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    Entry #9 Seeking Truth

    Entry #9 Seeking Truth

    I decided to wait a couple days to go down to the basement. We needed to get sleeping arrangements made and guard duty schedules for when everyone was to stay downstairs to watch the lobby. It was a long process having the new survivors not use to having someone so young, if I forgot to mention I'm only twenty two. Some of them didn't think I should be in charge but that was soon shot down by Danielle's loud mouth and unfriendly explanation of how I saved all of them and made the building safe as well. After everything was dealt out, I was able to start on my task my mom had left for me.

    Danielle and Emit followed me down stairs after I told everyone that Jess was in charge when I was gone and that if Ema, Jack, or her safety was compromised that I would be dealing with the perpetrator and it wouldn't be nice, I think I scared them enough. We were waiting in the elevator in silence and it made the trip down seem even longer. We got to the bottom and the elevator doors opened slowly and we exited to a small corridor type room with one door. It had a key card scan and being the only one with one I tried mine. It worked, my mom must have hacked the system and gave me access to all the floors because I only remember having it work on the eleventh and second.

    We walked down the hall that was on the other side of the door and saw four other doors. Some had janitor closet in them and we decided to try them all and found the last one to be locked. I pulled the key chain out of my pocket that was left by my mom and slid the door key into the key hole hearing the notched clicking into place. I looked at Emit and then at Danielle and then turned the key unlocking the door. I slid the key back out and hesitated to turn the door knob. Danielle was getting to impatient and turned it for me and flung it open. It led down another long hall dimly lit with one door at the end if the hall.

    "Should we go on?" I questioned looked at the two again.

    "We're here now, why not?" Danielle replied.

    "Could be a trap?" I returned with a cautious look at her.

    "Couldn't be, or I should say wouldn't be. If no one knew about this and the first door was a card key lock and then this one was key locked they wouldn't go through the hassle and money to booby trap it," Emit reasoned.

    That sounded good enough to me so we continued on through the long hall which seemed to never end. We finally reached the door from what seemed to be five minutes later. Another card key lock and I again tried my card and it went green. We were in. It was a giant lab with a lot of testing equipment. It seemed to be abandon with all the animals there and equipment still running. The animals we seen seemed to be in a comatose state and didn't even know we had entered.

    "Look around for anything that looks like it might be of some use," I ordered looking at one table with tubes of many different colored liquid.

    Emit and Danielle set off looking for files or papers that looked like they would be of some use. Danielle had he back at a wall made of plexiglass and didn't notice what was lurking behind it. A flesh eater as starring at her on the other side and when she came close enough it jumped at the glass scaring us all. We all turned guns ready and realized we were safe with the invisible barrier that was between us and the flesh eater. We almost had a stare down between the flesh eater, almost like it was studying us but soon lost focus and it started to pace back and forth. We were wearing dark shades and stood still which only led us to the conclusion that they could only track us through movement and colors. I couldn't stand to see this thing locked up and decided to end it's life, the look on it's face drove me to this. It looked depressed like the one from my sisters apartment and with it having nothing to eat or attack it had no meaning to live.

    I found the door leading to the inside and opened it, stepped in, and closed it standing very still to not attract it's attention. I slowly raised my gun and had it's head in my line of aim. BANG! My ears rung from the blast being in a contained area but the flesh eater dropped like a brick, a bullet hole in it's forehead. I exited the room and looked at Emit and Danielle with an unpleasant look.

    "Lets go, we have some things to take care of," I said turning to the door to leave.

    They didn't question anything and just followed me through the corridors and to the elevator. We got in and road to the lobby to see if there was anything that was going on. In the elevator I decided to let them know what was going on in my head, "We are going to have a memorial on the roof for everyone we might have lost. Any names that come to mind write on a piece of paper and we will burn it on a fire. I'll let the others know when we get to them."

    I knew the three of us were thinking about Mark but no one said anything. Mark was Emits brother and no one had heard from him since the first day Emit Jess and I teamed up. We got to the lobby to collect the two who were guarding the lobby when we heard a commotion. There was a banging at the front door and the two were pointing guns in it's direction not sure of what to do. Emit, Danielle, and I ran to see what the problem was. We finally could see what or who was at the door, Mark, alive in one piece.

    "Let him in! What do you guys think your doing," Emit yelled. He ran for the door and opened it letting Mark in.

    Mark huffed and puffed from exhaustion and was leaned over to try to help catch his breath. His clothes were torn and a mess and he stunk of BO badly which I assumed was because we hadn't showered for a few weeks at least if not longer.

    "Why haven't you contacted us at all?" I questioned surprised to see him.

    "Lost my phone... When we split up.... Back at the gas... Station. Headed straight... Downtown to see... If I could.... Catch your.... Mom," be explained gasping between every few words.

    "And?" I questioned.

    "No," a short simple reply.

    "Come up stairs, we'll clean you up," Danielle said walking closer to him almost wrenching from the stench.

    We let them take a different elevator and had to get Emit upstairs before he lynched the two people on guard duty. We got up to the eleventh floor and after half an hour we sat down with Mark to hear what he had done which was quite remarkable. After hearing what he went through and found out I looked at Emit and decided to put off the memorial for everyone. It was time to relax and for some of us sleep. I sent to other people down stairs to relieve the others and then sent to my office chair and propped my feet us and fell asleep.

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