his yardage. Everyone thought Morris would be irrelevant with as much running as Griffin does but he is good meow for is those tough yards. Do not let last week worry you as this week they face the Panthers and should have a much easier time gaining those yards and more importantly those TD's. Alfred Morris takes this match.

Micheal Turner vs Jonathan Dwyer
The Cowboy's are soft on the run and Turner is looking to rebound after 2 weeks of bad stats. A worry here is now we see a back up coming up and taking some yards from Turner and that always raises an eyebrow as none of us enjoy a RB that shares time. Dwyer has a quad meowinjury that will slow him down but will not stop him. More importantly he faces a Giants team that has gotten tough on the rush which could hinder him more than his injury. Micheal Turner takes this match.

Sidney Rice vs Vincent Jackson
Not sure how much you can count on Rice against the Vikings. They slipped against the pass last week but do not think that is going to make a huge difference here. Offensively I will say that the Seahawks have been surprising a few times this season but do not meow think so this week. Jackson faces the Raiders this week who have not made us think of them 1st when it comes to pass defense. He has done well in the past and him and Josh Freeman seem to be on the same page and clicking. Vincent Jackson takes this match.

Darrius meow Heywood-Bey vs Cecil Shorts
Heywood-Bey looks to have a decent weekend against a team that seems to have the talent but does not seem to know how to execute as to be able to stop the pass. Heywood-Bey is not at the top of the depth chart and does not get as many passes as other wide out he will get some workload from the ever improving Carson Palmer who seems more comfortable every week passing to this team. Laurent Robinson is to return and may steal some time from Shorts but do not think that will bump him. He has done better than Robinson and will retain the #1 wide out slot and also will get more passes thrown at him, and that will keep his numbers in double digits. Cecil Shorts takes this match.

Tony Gonzalez vs Greg Olsen
Counting the Bye week, Gonzalez has had three weeks of no real production. This week Dallas could prove to be a tough nut for the wide outs, but when they are covered where will Ryan go? To his seasoned and sure handed TE. He will have a good weekend and watch out because there is a distinct possibility for him to explode. Olsen faces the worse pass defense in the league. You would think that would leave him high and dry but do not be pulled into that trap. Newton has found him sure handed in a bind and as the last few weeks have shown, Newton seems to get into binds. Tony Gonzalez takes this match.

Darrius Moore vs Torrey Smith
The Buccaneers seem to have improven in pass coverage but through shear quantity Moore will get his points this week. Palmer has shown to be very comfortable with him and expect him to have a break out game. We all would like to see Smith blow up this week. The truth is that the Ravens are hurting. They need Flacco to step up as a leader and get this ship in the right direction. All he meow needs to do that is pass that ball to Smith and have him break out once. But we may be asking a lot here. Smith has been up and down and we are not sure if this week will explode like he should. Darrius Moore takes this match.

Dolphins vs Vikings
Okay the tough part for the Dolphins is that Andrew Luck has gotten comfortable with his wide outs and has been throwing almost 300 yards every week. With no run game, the Dolphins only have to concentrate on stopping him, simple right? Well not likely. Defensively the Seahawks are a tough meow team. Offensively all the Vikings have to do is stop Marshawn Lynch from running all over them. They can do that and easily. The Vikings take this match.

This is going to be close if all players perform. Azoic Defenders should squeak by with a meow win in this match.

Mallers Da Winna (COsurvivor) vs Cats HateHitler (Mem)

Aaron Rodgers vs Carson Palmer
The Cardinals could prove difficult to any normal QB. Rodgers is not very normal only having been held to 1 TD only once this season. With most of his wide out healthy save for Jennings, expect the Cardinals to struggle slowing him down. Palmer will be throwing meow the ball all day. He has gotten to be a steady fantasy play and this week should be no different. All of his wide outs are healthy and the Buccaneers defense is not as good as they would like to be though they have improved in the interception department. Palmer may break out if he can keep the picks to a zero. Aaron Rodgers takes this match.

Eli Manning vs Matt Hassleback
I know a lot of you were disappointed in Manning last week but in truth that was his worse outing all season and did face a top 5 pass defense. Do not expect the Steelers to put up the meow same kind of resistance this week. Manning will back to his old self and you can breathe a sigh of relief. Hassleback has done a decent job keeping the QB slot warm for Locker when he returns. This week he faces the Bears and that set may get far warmer as you can expect the Bears to hound him throughout the game. Eli Manning takes this match.

Darren Sproles vs Ray Rice
As long as Brees keeps Sproles in the loop for passes he will still be of value and this week against the Eagles he should get a fair amount of catches. He will meow be steady scorer as he is most of the time. Rice has had a few stumbles this season and one of them was against this weeks opponent the Browns. This week he will set the books right and should run all over the Browns without any problems. Ray Rice takes this match.

