Needles to say the attacking forces more than likely thought the same thing when they got a good look at the Mallers. Urban combat ensued but this time (as per usual) there was no secure perimeter. Everyone was fair game to the creatures who swarmed in from the surrounding area. But neither group thought twice about retreating...yet.

The Mallers forces moved towards the attacking group in loose and unpredictable waves and squads. They took cover on whatever they could.

“Can the front-liners get some damn cover fire? Half my squad is pinned behind the Burger King sign and this thing isn’t exactly bullet proof!” Said a Maller named Geevin.

“Damn it! We’re facing the same damn problem that we did this morning! Our distance riflemen don’t have anywhere to post-up and cover everyone everyone else.” Shadow song pointed out.

“I told you to stay with me for a reason. Look directly ahead of you! They have people up the street defending their cars from those things. So make yourself useful, and start picking them off. Whatever you do don’t pick off any of those things attacking them.” Responded Scratch.

“What about the much more urgent problem of our people being pinned with no where to go.” Asked Reaper.

“That’s why I brought this.” Scratch stated while readying the grenade launcher from the raid on the cartel group early in the day.

“You know how to use that thing?” Asked Aussie.

“No I’m just playing with like a toy.”

“HEY! If you people are done chewin’ the fat we need HELP!” Interrupted 1 of the Mallers.

“On it.”

The Mallers were pinned from the front and were being flanked on both sides. Not to mention the seemingly endless onslaught of flesh eating monsters. The members of the attacking group were either taking cover behind their armored vehicles or systematically flanking the Mallers. The level of organization and communication was impressive to say the least. It almost seemed as if fighting the monsters was 2nd nature to them because of how fast they would confirm a kill on 1 of them and move their cross-hairs over to the Mallers again. Just when the fight seemed all but lost a distinctive thumping sound echoed off the close walls only seconds before 1 of the cop cars took the full impact of a 40mm grenade. The car didn’t explode but it was totalled to say the least and the blast killed 1 of the officers and wounded 2 more enemies.

“NOW!” Yelled 1 of the Mallers using the distracted attention of the attacking group as an advantage. The Mallers quickly dispatched several officers, or so they thought...
“Shit! I might as well be shooting blanks. These hollow point 9 mils aren’t doing shit but knockin’em down!” Blurted Geevin.

“Well make yourself useful and keep those things off our asses while those of us who can shoot through that armor do so.” Reaper said in response to Geevin, and anyone else thinking the same thing.

After dispatching several more enemies the Mallers quickly advanced up the street towards the larger grouping of *former* law enforcement vehicles.

“We’re still missing scouts! So either confirm that they’re dead or find them!” Ordered Scratch.

“I’m pretty sure I just found most of them...they’re being loaded into one of those SWAT looking trucks.” Responded Echo observing the enemies with his binoculars.

“Where at? There are a lot of those trucks.” Asked a Maller.

Before Echo could reply the very distinctive sound that had come to be seen as the only thing close to a warning that the creatures gave before they grouped into numbers large enough to resemble the very 1st days of the outbreak. But a far more immediate problem as the behemoth charging through the attacking group and tearing through anything in it’s path.

“Everyone fallback!” Screamed Scratch just before Echo ran to one of still functioning cop cars.

“What the hell are you doing!?”

“We can’t just run home! This big ass fucker is gonna lead the rest of those things right to us! I’m gonna take this big bitch on a chase. I’ll be back soon...hopefully.” Answered Echo.

“WAIT! You can’t just go on your own!” Yelled Shadowong as he started running towards the same vehicle.

To Be Continued...