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    Pin Saul, CJ, Victor timeline. Captain Long has aready died........Boom Head Shot!

    *EDIT SUBJECT* Saul, CJ, Victor timeline. Captain Long infection already happend......Boom Head Shot!

    The Saul, victor, CJ timeline is ahead of the Michael timeline. It is described as Dec. 3 in chapter 33 p1 and Nov. 27 in chapter 30 p1 (this is about seven days or "a Few days" before Saul met Pete and Glen). Instead of finishing the Saul story line at about Dec. 14, or when the gates got opened at the colony; KC is taking time to go back and explain. A lot has happened we just don't have a context to. Listen close in Chapter 30 p1, 9:23. Michael is explaining something really close in detail, and is also speaking in the past tense. The following is an account of the attack on Captain Long and her team. Think about it, she's a girl, she's a Captain, she takes a bad leg wound, she is restrained and flown off in a Chinook. She even seems to says "Kimit! Kimit!" as she dragged at 17:15. I believe she will re-infect the boulder population with a new more evolved version of Lizzy's Little Ones.

    Listen to chapter 30 p3 at 6:40 for what will happen next! Keep in mind it was number 12 and number 9 attacked Roman.

    The real question you have to ask yourself is, is Saul still talking in the past tense from chapter 30 p1, 3:09 or not? Before everything got crazy.

    Boom Head Shot!


    Another theory of mine that I might as well share since I haven’t had any comments . I think Hannah is still alive. If you listen to scratches number of the towers “prisoners” or “people of interest” it isn’t very consistent during and after the second war. I bet CJ and Saul will find her in the colony. We’ll see how it all pans out, and this might be a bit presumptuous but…..

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