Mike Goodson vs Ahmad Bradshaw
Goodson has been injured and is the #2 back/ Do not expect a whole hell of a lot from him. The Steelers should keep Bradshaw in check for the most part though you can expect him to break out once or twice to the delight of the home crowd. Ahmad Bradshaw takes this match easily.

Micheal Crabtree vs Calvin Johnson
Crabtree is on bye. Well this season is nothing like last year in comparison of Johnson's fantasy scores. He has been on what seems to be a downturn for his season but he should rebound this meow week against a Jaguars defense. Calvin Johnson takes this match by default.

Mike Williams vs Hakeem Nicks
The Raiders are tougher against the run than the pass. Add in that the Buccaneers seem to have there offense clicking and this could prove disastrous for Oakland...but great for Williams. He has been getting equal targets as Vincent Jackson has. Both have proven to be a good dual tandem threat which helps keep the other open. Expect a good game for Williams this week. Does anyone else feel like Nicks is being phased from the offensive scheme of things. Sure he will still get his looks and will catch the ball but with Cruz getting more of the work load, Nicks has become what we hope is a steady horse and no more. Mike Williams takes this match.

Martellus Bennett vs Scott Chandler
Neither of these guys are going to break out big this week. The Texans will more than likely keep Chandler in check as Fitzpatrick has to air out the ball deep to his wide outs to keep the score on even ground. Bennett should be doing better but just does not seem to be in the offensive scheme of things this part of the season. Maybe they are saving him for the play offs. Who knows? Scott Chandler takes this match by coin meow flip.

Brandon Marshall vs Miles Austin
Save for 1 week this season Austin has been steady fantasy value and this week does not make us think that will be any less. Also he seems to hold onto the ball better than Bryant sometimes. This week may be a bit tougher against the Falcons but he will still come out with his points. Marshall faces the Titans who give up major yards and TD's to opposing wide outs. With Cutler and Marshall clicking, this will be a huge weekend for him. Brandon Marshall takes this match.

Bears vs Packers
This is the direct opposite of some match ups here. Both of these teams have extremely good matches. The Bears face the Titans and really need to only stop Chris Johnson and that should not be too hard. Packers faces the Cardinals who may meow have done well defensively but hey with there QB situation the Packers should make short work of them. Trash time is the only worry in truth for both of these teams. Of the 2 teams the Bears have an opposing RB that could make like difficult for them where as the Cardinals have no truly good offense to worry about. The Packers take this match.

Another close match but Cats HateHitler will come out ahead here.

Get To Da Choppa! (Joosbawx) vs Paint Huffing Warriors (TCM Revolver)

Drew Brees vs Ben Roethlisberger
A whopping 20 TD's this season and an Eagles defense that is 14th against the pass in the league makes for a great day for Brees. Add in he historically does well on Monday Meow Night games and the Eagles may just want to stay in bed. Big Ben is showing that he is a passing QB and this week facing the Giants who are 25th against the pass makes it look like an early Christmas for him. This one is easy for me. Drew Brees takes this match.

Cam Newton vs Robert Griffin III
I bet Newton wishes he was a rookie that could do no wrong again. This season has been tough for him. Newton needs to get it together and this week looks good for that. He faces the worst pass defense in the league and if there was a time for a turn around this is it. Griffin faces the Panthers and truth be told I do not think that worries him too much. He has faced tougher defensive adversaries and done well. This week should make for a big day for Griffin. Robert Griffin III takes this match.

Doug Martin vs Matt Forte
Martin has done nothing but improve over the last few weeks and there is nothing in the Raiders defense that makes us think that will stop here. Add in the Bucs have a good passing game that helps take the meow heat off of him and open up some routes. Forte is set up pretty facing a team that has given up the 3rd most yards against RB's this season. He has been looking for a match this season to stretch his legs and this is going to be it as the Titans will be unable to stop him as he grinds up the yards and the clock. Matt Forte takes this match.

Mike Leshoure vs Willis McGahee
Even with the Jaguars giving up yards and touch downs to opposing RB's may not make up for how unwell Leshoure has been playing the last few weeks. He is a tough bet but should be in because you just never know. McGahee is a dual threat as he is being used to help keep defenses honest so they do not just double up the wide outs and as a receiver himself as Peyton Manning likes to spread the ball around and The Bengals are not a huge threat this time around. Willis McGahee takes this match.

Eric Decker vs Julio Jones
When Manning gets the ball spread around like he likes to do then even if you are the #2 wide out, you still end up with at least 1 TD a week. Add in the the Bengals are 16th against the pass and that does not make us worry that they will be able to slow Manning down this week. I know Dallas is not as good of a pass meow defense on the road as they are at home but I cannot help but think that even then this 4th place pass defense will give Jones a tough day and bring him down as looks to be his M O after a good game like last week. Eric Decker takes this match.

