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    Cast Chat - Archive (2011.5.20)

    [top]Cast Chat Archive

    I know not all of you could make it to the cast chat. I took the liberty of archiving it for all to see. There was a fair amount of cleaning up the order, cleaning up the question typos, and making it readable (almost 4 hours worth of work). I wish you all could have made it, but without further ado, the Cast Chat and roles.

    Edit: as a note to anyone reading this much later, this cast chat happened the Friday before the release of Chapter 22

    Kc: Kc Wayland
    Sgt Cross: Jim Gleason / Michael
    Claire: Claire Dodin / Riley
    Jenna: Jenna McCombie / Scratch
    hotlawyerbabe: Tammy Klein / Kelly
    keever323: Kevin Flood / Kalani
    Z Sniper: Otto Stürcke / Victor
    DoctorT: Shirley Jordan / Tanya
    realguyla: David Pevsner / Tardust
    RTatum: Richard Tatum / Pippin

    And a big thanks to itsallgoodie for being the host for the night. He filtered the questions and posted them. I also did a lot of very quick work on the backend to make the event much smoother.
    Kc: Yup, goodie you have the floor
    itsallgoodie: Alright, let's open it up to questions then!
    SgtCross: Hit it.
    Z Sniper: WAHSAPPENING?!

    [top]What is the most stressful part of being on the show?

    Z Sniper: I would say the most stressful part of the show is having to work with Señor Gleason!
    Kc: What is the most stressful part: Dealing with some of the deadlines.
    SgtCross: For me, it's the same as the fans...waiting for Monday's latest episode!
    hotlawyerbabe: the drive to orange county, but worth every minute on the freeway.
    Kc: That's a good point @hotlawyerbabe

    [top]What is your favorite scene to have recorded?

    SgtCross: I had fun recording the water scenes, even though the water was freezing. But my fave is smacking the dude with the shovel twice!
    Z Sniper: SO FAR it's a toss up between Fernando's demise or the exit of the colony!
    DoctorT: I love all my scenes, but my favorite was when I met up with Saul
    realguyla: Trying to rape Lizzy and her vomiting
    realguyla: was pretty intense
    hotlawyerbabe: every scene that i am in.
    Kc: I love the improv scenes that tend to go in crazy directions.
    hotlawyerbabe: improv is fun....i liked improving with victor.
    Z Sniper: AWWW! Thanks Tammy!
    hotlawyerbabe: i may have to improv a yippeekiyaymotherf%$*#$. that will be my favorite line.
    Z Sniper: Did anyone catch the "PINCHE FATASS" line a couple episodes ago!? Sorry, just patting myself! HEE!
    hotlawyerbabe: yes...i caught the pinche fatass line..Kc let you get away with that....

    [top]Has there ever been any tension between the actors or producers while recording the show?

    SgtCross: No. It's kind of sickening how well we all get along.
    hotlawyerbabe: if there was any tension i missed it hovering by the snack table
    Z Sniper: HA! I love me some hotlawyerbabe!
    hotlawyerbabe: ROFLMAO!
    RTatum: AS a new character, I was really amazed at how happy everyone was to be there. Fun fun group.
    DoctorT: We're one big happy family alright!
    Kc: Any tension between the actors and producers? No. We all get along. Really well
    realguyla: It feels like we're recording an oldtime radio show...all in a circle, big ol' mics in front of our's really cool

    [top]@SgtCross Did you use a real shovel to get in the mood for the role?

    hotlawyerbabe: mr. gleason is a method actor....
    SgtCross: No, but I did swing an imaginary one, grip and all. Felt good.
    SgtCross: Often in the recording process, though, we do use props to get a realistic sound to our lines.

    [top]What are your zombie plans?

    Kc: Ah, Zombie plans
    SgtCross: You've been listening to them for two years now.
    hotlawyerbabe: zombie plans.....big concrete bunker....well-stocked with food, water, ammo, guns, rooftop garden LOL
    Kc: Zombie plan: Water, Water water.... Get me lots of water, and buy things at a premium.
    hotlawyerbabe: some peeps still hate me. and others may again. who knows. we do not know what is in the mind of Kc.
    realguyla: sounds like getting ready for tomorrow's "Rapture"
    Kc: I'm a closed book
    Z Sniper: ZOMBIE PLAN: I'm going to COSTCO to beat the sense out of the people who thought it was a good idea to shack up in COSTCO!
    hotlawyerbabe: i hate the lines at costco
    RTatum: my zombie plan is to go to my friend Steph's house -- she's all outfitted for Z-Day.
    hotlawyerbabe: i can settle for number two for now.

