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    Reaper's Corner Falls to Pieces

    ok, so if you don't know who i am, i am the reaper239, fo shizzle. so i used to post reviews of random stuff on my clan site (mostly games, books, and music) but since my clan site is being taken down, i need to find a new avenue for me to rant and rave about how awesome i am about finding great stuff.

    so without further adue, the review.

    i was looking for bands like the showdown, awesome southern metal band, and in the process i came across Nailpoint. i know nothing about them other than they're awesome. the album is Falling to Pieces, but despite the name, they hold it together pretty well. they are a rock band, reminescent of nickleback but without the suck.

    the album opener is the title song, a good hard rock song that gets you moving with the beat. it's very catchy. there's a kind of groove to it, very intriguing. it's a good opener and sets the pace for the rest of the album. while the groove isn't neccessarily present in the rest of the album, the steady driving rock is. the pace of the album is broken up nicely in in the middle by ballads: Angels Over You, and Carry Me. angels over you still manages to keep up a pretty good pace, but carry me slows down nicely and has a good flavor to it. after the ballads, however, they jump right back into good steady rock. along with the textbook rock sounds, there are also some very nice southern licks thrown in there for good measure, most notable in Drgonfly and American Nightmare. the inclusion of those tight southern licks gives it a second type of groove. the first type almost feels like a hip hop groove, while the second is just a hint of dirty south. then you have the closer, which is half rock anthem, half ballad, very upbeat, very positive, great way to end the album.

    normally when i do a music review i try and put a music video from the band. unfortunately they don' have one, so here's the album opener/title song instead.

    nailpoint is a great band, with a good sound, and a lot of potential. they don't break new ground (who does these days?) but they make a very solid entry into the rock genre 8/10.

    one more thing, if you guys like this, and enjoy my reviews, please post up. thanks.
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