Reggie Wayne vs Malcom Floyd
With Luck and Wayne on the same page as they are I feel bad for the Dolphins defense who look to get shredded by this duo. Wayne is a league leader in yards and targets. Luck shows no signs of slowing down either. After last week I have no faith in any Charger player. Sure they face the Chiefs but I honestly think the Chiefs are at an advantage here with how bad the Chargers are playing right now. Reggie Wayne takes this match.

Kyle Rudolph vs Jacob Tamme
Well all we can hope for is that the Vikings use Rudolph heavily against the Seahawks but I have a hunch its going to be a RB attack with Peterson. Tamme has not had a TD since week 1. Are you willing to bet that this week is gonna be that week to break his dry spell. Hell any meow week with Manning throwing and the Bengals in the mix it may break his drought. Jacob Tamme takes this match.

Trent Richardson vs Demaryius Thomas
Well last week we found out how tough Richardson is. He played through a rib injury and will probably play through it again this week. The Ravens will not be an easy nut to crack but he will still get his numbers. He is Manning's #1 wide out and his deep threat. With a TD for 2 weeks and over 100 yards a match save for 1 he has been a threat teams are struggling to contain. Trent Richardson takes this match.

Falcons vs Giants
The Giants will go after Big Ben with a vengeance this weekend but in truth they are going to have a tough time of it considering how well he has been throwing and how few interceptions he has thrown this season. The Cowboys seem to have a turn over issue and the Falcons love that as they enjoy picking up and off those turn overs. The Falcons take this match.

It looks like Get To Da Choppa! Takes this match.

Team Devil Dogs (USMCludwig) vs Clear Sights (Clear Sights)

Peyton Manning vs Jay Cutler
Manning has not had less than a 300 yard game in 5 weeks as well as scoring over 20 points every week this season save for one. Even if the Bengals have been tough on QB's this season there is nothing here that makes us think that they will put Peyton in his place. Cutler has done well on the road meow this season and this Titans team is primed to give up a ton of yards to him and Marshall. Jay Cutler takes this match.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Josh Freeman
The Texans have struggled as a defense this season but do not think that will let Fitzpatrick throw all over them. Do not worry he will get double digits but just do not expect any high breakout numbers. Wow just where did this QB Freeman come from? Give him a sure handed wide out and he gets some awesome confidence. With a strong running game developing and his 2 wide outs doing supremely well, Freeman is a must play against this weak Raiders defense. Josh Freeman takes this match.

LeSean McCoy vs Arian Foster
Both of these guys a set up in great meow matches against weak defenses. McCoy faces the Saints and has become almost the only certifiable threat to other teams. Sure the wide outs get some action but it is McCoy who is doing receiving and rushing and blocking and probably dancing ballet. Foster's slow week was a 16 fantasy point weekend. This week he faces a defense that is 32nd in the league against the rush. Just how much better can that be. I know...pizza...that would make it better. Arian Foster takes this match.

Chris Johnson vs Darren McFadden
C.J. Faces the #1 rush defense in the league this week. He may explode once or twice this weekend but do not bet on it. I am not as enthralled with McFadden's being healthy and up meow against the 6th rated rush defense in the league. The Buccaneers are far worse against the pass so expect this game to get aired out for the Raiders. McFadden will get his touches but do not expect huge score day. Darren McFadden takes this match.

Mike Wallace vs Larry Fitzgerald
Wallace has struggles the last couple weeks with no TD's and less than 70 yards a match. The Giants secondary has some massive holes that can get exploited though. What we hope meow for is that Wallace can be a bit more sure handed and catch more of the passes sent his way. The Packers defense has picked up some this season and this week could prove tough for Fitzgerald. It really depends on how well Skelton feels and if he has gotten in the swing of things. Considering Fitzgerald is the only wide out worth his salt then he should get most of the work load. Mike Wallace takes this match.

Marques Colston vs Roddy White
Well consider this. Colston is Brees #1 wide out. The Eagles have been struggling this season. If Colston get 7 and up in catches he will have at least one TD and almost 100 yards. He is a sure bet this week. The Cowboy's are coming to the Falcons. In my opinion that is the only good thing here. Dallas is considered by some the best pass defense in the league. They seem to struggle a bit on the road and this is the hope of the Falcons wide outs so they can get open. Marques Colston takes this match.

Jared Cook vs Antonio Gates
Only once this season has Gates performed well and last week in what should have been an easy day for the Chargers they were shut down like nothing else by a team that has no reason shutting down the talent the Chargers have. So no hope here even against the Chiefs. Gates may end up staying on the bottom or may explode at this point is is anyone's guess. Also we have Cook who has 1 or 2 games of meow note this season. His only upside this week is when the Bears defense are overwhelming Hassleback, he will need to dump it off to Cook. Still temper your expectations here. Jared Cook takes this match.

