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    Undead Knightmare - Chapter 4

    Sadon chased after Lizzie down a once crowded road. The city was silent. The empty houses and shops seemed to stare at Sadon mournfully, as if they knew their owners would never return. Lizzie stopped running as soon as they could no longer hear the ill's dreadful moans, or of Mr Williams battle to keep them safe. Lizzie and he leaned on the wall of an abandoned home, and breathed heavily.

    "If we don't make it out of here—" Sadon said.

    "Don't talk like that. We'll make it out," Lizzie interrupted.

    Sadon wanted to believe this, but the he heard a howling wind echoing off the stone that he had never been able to hear before, and this terrified him. Everybody was gone and he feared what may happen to him, and worse, Lizzie. He was ready to express what their friendship meant to him, but held his tongue for she would be able to read the fears written on his face.

    "I only mean to say... happy birthday, Liz. I wanted to give you a gift, but there was an unexpected turn of events," he motioned to the empty shops.

    "Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about that. With everything that's been happening, I'm honestly surprised you managed to remember."

    "As embarrassing as it is to say, you're pretty much all I have." Sadon mumbled shyly, face flushed red and eyes fixed on his feet. He kicked at the dirt like a child asking for a bit of candy.

    "Shut up!" Lizzie laughed. "But thank you, Sadon. You remembering is the only gift I need." She peeked around a nearby building and observed another empty street. "We had better get out of here, before any of the ill find us. The main gate should be down this road."

    "I don’t think they’re ill, or at least how we used to view it. You saw it as well as I did, these people died,” he paused for moment and the word hung in the air, “and came back alive. If this is a disease, then it was sent from the heavens, from Zephro himself, as a final act of purging.”

    "I saw the death too! I know that what I saw is beyond natural! But to give up hope is to give up any chance of this being fixed. As long as I view them as sick and not cursed, I’ll have at least a sliver hope that everyone isn’t doomed.”

    Sadon admired her optimism, but did not agree with it. He had seen people he had known his entire life slaughtered in the streets, and by people he once considered friends. His hope was already fading, but he nodded at her without looking at her face. He feared what more he would see as they left market, what had happened to the rest of the city.

    “Let’s go.” He took off down the street, sticking close to the wall.

    Valrock was the imperial city of Hysteria—a great expanse of land that extended from the Hodre Ocean in the east to the Varien Ocean. A land that bore mountains, forests, and many undiscovered dangers hiding in the darkest corners. Valrock was at the centre of it all. Miles of white stone that glistened in the mid-day sun spanned the city. Most that were born inside the walls never left, and those outside rarely let in. This was due largely to the legendary Last War.

    A thousand years ago Hysteria was booming with activity and Valrock was reaping its rewards. The walls did not exist and the city was growing ever larger. That is, until what is remembered as the demons attacked. Little detail of the beasts has survived history, but it is said they were born of fire and rock and larger than mountains. The cults formed to worship the demons sought to end the civilization of Hysteria, and begin a new empire were as dangerous as their masters. This war lasted for fifteen years, and in this time the walls around Valrock were built and the gates shut. People swarmed to Valrock for it had become a symbol of safety. No demon or cultists could penetrate it, nor was anyone trusted to be let in. Even after the demons disappeared—most believe Zephro banished them, but is unknown what became of them—and the were cultists forgotten, Valrock kept its reputation. Its gates never opening to new comers and those the inside felt safe inside its walls, for fear the demons would return.

    Sadon and Lizzie had no idea what they were escaping to or how to escape to it. They did not know what would lay beyond the walls, but were not eager to be trapped inside them with the ill. Without the crowds, the city did not look the same and they got lost many times. Most of the day was spent crossing through alleys and climbing to roofs to avoid ill walking in the streets. The sun was now barely visible on the horizon and it was snowing thickly.

    Sadon jumped from one roof top to its neighbor—almost slipping as he landed—and turned around to catch Lizzie as she followed.

    “Something has been bothering me,” Sadon said as he made his way across the roof. “Where is everyone? Valrock has more people in one shop, than we’ve seen so far.”

    “I’ve been wondering the same thing. They may be congregating elsewhere. Remember the crowd that came to the howler by the house? They seem to like to travel in packs.”

    “If that’s case, let’s try not to find where they all are.” He noticed a large flag in the distance—it was crimson red with a large white horse crested upon it. “Do you see that Lizzie?” Sadon asked, motioning toward it with his head. “They only have flags that big at the castle and main gates.” He ran up the edge of the building and stopped as soon as he looked over.

    “You’re right!” Lizzie’s eyes flashing with excitement. “I think we’ve found the way out.”
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    The story is very good and attracts readers can't take their eyes off, thank you very much, I always watch and wait for each chapter to read.

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    Really interesting story

    Quote Originally Posted by keithanderson View Post
    The story is very good and attracts readers can't take their eyes off, thank you very much, I always watch and wait for each chapter to read.
    This is indeed a good story for people who love horror and fictions

    Gacha neon
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