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    Chapter 2: "War Never Changes" part 1

    “Uh...Durai did I just hear what I think I just heard?” Said Echo via radio.

    “Depends on what you think you just heard.”

    “Well I’m pretty sure you said ‘El Monstruo’ and something tells me you aren’t talking about some Mexican mythical creature.”

    “You are correct.”

    “So El Monstruo as in Narco Tank right?”

    “Correct again Private Echo”

    “Hey for the rest of us who don’t know what the fuck you 2 are talking about, what the hell is a ‘Narco Tank’?” interjected Reaper

    “Narco Tank is essentially a brand name for homemade armored vehicles that were and hell maybe still are being made in Southern America by the various gangs, cartels, and similar organizations to fight one another as well as the police and military forces.” Aussie informed Reaper and whoever else was wondering the same thing.

    “You sure do know a lot about’em Aussie” Said Shadowsong

    “Well I did work as a gun for hire once in Tijuana Mexico A gang was trying to run out a rival cartel and kill as many of them that they could in the process. Long story short I and the gang that hired me had a less than pleasant experience with 1 of those tanks.”

    “Well your still alive so I’m guessing you guys took it out, but how?”

    “We had anticipated them using 1 so we setup I.E.D’s on the only path that the big fucking thing could come through.”

    “30 minutes are up, everyone to the vehicles.” Said Scratch

    “Bout time, I need some action before I get rusty from being left behind to keep watch over the slaves while you all go fight.” Said Reaper the eagerness from earlier returning to his voice.

    “Holy shit your coming with us? Looks like the Grim Reaper is picking up his scythe again boys and girls. Lets just hope he remembers how to use it.” Said Lolita

    Everyone was armed and ready and most were already sitting in their vehicles, waiting for other teammates and Durai or Scratch to give the order to roll out when J-Pop asked Scratch if she could come with them. When asked why she wanted to come she replied “I’ll need to learn how to do this kinda stuff anyone sooner or later, and sooner is obviously the better choice.”

    Other than the chatter from the scout’s and rifleman that were ahead of everyone else getting into position there was complete radio silence while the Maller’s assault forces went east towards the enemy’s outpost. The silence was broken by someone stating “We’ve got runners on our ass!”

    “Perimeter guard teams circle around the Auto parts store!” Commanded Scratch.

    “Are the Scout’s and rifleman in position?” Asked Aussie.

    “No!” Replied ClearSights

    “What the fuck are you people doing?

    “Oh ya’know, just hangin out...trying not to get eaten or dismembered or both! Somebody could have mentioned that nobody checked this building before we decided to come on the attack! This fucking place is crawling with’em, by the time we get to roof we won’t have any fucking ammo!”

    “Damn it Beni you said that building was clear!” Said Scratch angrily.

    “It was! Last week there was nothing in there but a few dead bodies.” Replied Beni.

    “Just fight your way back down the building and get inside the perimeter!” Interjected Aussie.

    “Scratch I think we should just go Rush’n Attack on these guys! They obviously aren’t going anywhere and their right across the street. If they had any significant moves to make they would have made them by...”

    J-Pop was interrupted by the sound of the loud garage door of the building across the street from them.

    “Shit! quick Tardust wheres the LAW!?” Said Scratch.

    “Here! Wait, you know how to use that?” inquired Tardust.

    “No time!”

    The armored vehicle rolled out of the garage with a mounted turret and gunner of top of it. Scratch aimed for the window on the passenger side door. the 66 millimeter rocket easily pierced both windows and hit the building behind the vehicle. The unbalanced weight of the vehicle and the force of the rocket going through it made it fall over on it’s left side. Realizing that the gunner on top of the vehicle was still alive Reaper promptly ran up to the over turned vehicle jumped on it located the gunner as he tried to crawl away and shot him twice in the back. The defending group returned fire at Reaper he wasn’t hit but he lost his balance and fell off of the vehicle onto the side facing the rest of the Mallers. Other Mallers moved up and took cover on the truck.

    “Fuck, did I just miss seeing that tank-thing getting taken out?” Asked 1 of the rifleman as he ran into the secure perimeter along with the rest of the rifleman and scouts.

    To Be Continued...

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    Thanks, looking forward to more articles!


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