    [top]@SgtCross Which of the characters do you find most annoying to you or your character?

    SgtCross: Hmm....right now the most annoying for me and Cross is probably Pippin.

    [top]What is your biggest unanswered question in We're Alive?

    RTatum: oh, mine is What the Hell caused these zombies to appear nd why are they not human-like anymore. WHy are there categories??
    SgtCross: For me, who is the Rat. I have my theory that will remain secret.
    realguyla: How much longer until I'm zombie food...
    DoctorT: Hmmmmmm.......
    Kc: Who or what is a Skittles?
    Z Sniper: The BIGGEST unanswered question,..."WHO THE HELL IS VICTOR?!"
    hotlawyerbabe: my biggest question is obviously about's always about me.......

    Jenna: Scratch is a go
    Jenna: kept me late
    Kc: I'm at work.... shhhhhh
    Jenna: Thanks Kc! This is exciting!
    SgtCross: Yo, Scratchy.
    hotlawyerbabe: itchy and scratchy
    Jenna: Hello Cross! I missed your face!
    hotlawyerbabe: with the shovel?

    [top]When do the bobble heads and lunch boxes come out?

    hotlawyerbabe: klly wants a bobblehead
    hotlawyerbabe: but how can she have a bobblehead when she can't even spell her own name?
    SgtCross: I want my bobble head and lunchbox! And whatever royalties accompany them!!!
    Kc: Bobble heads... January 2015...
    Kc: Lunchbox. 2016
    keever323: we're making the lunchboxes now. one at a time. like a little cottage industry

    [top]Was there ever any hesitation accepting a role on We're Alive since it was essentially pro bono?

    hotlawyerbabe: no. i would have done it for free but don't tell Kc or shane.
    RTatum: None for me. I LOVE radio drama. You hardly find any anymore --certainly none as good as this show. I was thrilled to be involved.
    RTatum: Yeah -- I met Shane first. Great guy -- totally hit it off. Figured whatever this guy is into must be legit.
    Claire: no hesitation for me, I LOVED the script and had a great feeling after meeting Kc and Shane
    keever323: not a second of hesitation. like that line form Galaxy Quest, "It's a job."
    realguyla: No hesitation, because when do we ever get to do something like this...especially something that has such a devoted following
    realguyla: It's true....Kc and Shane are totally on the ball...they really really know what they're doing, and that makes the work a pleasure
    Kc: Yes, I was very hesitant...
    SgtCross: I had no hesitation. The recording sessions are fun and although the drive is a bit of a drag, it's not every day.
    Z Sniper: I was on it like WHITE ON RICE!
    DoctorT: Not for me. It was a no brainer.
    Kc: I promise to pay you all as soon as I can-------

    [top]Has the show opened up any other opportunities for you?

    hotlawyerbabe: yes.
    SgtCross: Other acting opportunities...not yet!
    hotlawyerbabe: actually, it gave me more confidence in my skilss and because of that, i've booked other work
    Claire: I got cast in a couple of other radio play by someone who listens to We're Alive :-)
    Z Sniper: Opportunities,....possibly not just yet but it's a great workout and feels great!
    SgtCross: I won't be surprised when it does!
    hotlawyerbabe: i've made biz connections to other people who found out that i was on we're alive.
    DoctorT: Not yet!!

    [top]Are there any blooper reels? And if so, will they be released?

    Kc: Blooper reels? Yeah, we give them to Britt for WND
    Kc: We have all our recordings from Day 1 still.
    Kc: I'm sure if someone has the time one day they can dig through them
    SgtCross: I LOVED hearing the bloopers on WND.
    j0be: I think it was episode 13
    Z Sniper: We have like 30 hours of Michael Cross bloopers, WHAT A DIVA!
    SgtCross: Yer treadin' on thin ice, Vic.
    Kc: And that's just been since Victor's been there
    Z Sniper: DON'T CALL ME VIC!
    SgtCross: You'll get yers, Bromma-Lama.

    [top]@Jenna What is it like to play a character most fans love to hate?

