“Well you might not have gotten to catch it live but there’s always the instant replay.” Aussie said enthusiastically while waving around his camcorder.

“Shit we’re pinned behind the overturned metal death trap!” Yelled Lolita over the radio.

“They’re in the windows! Last time I checked we have marksman and rifleman to help us out in these situation.” Said Shadowsong.

“Fuck there’s no where for us to get an elevated position on these guys. And until we can get a full view of the front side of the building. We can only try to pick off some of the stragglers on the top story of the building.” Said Clearsights.

“We’re running low on ammo out here!” Said 1 of the perimeter guards.

“I know where the ammo is and what weapons the PG’s are using, I’ll get their ammo.” Said J-Pop.

“What about the trucks? Would they be high enough?” Asked Beni.

“The firetrucks probably would be and their roofs are level enough for our bipods, can’t speak for the rest of the vehicles though. We’ll get the firetrucks and any other vehicles that look suitable.” Answered Clearsights.

“We need to do something before you move those trucks up. You’ll be riddled with holes by the time you get the trucks up there.” Inquired Scratch.

“Well got any suggestions?”

“The smoke grenades...Beni get those smoke grenades to the group pinned behind the truck.”

“Do you guys have a plan yet!? Not to rush you or anything, ya’know we’re just hangin’ out. Getting shot at.” Said Lolita.

Just as the trucks were being moved into place the smoke grenades were tossed into the windows. Using this time to their advantage several Mallers moved up on the building and circled it.

“Keep away from the windows! Find a door a get ready to knock it down!” Aussie said over the radio.

“Alright there’s 3 levels of this place we have to fight up and there’s probably a basement. As soon as these doors come down identify your enemies don’t just go shooting blindly remember allies are right behind them.” Said Echo.
Someone shouted “Now!” and the front ad back doors were kicked in, the smoke grenades only effected the top 2 levels of the building. Some of the defending group were in the middle of running down the long staircase when the few on the bottom floor sprayed their weapons at whatever was in front of them. Reaper was directly behind the Maller kicking down the front door and quickly dispatched the old man spraying a Czechaslovakian Skorpion towards the ground, while directly behind him a younger man was firing a heavily engraved Colt 1911 at the back door and wounded Echo, another Maller quickly shot and killed the young man while he was reloading.

“The stairs!” Shouted 1 of Mallers quickly entering the building. The man on the staircase comes to a hault and readies his very basic AK-47, the Mallers open fire on him before he can pull the trigger. 2 Mallers take point on the staircase while more Mallers enter the secured section of the building. One Maller carried the wounded Echo back to the vehicles and the rest of the Mallers. Meanwhile back inside the building the assault team had decided to split up and head into the underground area and upper stories at the same time.

“Remember what we came here for! Shadow song with me.’ Said Aussie as he readied his M4 style AR rifle and stood next to the door leading to the basement area of the building. “Move your asses.” grunted 1 of the Mallers shoving the 2 on the staircase forward. The second floor of the building was clear except for the dead body of 1 of the gunman that the rifleman had killed, at least as far as the Mallers could see. The room was still smokey and their vision was slightly obscured but it wasn’t a problem as they proceeded to head upwards with Reaper leading the way. Meanwhile downstairs the other Mallers were faced with strong resistance from machine gunners taking cover of the foundation and using the low light to their advantage. 1 of Mallers got hasty and bolted through the doorfiring his weapon but was quickly gunned down.

“ Fuck! I think now would be a good time to bust out the pipebombs.” Said 1 of the Mallers.

“We can’t did you forget we came here to steal RPG’s? Said Shadowsong.

“Wait! I have an idea. Give me the pipe. And get ready to rush.” Said Aussie before he through the pipeboms into the group of enemies, “Bombs!” Yelled 1 of the gunners as they all jumped and ducked for cover. The Mallers, rushed in and quickly located and killed the gun man before they knew what hit’em. “Hey guys I think we just hit the jack pot!” yelled 1 of the Mallers over the radio looking at the rather large cache of weapons that included an RPG launcher, a good amount of ammunition for it, an assortment of small arms, and a Vietnam era grenade launcher. “You found the RPG’s?” Asked Tardust.

“Oh we found that and then some.”

“You heard’em we got what we’re looking for, and we’ve probably killed most of these guys anyway no need to risk clearing the top of the building.” Suggested Reaper just before a man wielding a knife rushed at him and several other people did the same to the rest of the Mallers in the higher section of the building. Reaper was almost shoved out the window before 1 of the rifleman shot his attacker, he immediately regain took advantage of the situation and helped his fellow Mallers fight off the ambushers. Shortly after the ambush an all to familiar call was heard. “Shit! We’ve over stayed our welcome. Pack your shit people we have to leave now!” Yelled Scratch over the radio as the assault team hastily exited the building.

To Be Continued...