Lolita quickly regained her composure.

“Uh...sorry about that um Missy.” She awkwardly muttered.

“Why do you care so much about my Dad’s gun shop?”

Before Lolita could even think about how she should respond to that question Echo’s voice came loud and clear through over the radios.

“Scratch, Durai you guys need to get to the radio wall A.S.A.P.”

Durai wasted no time making his way down the watch tower.

“ looks like your with my team ‘Missy’ come on we should find out what this is all about too.” Said Reaper just before descending down the towers latter. Missy only seconds behind.

“I’m following them.” Lolita said to J-Pop.

It wasn’t long before a small mob was formed outside of the radio wall room.

“What’s going on.” Scratch asked.

“Shit! No time. Just follow me and tell everyone with a gun to head to the eastern edge of our territory.” Echo hastily said as he loaded his Mini-14.

“You are in no condition to go anywhere. You shouldn’t even be here.”

“We are under attack! This isn’t up for discussion.”


Scratch radioed for everyone but the guardsmen to prepare for a fight and rush to the far east portion of Maller territory. On the way there Echo informed everyone via radio about what had happened. Apparently he caught some radio chatter between some unrecognized voices. He thought about responding but decided to listen instead. He knew that this unknown group was preparing to attack them when he heard one the unrecognized voices ask what street the others were on, and Echo instantly knew that street was far east of the territory. Then someone in the group stated that they should hurry before any of those things decided to show up, and someone else responded...

“Because the gunfight that’s about to happen isn’t going to attract everyone of those things within a five mile radius or anything...right?”

Clearsights and his squad were sent a head of the mass of Maller forces. Not to engage the enemy but to simply see who they were about to be up against. Clearsights forgot to turn his radio off prior to scouting out the oncoming enemy forces.

“Oh shit...” Said Clearsights.

“What do you see?” Asked Shadowsong.

Shadowsongs voice screatched through Clearsights radio which almost instantly alerted the enemy to the scouts.

“Oh FUCK!” Yelled Clearsights as the distinctive sound of a single gunshot erupted into a roar of bullets from the scouts and the enemy. The rest of the Maller’s could here the ensuing shootout and the sounds of people yelling like they were already there.

“Everyone move up and be quick about it! Before we don’t have any scouts left. Machine Gunners and Quarters Combat weapon users take the lead! Reaper I want your team on me! Echo yours too! Scratch yelled commands at the Mallers and everyone followed suit. It took about a minute and a half to catchup to the scouts. They finally got sight of the enemy. They were essentially what looked like an army of cops.

“What...the...fuck?” Said Aussie summing up what everyone was thinking.

“Hey is it just me or do some of those cops look like the Warden’s from Eastern Bay? Echo give me your binoculars...holy shit some of them are the Warden’s!” Stated Beni.

“A paramilitary army of *former* criminals Vs. A paramilitary army of *former* police officers...oh this is going to be interesting. Said Missy.

To Be Continued...