    Jenna: I love being loved out of hate
    Jenna: haha! good question! I do leave with half my horse voice almost after ever session...But I couldn't see myself playing any other...I really enjoy Scratch a lot
    hotlawyerbabe: jenna and scott probably both leave hoarse at the end of the day.
    Jenna: I drink tea with honey and water until my voice comes back
    keever323: apples are good, too, for scratchy throats
    Jenna: yeah! it does...I eat that 3 times a week or so
    hotlawyerbabe: jack and honey for sore throats...
    Jenna: haha sounds amazing but not on recording day
    DoctorT: Jack and honey for most things!

    [top]@Jenna Is Scratch reflection of you in real life, or is she a polar opposite?

    Jenna: She is part of me...My darker half By nature, the complete opposite but given the situation, I could do what she does
    Jenna: I love being hated...I never felt so flattered to be disliked so much
    hotlawyerbabe: me too. me too.
    hotlawyerbabe: it amuses me that people hate my means i am doing something right. and playing this kind of character is way more interesting than being a goody two-shoes.

    [top]@Claire What do you think of the speculation to Riley's sexuality? What do you think of the people who think that Riley and Angel should be together?

    Claire: Ah, ah! I love reading the gossip about my sexuality!
    Kc: Riley and Angel together... hmmm
    Z Sniper: I think Angel and Riley should get it on EAST L.A. STYLE!
    keever323: Is Angel here?
    Z Sniper: Angel is huddled in a corner sucking his thumb!

    [top]@Kc Are there plans for a spin-off? Maybe a Southern dixie state, or New York?

    Kc: Spin-offs? Yes. I have several ideas.
    Kc: Some of those ideas have plants in the regular series now
    SgtCross: Yes, I plan on stealing Kc's idea and doing 7 regional spinoffs.
    RTatum: I have to know, which 7 regions?
    Jenna: haha Kc will be alll over you!
    keever323: Native NYCer here
    realguyla: ex NYer here too
    RTatum: New Yorkers would totally team up and kick ass!
    keever323: capital of our planet
    Z Sniper: VICTOR is spinning off to his own "GOOD TIMES" kinda show.

    [top]If there will be spin-offs, will there be cross-overs as well?

    Kc: Not sure about cross overs, but possibly.
    SgtCross: Yes, there will be cross overs. Make it so, Number One.

    [top]@Kc how about a show that comes from the zombies POV?

    Kc: Are you sure WA isn't from the Zombie perspective? Nuff said
    Jenna: haha almost after ever session
    keever323: Maybe the zombie perspective could work on the food network?
    RTatum: what would the zombie's point of view BE? Hungry. Eating...
    DoctorT: Ewwww....
    hotlawyerbabe: LOL
    Z Sniper: zombies loooooove tacos, which is why they're in L.A.!

    [top]If a zombie apocalypse would happen now, who out of the entire cast and crew would survive the longest?

    Jenna: Scatch would make it
    DoctorT: The writer.
    SgtCross: Kc.
    hotlawyerbabe: Kc would survive the longest. he's planned everything.
    Claire: I would! Obviously! ;-)
    Kc: I'm with Claire. She would.
    Z Sniper: If there's strength in numbers, Victor's family survives over the zombies!
    keever323: I'm good with Kalani as last man standing

    [top]@Kc Any plans to take We're Alive onto another medium? Animated perhaps?

    Kc: Possibly.
    Kc: But that gets complicated
    Kc: Animated opens doors to very high budgets
    SgtCross: Wouldn't live action be higher budgets?
    Kc: and I like to tell a story I can finish
    Kc: Yes, but I wouldn't want something like Firefly. Great story, no ending
    hotlawyerbabe: but firefly was/is good!
    RTatum: I thought Serenity wrapped it up prety nicely
    Kc: It wouldn't be fair to anyone if you take them on a journey just to kick them out of the car before you get to your destination

    [top]What theories do you have on the tattooed zombie?

    Kc: Who?
    hotlawyerbabe: no theories...just plan to stay away from him as long as possible.
    SgtCross: For some reason it seems that some z's have more intelligence than others. This appears to be the smartest and the leader. That's all I've got.
    RTatum: I was thinking that the Tatooed Zombie was like a Queen Bee to the hive o' zombies
    hotlawyerbabe: do we know if the zombies reproduce other than by making more by snacking on hapless humans?
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    [top]@Kc How did you decide to make We're Alive? Where did you get the idea for We're Alive?

