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    I am by no means sold on the theory either, but I do consider it an option now. The information we learned in this chapter and in 29, have made it a lot harder for me to believe that the outbreak is a result of human actions. I previously thought that to be the most likely explanation, but the new information just does not seem to fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora View Post
    Pegs and Victor were already exposed to it on the way to the Jolly Green Giant when Pegs took her own route...but now you have me thinking, I wonder if that will come into play. I dont really like dissecting the podcast...but I do! Not to the extent of some. HMMM...No telling! I hope Chapter 29 continues to touch on Saul, Vic & CJ (grrrr) and Fort Irwin...I will be happy no matter what tho. Not hearing about Lizzy I am worried she is dead! What use do they have for her now???

    Does anybody get like a sudden flash of sadness when you have reached the end of the latest release? I do! I want it to just go on forever!!! I wish I had not known about it until recent! Since 2010 I have had this 'sad spell' of totally excited for release and then so bummed it is over so fast! I cant wait until KC and Shane get paid well for their next adventure...I think the torture (for me..i am an inpatient girl!) will lesson TENFOLD and work will definitely continue to be awesome!!

    Which brings me to THIS...I hope nobody hates me for bringing it up...but you KNOW you love it just as much as I!

    *******Entire We're Alive crew have put continuous effort into We're Alive for years, for free (well to my knowledge..i just know we as listeners are not required to pay) It makes me sad they have to put out auctions to attend the awards in NY. I would think they would be ready to start making $ with a new project, but we would probably ALL rather start paying for each new episode, opposed to We're Alive being wrapped up quickly for need of pay! (not that you would, obviously you are loving what you do and are passionate about it, but I would think expenses are exponential compared to when you first started We're Alive'. The people involved has increased, the sound quality is amazing and I would think that cost has not been minimal (I am guessing, quality of sound effects are definitely improved compared to when you my opinion.) So I throw this out there...You could make it available ONLY through itunes (that is my choice..hee hee) and charge $.99 for DL (even $1.99 would be fine for 'previous cast' appreciation bonuses or whatever...that price is so reasonable people would have no need to pirate it or share. Just keep Chapters 1-28 free so, 2) it is fair to new listeners 3) listeners are good and hooked and crave it just as we do! 4) characters dont have to leave We're Alive to seek pay. 5) You are getting nominated for awards now and have to travel (that gets expensive!) 6) More of the cast could attend the awards. 7) You can continue putting your time into making 'We're Alive" SO incredibly awesome instead of putting so much time and effort into fundraisers. That brings me to NUMBER ONE...1) YOU DESERVE IT!!! Just let people know (like a little commercial, lol)...we want to make the ending great, and can not be worrying about raising money to attend award ceremonies we have been nominated for...or whatever, so please dont hate for the charge. There is not anything this cool out there and we all know it...for free much less!!! We have been very very spoiled.*******

    I hope that made some sense!! Who is with me???
    I'm with you on the idea. I waste over $4 a night on junk food at work. Charging less than a dollar and being on iTunes is perfect and will keep everything organized.

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