Jamaal Charles vs Steve Smith
If they can feed the ball to Charles more than 20 times in a game he will be explosive. I am not sure why last week he only got 5 grabs but there is an offensive coordinator that has probably been tarred and feathered for that mistake. Well even though the Panthers and more noticeably Cam Newton have struggled this season, I think it is good to note that they face the worse pass defense in the league at the moment. This could be huge weekend for Smith if Newton chooses to rebound here. Steve Smith takes this match.

Texans vs Steelers
The Steelers are injured and the Giants offense is a scoring machine. The Texans are rested and face a team that likes to give the ball away. This one is simple. The Texans takes this slot.

Clear Sights has a good chance to take this match.

Winter Nom Noms (Mrscott101) vs Voodoo Children (Nikvoodoo)

Tony Romo vs Matthew Stafford
Do not count Romo out of this game. The Falcons can be stingy at times and Romo seem to like to give the ball up to stingy meow defenses. Also Murray may be back and the Falcons are not as good at defending the rush as the pass. Hell looking at it more maybe you should count Romo out. Stafford made easy work out of what should have been a tough defense last week. The Jaguars are no Seahawks and Stafford should have no problems connecting to Calvin Johnson all day long. Matthew Stafford takes this match.

Christian Ponder vs Joe Flacco
The Seahawks did not do well stopping Stafford last week but I think that Ponder, as much potential he has, is not going to be able to overcome this pass defense. Expect him to be handing the ball off more than throwing. Before the bye week, the Texans were a tough draw for Flacco. Now he has had a bye week to shake that off and should be coming into this game facing an easy Browns defense prepared and ready to rebound. Joe Flacco takes this match.

Adrian Peterson vs C.J. Spiller
Even if the Seahawks are 5th against the rush I do not think that will slow this excellent RB. True he may not have a 153 yard game but if they hand him the ball as much as I expect there is just no way the Seahawks will stop him every time. The Texans may shut down Spiller and he is part of a timeshare run system. He may explode which cannot be ignored. Put him in but do not be surprised at a single digit fantasy score for the game. Adrian Peterson takes this match.

Alex Green vs Rashard Jennings
If Green were anywhere else he would not be in your line up. He s on a team that is having kinda a RB situation but hell with Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball all day long you can meow have a mediocre RB. Plus for hm is the Cardinals do not cover the run very well so maybe he will see an uptick in his stats....maybe. With Maurice Jones-Drew out still, Jennings is the go to offense for the Jaguars. As long as they hand him the ball he will get his numbers against a weak rush defense the Lions have had this season. Rashard Jennings takes this match.

Victor Cruz vs Brian Hartline
Yeah last week was a bit of a let down for Cruz owners but this week against the Steelers you should see him have much better stats. Bradshaw will play but with him still playing injured you will Manning add on to the 89 catches Cruz has so far this season. The Colts do not cover the pass very well and Hartline has been having problems getting open once other teams have found out just how big of a threat he can be. Expect him to be able to pull away and get more fantasy production than normal. Victor Cruz takes this match.

Percy Harvin vs Randall Cobb
Ponder is kind of a jack of all trades in the Vikings scheme of things. He returns, he runs, and he catches passes. By shear volume of work load he will produce no matter what kind of day his QB has. If Nelson returns this week as expected then also expect Cobb to lose out on some productivity but he has performed well enough that Rodgers will keep an eye out for him as long as he is on the field. Percy Harvin takes this match.

Brandon Pettigrew vs Jimmy Graham
Another match up where both guys seem very much set up for good matches. Pettigrew has not exploded this season in truth but been a steady if small point maker. This week could foresee a TD in his future but hell that just may be stretching it a bit. Graham is healthy and one thing is a fact. No matter how much Brees spreads the ball around he will constantly feed a healthy Graham. Jimmy Graham takes this match.

Ryan Mathews vs Benjarvus Green-Ellis
Everything points to Mathews have a great game this week. The Chiefs dismal run defense. The fact that Mathews is due up. Well I do not buy into that mostly but hell, The Chiefs are pretty sad when it comes to stopping the run. Mathews may even see the end zone this weekend. Well we will have to see with the Law Firm. The Broncos allow a lot of yards to opposing RB's on average over 100 yards. Benjarvus has the talent but I do not know if he has the ability to capitalize on this the weekend. Ryan Mathews takes this match.

Cardinals vs Chargers
Simple for the first looks. The Cardinals face the Packers. This is simply a bad play for the chance of the Packers just scoring all day long. Back to the Chargers. They face the Chiefs and they did do there job last week. This match easily goes to the Chargers.

Voodoo Children should take this match.