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    Flesh Eating Disease, Unplanned Plans

    Entry #2 Unplanned Plans

    So things didn't go quite as planned. after texting my sister and deciding to go get my friend Emit I decide to pick up some other supplies as well. I made my list
    Instant noodles
    Shaving Cream
    Canned food

    I got down from the roof the same way I came, shoving my duffel bag under my arm. Five minutes later with a empty duffel bag and my mothers handgun, I pressed myself to leave I moved the couch away from the door, peering through the peephole I checking up and down the street. All clear I sighed with relief, bracing my hand against the door turning the handle praying it wouldn't creak and wake Ema. I ran to the nearest gas station, it appeared empty

    I slowly walked around checking for flesh eaters and didn't see any and was also surprised to find it wasn't already ransacked. I jumped behind the counter and grabbed as many smokes as I could keeping in mind to leave room I quickly jumped back over and grabbed some magazines then went for the batteries. Moving into the next isle I stocked up on noodles, chips and canned food. I must say even though its a means of survival I still don't care for peas. I almost had everything when I saw lights flash through the windows. I ducked down behind a shelf and stayed as quiet as possible. Looters with a car had showed up and came in. Three that I could make out, a guy and two girls. The girls were talking and the guy just started grabbing merchandise.

    I said out of sight until I heard the guy tell the two girls to shut up and hurry. They were by the magazines I recognized the guys voice so I called out.

    'fuck" was all he said and I knew it was him "Buddy its Zakk, its all good" I called out just seconds later. I came out and we hugged. It was my buddy Emit hey at least he saved me from searching him out. I explained my situation and he introduced me to the two girls Jess his fiance and Julie a random they found. The driver was our buddy Mark and Julies brother Frank stayed in the car, a stubborn jerk I was told.

    I continued to get what I needed and they did as well. Emit told me to come with him, they planning to go north. I explained why I couldn't with Ema and Danielle. He agreed to come with me and to get Ema and then drive to Danielle we went out to talk with Mark. Mark was fine with it but Frank wasn't. He put up a fight with Emit about it until I intervened

    A gun to his head quickly shut him up. "would you want us to go back for Julie?" I questioned and he nodded "thanks its settled we go get my niece and sister and head north"

    Emit, Jess and I started walking to my house when we heard the car horn go off. I know all three of us were thinking the same thing and I was glad I kept my duffel bag with me. In seconds we could see the flesh eaters pour out into the street and heard Mark yelling at Julie for being so stupid. Emit received a text from Mark saying he would pick us up once he lost the dead weight.

    He starting honking and flashing his lights giving us just enough time to run to my place. We did shoot a few followers but not as many as Mark had on his hands. I would say a good thirty, which is a lot if your the only shooter. We got into the house only to hear the tires squeal and two people scream bloody murder

    Jess started crying and Emit took her to my mothers room to calm her down. I went to peak in on Ema, she was lightly snoring. Poor kid must have been exjausted.

    Now I'm just boiling water to make something to eat. The kitchen window is to high of the ground to worry about so I didn't board it. I'm watching the sun rise feeling so exhausted myself. I'm gonna wake Emit a have a nap of my own, they can have the noodles.


    Zakk: Only hours 'till your here
    Danielle: Get some sleep retard or you'll be useless
    Zakk: Alreadyy onnnnnn...
    Danielle: Sleep well brother you deserve it.
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