Echo and Shadowsong jumped into a Ford Mustang, that prior to the outbreak had been heavily modified for street racing. Shadowsong shot at the behemoth while Echo yelled and honked the car’s horn at it. It didn’t take long for the hulking monster to focus on the car. As soon as the giant creature began to charge They sped off down the long road. The other Mallers were covering one-another as they began to fall-back as fast and quietly as they could. They didn’t have to worry very much about massive wave of creatures descending upon them...yet at least, simply because they were far too occupied with the attacking group who were taking time to make sure their new Maller captives weren’t going anywhere.

“DAMN IT! We can’t just let them take our people like this! We have to do something! Anything! Hell lets just rush those limp dick use-to-be coppers!” Voiced Lolita.

“We have to fallback and plan our next move! Not get ourselves killed for something that isn’t an immediate concern.” Said Tardust. Lolita quickly turned to him and punched him in the stomach.

“If you were in the same situation!”

“If I was in the same situation I would want my people to fallback and recover from the attack! And find out who exactly we’re dealing with. Not get more of our people killed trying to save me! Those guys went to lengths to capture them ALIVE! They aren’t just going to kill them, they must want something from them.”

“Cut the shit you two we don’t have the time to be fighting with each other right now!” A Maller said seconds before he was pounced on by one of the “little ones”. He squirmed and screamed for help, barely keeping the creature from biting or scratching him. Bricks quickly ran and kicked the creature off of him. The Maller quickly recovered and fired at it several times but Brick’s kick had already killed it.

“Stop wasting ammo and keep moving!” Said Lolita.

Scratch realised that There was no way they could keep the Creatures from swarming the Mallers encampment, she got on her radio and told Durai that they had “overstayed their welcome.”

He quickly organized the guards and remaining and other remaining Mallers. They had roughly 5 minutes to get everything back into a convoy. This was one hell of a task, even for them, the Maller elites.

Just as the last vehicle was being put into place, and the last of the weapons from the armories were being neatly packed into trunks. The rest of the Mallers came running through the forestry, they all dashed straight for the giant convoy of vehicles. The creatures were literally only feet away from the Mallers that were last in line.

“Get this damn thing moving!” Yelled Scratch as she popped up through the sunroof of Durai’s limousine, quickly shouldering her Sub Machine-gun and covering other Mallers. The others in the limousine quickly followed her lead, they rolled down the windows and began picking off the creatures.

After what seemed like minutes, but in reality was only about 20 seconds, the convoy was finally moving. The Maller’s continued to pick off some of the faster stragglers until they were nothing but dots on the horizon...