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    Entry #4 Surprise surprise

    Entry #4

    I've been in the basement for four days now. Just watching all the zombie movies I can, looking for one that is closest to the ones we have walking around. Each one I watched had something in common but not exact so my patients was wearing thin. Danielle would bring food down to me and take the dishes up and for the first three days she was the only one that came to see me. I didn't mind either, giving myself some time to be alone and not give orders. Emit was doing that and doing a good job of it.

    I had a surprise visit from Jack on the fourth day. He quietly walked down the stairs and I almost didn't notice him until the floor squeaked. I looked over and he continued to walk and plopped himself down right beside me and started watch the movie that was currently on. I kept looked at him and he didn't seem to take notice so I looked back at the movie and went back to what I was doing, pausing rewinding playing and doing that for ten minutes reviewing the single scene to see how it was handled. I had a pile of notes by this time and continued to write more. Then I heard a voice, Jack had asked a question I never expected to come from a five year old.


    "Can I help, like can you teach me to shoot and help you with research?" Jack repeated looking at me now.

    "Uhh, you can help me with this but I don't think teaching you to shoot is a good idea."

    "I played enough video games to know how to shoot but your technique is unique in the way no one else can teach," Jack explained.

    This warranted an eyebrow raise. I never knew a five year old would let alone could talk like that. He just blankly looked at me like he didn't see the problem with it.

    "Look Danielle won't shoot in fear of deafening Ema, Jess is afraid of guns which leaves you and Emit. Both of you are amazing shots but what happens when you guys aren't here and it's just us? I need to know how to shoot."

    My eyes widened with amazement. He had thought this all out and he was only five. "Look you can start off by watching these movies and taking notes. I need to go get some fresh air," I said looking quite confused. I rose and started walking upstairs as I head him put in a new movie.

    "Emit! Where are you? Roof now!" I yelled already half way up the stairs to the attic. I climbed out onto the roof and pulled out the deadliest smoke I had and lit it. The strength taste and aroma didn't even affect me. I heard Emit coughing up a lung just from smelling the smoke and quickly shuffle out of the direction it was drifting.

    "What do you need?" he questioned waving his hand in front of his face clearing a bit more smoke out of his face. He had a concerned look on his face and thought something was horribly wrong.

    "Jack, did you tell him I would teach him how to shoot?"


    "Ya, he comes downstairs sits beside me and then asks if I can tech him how to shoot." I looked over at Emit with wide eyes.

    "I didn't say anything. And you know the girls, they wouldn't learn to shoot so why would they tell a five year old to ask you?" Emit reasoned.

    "I know," I paused thinking of what could have triggered it and came up with nothing.

    We sat in silence for a few minutes until Emit broke it, "So you gonna do it?"

    I say and pondered. The kid did put up a good argument and Emit was right about the girls, "I'll have to think about it. I mean he's only five." with that we got up and went inside. Emit went back to what he was doing in the kitchen, most likely cooking curry chicken and coconut rice his reason being it was Indian night at his old place. I checked on the girls and had a brilliant idea, "Danielle I need to walk to you."

    "What do you need," she replied a little annoyed that I interrupted girl time.

    "Come here I need to talk to you."

    She got up even more annoyed but also a little worried because of the *tone of voice I was using. We walked a little ways from the room until I felt safe enough to talk. "I need to train you on shooting."

    "But," she began.

    "No buts, seeing as Jess refuses to even touch a gun and your only concern is not wanting to deafen Ema your the next best choice. Jess can carry Ema when we leave for where ever mom is and you can man a gun," I explained.

    "Where is this all coming from?" she questioned a little more annoyed.

    "Jack asked me to teach him how to shoot a gun."


    "Ya and had a pretty good argument for it as well, but this was the one loop hole I could find. I'll teach him when he's older about five years if needed but for now I need to teach you or refine what you've already learned."

    She couldn't argue that. Being a mom she knew what I was getting at. She wouldn't let me teach Ema to shoot even if she was dead and Ema was 12. She nodded and went to the room to tell Jess what I explained to her. Danielle emerged from the room minutes later and was frowning, interrupting her girl time really made her mad but it had to be done.

    We went to the roof, I had both my favorite handhelds with me, Danielle following. I handed one over once she had her hands free and we went to the east side if the roof that over looked the main road. It was the side that had more flesh eaters so I know it would be easier to train on aim, with all the obstacles. Way turned the lawn chairs around and sat in them to get comfortable just for the time being.

    "Emit and I will be area clear for the most part so I'm pretty much training you for a just in case scenario. You've heard me say a million times aim for the head so that stays, we're pretty much just going to," and that's when she cut me off.

    BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Six flesh eaters went down and didn't move as she blew the smoke from the tip of the gun. She looked at me and smiled a devious smile, "If you would have even given me the slightest chance to explain I could have told you that I've been going to the gun range to practice shooting for self defense if I ever needed to use a gun. And I have my own in my purse that I'm way more use to. I told you I didn't want to shoot because of Ema not I didn't know how to." and with that she got up, went down the attic and back to her girl time with Jess. I sat there still shocked at what I just witnessed until Emit poked his head out and called me down for dinner.

    We all sat down for the first cooked mean in a few weeks and it was actually quite enjoyable. It felt like we were normal, like none of this actually happened. The curry chicken and coconut rise was delicious and the juice that he made, I mix between apple and pineapple, was fantastic. All in all an amazing meal that boosted out hope and moral for survival. After dinner Jess and Jack did the dishes and Danielle cleaned Ema while Emit started to clean his gun. I went down stairs to see that I received a text message but didn't know who from. I opened it and was surprised by who it was from.

    Nicolas: hey got your text and just haven't had time to text back. I'm just downtown now and taking a look around. It doesn't seem like there are many of those things down here with is weird but meh I'm not complaining. I'm going to check your apartment, grab what i can and then heading your way. Same house?

    I stood there in shock, someone replied. And that someone was one of my besties Nicolas which made my heart leap for joy. I quickly replied.

    Zakk: OMG NICOLAS I thought you were dead. This is great news. Yes it is the same house my mom has lived at for 20 years and when you get here you have to tell me everything you experienced. Be as quick as you can.

    I hit the lock button and quickly went upstairs to let Emit know that Nicolas was alive and on her, his way.

    I should let you know a little bit about Nicolas. The reason he is one of my besties is because he is an ftm which for you who don't know is female to male. When he told me this it, brought us even closer and strengthened our individuality in the process. He had gone through some tough points at first and everything was getting better and then this. I don't know if his family survived and seeing as he said I, I can only assume his girl friend didn't. One more thing to add about him is that's his slap shot is what most likely saved him, wicked arms.

    I told Emit and only seconds later the door bell rang. We all froze because for one this hasn't happened since the outbreak, two it could only be one person. I ran to the door and opened it revealing Nicolas standing there with two duffel bags of equipment.

    "Good you found my zombie stuff," I joked.

    "Wasn't hard having a big sign saying 'In Case Of Zombie Outbreak' but there's some bad news," he said lowering his head just a little.

    "What?" I was worried to all he'll when I heard these words.

    "Your roommate Courtny didn't make it," he informed.

    "That's bad news. She never payed rent and lived off me for free," I said relieved that it wasn't anything important.

    "That wasn't the bad news. The bad news is as a zombie..."

    "Flesh Eater," Danielle chimed in.

    "Ya that, anyways as a flesh eater," making air quotations to annoy my sister, "she tore throughout the whole apartment building devouring everyone there including your other roommate Joy. She turned the whole place into a blood bath."

    "Come in and explain," I said remembering the door was wide open letting the smell of food out into the air.

    Nicolas came in and dropped the duffel bags on the tile making a loud thud. He went the the couch, which we moved back after a couple of day of no banging, and slumped into it letting out a sigh of relief. I sat beside him and waited for him to begin.

    "So when I got there there was a body that made the front door ajar ad easy to get into. It was a blood bath in there. No other color could be seen except for all stages of blood from newly fresh to dried. I *went from room to room getting little thing here and then starting at the top level. When I got tot he bottom level I was more cautious, which was a good thing cause there was at least ten of those things down there. I made it to your apartment and the door was slightly opened and a bloody hand print on it. I walked in slowly remember what you said about the noise sensitivity and the kitchen was clear. It was the living room that got me. Joy was hanging from the roof, probably a suicide attempt when it all began, and Courtny there snacking on her innards. It was quite disgusting to see knowing she did this to everyone in this building that she could. I grabbed your cast iron skillet and took a hard swift swing at her head making connection.

    "Brains went everywhere and the lifeless body fell to the ground. I remember you saying something about burning them so I went and bragged all the bodies from the building, which was a lot I may add, and piled them up for burning. Had a smoke and flicked my butt onto the pile and they burst into flames, with a little help from out good old friend gasoline. I went back in grabbed everything I could and came here. I have to say Edmonton must have had a really good evacuation plan because there isn't a lot of cars on the streets a lot of them are either parked or completely gone."

    We looked at him in shock that he wasn't attack once. He left himself open for more than three quarters of his time there and nothing. I looked over at Emit with a smile, I knew where we were heading to. I quickly pulled out my phone and mass texted everyone I had, just in case they were still alive and had it charged. It pretty explained downtown was the safest and we were going to meet at my moms work, the Standard Life building. I looked at Emit then Nicolas and smiled I had a plan set and now everyone I knew and hoped was still alive knew where to meet.

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