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    Entry 11 - Someone Else

    Entry #1 Tell You What

    So, I guess I'm going to be following what my brother is doing. I've seen him writing in this journal of his and he seemed to be keeping his cool because of it. Thought I would do the same thing, or at least give it a try. So its been three weeks since this whole disaster started and I'm not impressed. My whole life as I knew it was destroyed, my mother and father are missing along with my two other brothers and step mom. I don't care about my step-dad though... for all I care he could have been one of the first ones to go. I'm glad that Zakk's friends are a live and well, well the ones that are here I should say. I only wish that I had some friends that I could have come along. None of them have answered my texts though so I guess I'll have to wait and see.

    I'm sure he has told you everything that has happened so far so I'm not going to reverb it, that's just stupid. So I'm going to start from that day. That day he actually didn't come out of the office. Emit said that he was sleeping and planning and didn't want to be disturbed so I respected that, I also took charge as well. Emit didn't mind because he was doing his own thing making sure that the building was secure and that we had enough food. I set off seeing where everyone was and what they were doing. Jess was on the third floor keeping a look out for Flesh Eaters, as Zakk liked to call them, with two other people that we found while living here. Oh yea we gained about fifteen more people since we got here, don't care who they are just as long as they pull their weight around here. Jack and Ema were playing on the fifth flour in the daycare with all the toys, thank God for that. Nicolas was in the lobby making sure that no one gets in with five other people which made me feel a lot more safe.

    As I was checking in with Nicolas I saw movement at the door. At first I dismissed it because there was a lot of garbage being blown around on this windy day, but something wasn't right. I pulled out my hand gun from behind me and got Nicolas to come with me. The others went to the other openings and stood guard and waited for our order. I texted everyone upstairs and told them to prepare for impact. Ten more people came down the elevator armed and ready for what might happen. I got a text from Jess saying that the kids where on their way up to Zakk and should be safe with him. I nodded at Nicolas and we went to the door to see what was out there.

    It was a group of kids. they all seemed to be between the age of twelve and fifteen running from something. All six of them were now at the door banging on it crying to be let in. Nicolas took out the keys and unlocked the door to let them in. I herded them to the elevator while four people covered my position and opened fire on the on coming Flesh Eaters. the firing stopped and the door was relocked as the elevator doors opened. A new member Janet helped me with the kids, getting them settled and unnerved. I never knew that I would be doing this, taking care of kids while a fucking zombie apocalypse was happening but here I was doing so.

    I didn't care if Zakk didn't want to be disturbed anymore this was crazy. I went up to the floor he was on and marched right to the office that he was sitting in looking up some things mom left for him. I slowly opened the door just in case Ema and Jack were asleep, which was a safe bet because they were.

    "Zakk, whats going on? I didn't sign up to babysit, I just want to get to mom and dad be happy again," I explained to him.

    He continued to look at the screen as he spoke, "What do you mean? I'm looking after Ema and Jack right now and they seem to be fine."

    "No, we just got six more kids in here and we have no clue if any of them are infected. I have four people watching them right now which means our whole force is occupied with other tasks than what we need them to be occupied with."

    "What?" He looked up at me and frowned, "Six new kids, where are all the adults. So far we have the oldest person being twenty seven and youngest being Ema. Why are the older people not looking for shelter?"

    "Probably because they are either all dead or have shelter and are doing fine where they are and don't want to risk looking for a different place. That's the thing with kids we always look for something bigger and better and never do what is smart." I was frustrated and mad and just wanted to go to sleep.

    "But..." He started and I cut him off.

    "No, no buts. Have you got a text back from the people at the school? Are they coming down? I hope they are because they had people older than twenty seven with them and would be more suited to help take care of these kids."

    He looked at me with a sad look in his eyes and I knew exactly what had happened. I'm not going to go into details with you about it but i know it was bad. Their transport was over taken and no one made it is what his eyes were telling me in much more words and much more graphic detail. I fell to my knees and started to sob. I hated what was happening right now. We had nothing going for us and nothing wanting us to succeed, which had almost infected us. Zakk came over to me and hugged me, he could tell like any good brother could that this was taking to much of a toll on me.

    "Look, we are going to go to mom. I know where she is and I know how to get there. Don't worry we will be reunited with mom really soon. and then we look for dad and Garret and Matthew and Clair. We even have time to stop by some of your friends houses to see if they are alright." As he said those words I received a text message which made me smile.

    Dee: Hey Danielle, thought you could get rid of me that quick. Been tracking you and im now down stairs at the door so come on down and get me!!

    "Dee is here! I cant believe it. I knew she would make it, I knew that these stupid things wouldn't be able to keep her down or kill her she's to strong for that." I said jumping up and running out of the room. I got in the elevator and went down to the main floor and grabbed the keys from Nicolas and opened the door letting Dee in. I locked the door and we hugged for a while and then smiled.

    Now I'm not like my brother and I'm not going until I fall asleep. I have a lot of catching up to do with Dee and will leave you with this, Like is going to get hard but you need to push through it or shoot it in the head. Either way you win.
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