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with recent events in chapter 30, we are seeing (or are being led to believe) that the little ones are growing..i for one dont buy it..some have speculated that perhaps this new little one, or teenager as im gonna call him could be something entirely new.. i'm really liking the idea of the '12" tatooed on the teenager not as a sign of how many "little ones" their are/were..but rather, test subject id tags...we really dont know for sure what all took place in the basement at the hospital, but i reckon it was a lot more than simply the tatoo's

hell, ill go one better..

ive not been in a tatoo shop for at least the last six months..but last time i checked...the main reason to have ink in a special vial...a glass vial..is a special blend of ink, a certain color to fit a certain piece...etc. Now, considering that

we are in a hospital..how crazy would it be for captain stripey-pants to mix each vial of ink with a certain concoction of drugs.."Just to see what happens" and what better way for him to keep track of what does happen than to deliver said concoction in the form of a clearly visable number?
makes sense to me, and im crazy....
Thats a pretty damn good idea!