*Note from the Writer..me: I wrote this story when I did a quick month in jail for some crazy fun stuff. I wrote a total of 27 chapters on college rule paper, front and back- 246pg's. Since then, my evil exwife has thrown away much of my original copy- but lucky for me, this story is sealed in my brain and being able to retouch it to share with ya'll is a welcomed idea that I am happy to expand upon*
*VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED- Within my writing, I express myself very freely. This includes extremely vulgar language, minor pieces of racial slurs, and random other things that people may or may not find offensive.*
*FINAL NOTE OF GRAND RELEASE: Since I am overwhelmed with joy that the W.A. team has granted me blogging access, I am releasing the Prologue immediately and chapter 1 in just a few days, maybe sooner if people want it sooner.


The sun hit the Earth with a glaring intensity that hadnt been felt for a long while in El Paso, Texas.
Paul was driving home along the border highway, another long day in his now mundane existence as a "regular guy." Life had been slow since leaving the military; steady and predictable- a welcoming yet boring lifestyle change to a man who once didnt know when his next meal would be or the next time he could shower or use a toliet over a fresh dug hole in some God forbidden place. Regardless- Paul embraced what had to be and continued his life accordingly.

The highway met Juarez, Mexico with only a 30ft fence and the Rio Grande river seperating the two. Mountanious terrain sat to the right side of the road- curves and hills blocking full forwards view with a railroad track stretching adjacent to the road. Juarez houses sat to the left on the hills, most considered to be slums except for the few richer peoples houses on top of the hills, looking over the rest as if a nest of power and social position.

Paul turned on the radio- bored with the silent drive as a news report filled the speakers of what was suppose to be the local rock station. For someone who had made many news reports possible in "international news" sections, Paul was very disinterested in hearing the woe's of the liberal media- only making out the few words of "..disaster! Attacking withou-" before switching over to his iPod- turning on his favorite song from Avenged Sevenfold- enjoying the sound as he drove along his path.

Driving to the beat of the music, Paul saw a woman walking slowly with a slight bend of the back. His eyes met hers; a deep milky white color that seemed to lack emotions and humanity. She wore what appeared to be ragged and torn clothes, a strange look for a woman who was past her prime. "Fuckin' hobo's- El Paso is getting worse" Paul thought, quickly blowing off what he saw.

Around a curve not so far ahead, Paul saw smoke on the horizon. By the looks of it, it had to of been a wreck of some sort, a very significant one by the amount of smoke drifting in the sky.
Continuing his drive carefully, Paul realized he had been one of the only drivers on the road for both directions of traffic. "Meh, no biggie" he rationalized. An issue with Paul lately had been phasing out; drifting off at the most random of times, unable to stay focused on the task at hand from time to time and not realizing the world around him that continued as he didnt. This time, he had phased back in just as he rounded the corner that hid the wreck: a 12 car pile up blocking both routes of traffic.
Paul quickly slammed the breaks- feeling the heat from even his 400ft or so from the wreck, looking out at the scene of chaos. He focused on the blazing inferno- ready to get out the car to run and help, but feared for the worse for anyone involved in the wreck.

As soon as he decided to try and help, Pauls car was suddenly struck from behind by a truck traveling at speeds of at least 50mph- forcing his face on the steering wheel before his air bag could deploy- sending Paul back into a phased out uncouncious dream state.

As Paul drifted into forced sleep- he saw in the fire what looked to be people walking in it- not around it- but actually IN the fire, burning without pain- walking without fear. A feeling of fear filled Paul as he drifted into uncounciousness.