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Thread: Chapter 2

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    Chapter 2

    Entry #5 More Than Us

    Warning: explicit language is included. Parent advisory is suggested.

    It's been a pain staking four days with this process of getting ready to move. No one knows exactly what to do including me, I just never had to deal with relocation more than me. *So far we've just been raiding our neighbor houses to gather supplies and keys for the bigger vehicles. So far we have three trucks and one seven passenger van, making it easier to acquire a greater amount of supplies without worrying about space. This was a great bonus but didn't make anything easier. We still had two little children to watch for as well as flesh eaters roaming around.

    I was at my wits end and needed a break. I grabbed my two silver revolvers, made sure they were fully loaded and grabbed more amo just in case I needed more. I also grabbed an empty duffel bag and left without telling anyone. My plan, go to the Macs that marked the halfway point to my sisters place. Reason; I was going to pick up smokes, chocolate bars, magazines, soda, toiletries, and anything else I saw but mainly smokes. And to all you who think what your thinking, I didn't smoke all the ones I got from the Huskies and I'm not running low it's just the beat excuse I had if they ask.

    Flesh eaters seemed to be scarce now making it easier to travel short distances. On my way there I only used six bullets which actually made me nervous. Where could the be going seeing as there was still "food" for them to eat. I wad about one hundred yards away from the Macs when I seen movement. I pulled out my revolver and approached with caution. I closed in and it looked like the things inside spotted me because they stopped moving and hid.

    I still approached the Macs not backing down with my weapon still drawn. I slowly opened the door waiting for flesh eaters to start charging. Nothing. "Hello?" I called out.

    "What?!" a voice came out from behind one of the shelves.

    "What the fuck do you mean what?" I called back. I was really irritated now. This kid was challenging me and I was the one with the gun.

    "What the fuck do you want?"

    "I want some fucking smokes you dirt bag! Now come the fuck out or I'll blow your fucking head off you twat!" I yelled, my face turning red.

    "Woh, woh, no need to be violent," another voice came out, a female one. I cocked my gun and they all popped their heads out from behind the shelves.

    "What do you guys think your doing here?" I questioned gun still trained on their heads.

    "We're here to get supplies," the girl said a bit more assertive.

    "Oh really?" I said taking her challenge.

    "Ya really, this is in our territory."

    "Huh well I don't smell bitch piss so I would say it's not. I already have this claimed and if you think your going to steal from it think again," I replied with a smirk on my face and steadied the gun on her forehead making her freeze in spot.

    "Chelsea, I think this guy is serious," one of the guys said.

    "I'd listen to your friend Chelsea. Never know what I'll do," I said taunting her on.

    "Try it your out numbered, three to one," she replied.

    I took a shot just centimeters from her head making the other two duck down and her not move, "I may be out numbered but your out weaponed. Now I have a few questions for you and you better answer them or next time I won't miss. First names, second how did you survive, and third what do you need?"

    "Well I'm James, that's David, and well you already know her name," James replied a little afraid he was next.

    "All we need is milk and cheese, we were gonna clear this Macs out seeing as we didn't know anyone claimed this," David said answering one of my questions.

    "The survival part would be my doing. I read this blog by some guy that went by zakkprophet. It was all about zombie survival and went through every type of zombie you could imagine and how to survive. I saved my whole class and took in some other people. We now have three schools under lock and key. I did everything it said to do and now that's why we are alive."

    "So you did nothing than, you just followed what someone else said to do which is sometime anyone can do," I replied just to piss her off. I didn't mention that I wrote it and that all it was was a school project just for marks not like she needed to know.

    "Excuse me?" Chelsea said in protest.

    "Which leads me to my next thing, your gonna take me to your home base and I want to talk to who's in charged so that I can let them know what's what," I ordered with a smile.

    "No!" Chelsea yelled.

    "Chelsea I think we should do as he says," David said staring at revolver and the glint that shown off of it.

    "Your boy is a smart one, you should listen to him," I pushed even more.

    They gathered their needed supplies and a put my duffel bag on the counter to make sure if any of my team came by looking for me. We left the Macs and headed towards their location. It took about half an hour to get to the school and it was great, everything I explained in my blog had been followed to the T. Chelsea entered in a key code and as she did I looked over her shoulder, was the same one I had in my blog as well. I looked up to see armed guards on the roof, scoping out the perimeter. We went in and I followed her to the library where it looked like the older more in charge adults were hanging out.

    "Who might this be, Chelsea," an older lady questioned. Her hair was fire red and tiny crows feet outlined the corner of her eyes. She seemed to be in her early to mid forties and had a teacher air to her.

    "My name is Zakk," I replied knowing Chelsea wouldn't be able to answer.

    "I once taught a Zakk. Well his name was Zachariah Winston and he was a smart boy. Favorite subject to write about was zombies," the old lady explained.

    "Mrs. Chime?" I questioned.

    "How do you know Mrs. Chime?" Chelsea questioned quite angrily.

    "Like I said I taught him in my earlier years. He's the student that wrote the blog you were following. Best grade eleven project I ever read," Mrs. Chime explained.

    "You mean the thing I read, the instruction blog I read was just a grade eleven project!" Chelsea was more angry now.

    "Saved your fuckin ass didn't it," I replied.

    "Now now you two," Mrs. Chime said calmly breaking up the fight.

    Chelsea stormed off and David and James followed. Mrs. Chime and I talked for about an hour and relished on old memories. We talked about the year and the years to follow, how I went onto college for English and how she inspired me to become a teacher.

    "It was great talking and all but I should get going. Here's my number just in case you decide to try and get a hold of me for a trade route or if we need backup or you guys decide to come downtown with us," I explained.

    "Downtown?" Mrs. Chime questioned.

    "Nicolas said downtown is clear," I replied, "just text me and I'll explain when I can. I don't want my group to worry about me anymore than they have."

    I turned and ran to the exit tears rolling down my face from having to leave such a great mentor. I exited and ran the route we had come shooting a couple flesh eaters on the way. I got to the Macs and packed my duffel bag full of everything I could. I ran home only to be greater by a fist in the face by Danielle. I can't remember much after that, only that I woke up in my moms bed ice pack on my eye and Jack sitting beside me. A note was left on the table,

    "Next time you decide to leave, take a fuckin walkie-talkie with you and let us know something so we don't worry."

    That's it for the entry though, I don't have much to say about this cause I didn't really leave the room. Anyways I hope what I'm writing is useful to you guys, at least you'll know the names if none of us make it.

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