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    Minecraft Game Night!

    We're finally back with another game night, and this time it's not on xBox! (for all those who can't play Halo with us.)

    Thanks to our good friend daredevil we now have our very own server to play on!

    Re-Schedule, new date is accurate.
    The game night post shall be Friday the 5th, 6 PM -8 GMT (LA Time) and 9 PM EST.

    More information will be posted soon, but be aware that we will be playing Friday Night!

    You can sign up at: The server IP is

    Please don't hesitate to ask daredevil or me about anything that you have a question with. We'll see you there!
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    Come game night with us! If you are a Minecraft fan and want to meet some other people who love and play this game as well then this is the event for you. This event will focus on all things Minecraft and if you have never played Minecraft before then now is the time to start. I say you can check for the more online casino games: development secrets. We all have our own favorite Minecraft mods that make the game even more awesome. However, sometimes we don't find people who like to play with us.


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