    SgtCross: Kc stole the idea from me before we ever met.
    Kc: I came up with it one weekend and came up with about 60% of the story... Something we could write and produce.... By stealing jim Gleason's notes
    SgtCross: Thanks, Kc. Finally an out loud laugh!

    [top]Who is the biggest diva on set?

    SgtCross: I am
    SgtCross: For Britt...I'm the biggest diva on OR off the set.
    RTatum: c' know it's GLEASON
    hotlawyerbabe: uh...i will nicely and reverently say MR. GLEASON
    Jenna: I figured it would be you, jim!
    Kc: Biggest Diva? Hmmm
    Kc: Someone I didn't cast
    Kc: Let's leave it at that
    Kc: but really, it's Tommy. He wants diamonds on his shoes
    Jenna: I do not know who the biggest diva is but if the question is "who eats the most?" that would probably be me
    j0be: @Jenna I saw that picture of your tin foil huevos.
    Jenna: my tin foil huevos?
    hotlawyerbabe: yes ...those huevos were what was left of zintern's lunch when jenna got though with it...
    Jenna: lol!!! you saw that ?!?!?!?! awww geez
    Jenna: balls and all..busted
    Kc: Wait tinfoil huevos? you were serious?
    Jenna: haha yeah! you didnt see the pics??
    Jenna: kelly has them!
    Kc: OH YEAH! I remember those now!
    keever323: yeah, Jenna, there was lots of evidence
    Jenna: i plead not guilty
    hotlawyerbabe: jenna eats people's lunches if they aren't around to guard them.
    Jenna: hahaha!!! I that is true...Stuff crust pizza was my last victim!

    [top]Have any of you been stopped by fans of We're Alive in public for an autograph or photo?

    hotlawyerbabe: never been stopped for a photo, except at the live event....nobody knows kelly in real life..:-(
    Kc: Pictures? Naw. Not even. Unless it was the live event, and that was cool
    SgtCross: I haven't been stopped on the street or in public, but I've got a commercial running now for Olive Garden and fans have recognized me in that.
    DoctorT: I love your spot! There's more than one, right?
    Claire: I have not been stopped by fans of We re Alive yet except at the live event
    Z Sniper: NO PICS, just mugshots!

    [top]If We're Alive was a live action show. What prop would you want to keep?

    Claire: I'd keep my bow!
    Kc: A journal
    RTatum: Shirley.
    Kc: But that bow sounds mighty tempting... or a Shirley
    SgtCross: Yep. A couple of edits.
    keever323: the aircraft that brought me to L.A.
    hotlawyerbabe: i would steal shirley from burt
    Z Sniper: PROP: I would keep my mustache and leather chaps!
    SgtCross: Z Sniper, you should think about wearing other clothes, too, with the chaps.
    DoctorT: My doctor's bag.

    [top]Who is the biggest star you've worked with outside We're Alive?

    Kc: I got to interview George Lucas, that was cool...
    Z Sniper: HA GLEASON!
    hotlawyerbabe: alfred molina, chris pine, corey stoll
    hotlawyerbabe: nick searcy
    hotlawyerbabe: and michael harding
    keever323: Tony Shaloub
    realguyla: Terrence Howard....and the Desperate Housewives.
    Z Sniper: I got to work with WILSON!
    Z Sniper: WILSON from CASTAWAY with Tom Hanks!
    RTatum: Was on stage with Patrick Stewart.
    Claire: In the voice over world, that would be Billy West from Futurama
    DoctorT: James Woods, Wolfgang Puck, Robert Shapiro all in the same scene on Shark.
    SgtCross: I've been lucky. Robert Duvall, Dennis Hopper, Craig Nelson, Christopher Guest, Malcolm McDowell and many more.
    Kc: Diva
    j0be: @SgtCross You didn't even mention Nathan Fillion. For shame.
    SgtCross: True...Nathan Fillion. He was SUPER nice and fun to work with.
    Kc: Seriously Jim? ARG!!! I'm jelly
    Kc: He looks like he'd be nice
    SgtCross: Kc, you mean Nathan Fillion? If so, yes.

    [top]I need to hear a yes or now [sic], will there be zombie babies in We're Alive?

    Kc: Yes or now? "Now"
    hotlawyerbabe: zombie they bite or just slobber and gum you to death?

    [top]@Kc Will anyone go into melee combat with the zombies soon?

    Kc: Melee? I doubt it.
    Kc: If they did, they most likely got infected
    Claire: yes, watch me sword fight and fire a cross bow in Deadliest Warrior this summer on Spike TV

    [top]If you could switch characters with another on We're Alive, who would you pick?

    Jenna: I wouldn't switch...i love playing Scratch
    SgtCross: I'd be Burt.
    Kc: I wanna be Tommy
    Kc: ...or Hope.
    Kc: A hint? :P
    Jenna: yeah I am not aloud to say anything as of yet
    Claire: I would qite like to fill in for Burt for one day!
    SgtCross: I could take my cranky side to the ends of the earth.
    Z Sniper: I'd be SHIRLEY!
    hotlawyerbabe: i like my character, but i like burt and scratch's characters too.
    DoctorT: Michael, hands down.
    realguyla: Tardust is so new, so I'm enjoying exploring. Although, starting out trying to rape Lizzy I think has not made me a popular fellow...

    [top]Who creates the music?

    SgtCross: The music is brilliant.
    Kc: The Music, Some from Ron Gallagher, a lot is from music composition software with some fancy arrangements in editing by Kc.
    SgtCross: But needs more cowbell.
    Kc: And cowbell

    [top]Do you have any other projects coming up that we should watch for?

    Jenna: If you wanna go back, I was in the THE COLONY, Episode 8 (last 10 minutes) of the episode Re-con Mission
    keever323: I'm in the film, Nerve. Almost through post-production. Closing in on a distribution deal.
    hotlawyerbabe: two films, the molding maverick mason and lizardman, both have facebook fan pages.
    SgtCross: I'll be in the new TNT show Franklin and Bash in June opposite Malcolm McDowell and Reed Diamond.
    hotlawyerbabe: mmmmm...malcolm macdowell!
    Kc: Other projects? Um... just this one.

    [top]So there is a definitive ending? It's not another LOST, right?

    SgtCross: Kc says there is, so I'm going with that.
    Kc: YES, a very definite ending. I'm thinking about putting the ending in an envelope and sending it to myself to prove it
    Kc: I can't wait to get there either

    [top]Has anyone ever been disappointed with a choice their character made?

    hotlawyerbabe: i was disappointed that i tossed my favorite couch off the balcony. i should've gone with the lumpy barcalounger.
    SgtCross: I guess when I got depressed and let Burt take over. But it made for good story telling!!
    DoctorT: No, not really.
    Z Sniper: I'm disappointed I didn't say "BOO!" when I approached Michael!
    Jenna: i don't but Scatch dies, I hope she leaves with a bang
    Jenna: IF Scratch dies
    Jenna: Sorry I suck at typing
    SgtCross: It's true, Jenna, you do.
    Jenna: thanks Jim! encouraging words
    Jenna: haha.... i think faster than I type
    Kc: I type fast than I thnkasefsaidjfl

    [top]Who would win in a fight: a giant zombie shark or giant zombie octupus?

    Kc: Giant turtle
    hotlawyerbabe: one of my friends is doing a zombie vs. robot thing

    [top]Does anyone ever feel akward that Kc knows exactly if and when your charatcer gets killed?

    hotlawyerbabe: not awkward.....but i feel that i should stay on his good side so he doesn't kill me sooner.
    Kc: On that note, everyone who might die in the series was determined WAY in advance before we cast them.
    SgtCross: He must if he knows how the story ends. But I wouldn't be surprised if he changed some of the details in the writing process.
    SgtCross: But since I'm the narrator, you won't kill me off, right?....Right?...Hellooooo....
    hotlawyerbabe: everyone dies, eventually

    [top]What will you miss most when zombies come and take away society?

    hotlawyerbabe: chocolate
    Kc: Cows. I'll miss cows
    Kc: Because I enjoy red meat. And they're so cute!
    SgtCross: I'll miss Zombie Nerd Theories.
    Z Sniper: I'll miss taco stands.
    DoctorT: The adventure.
    keever323: i'll miss the cerviche from Tere's Grill on Melrose

    [top]Are there ever any arguments or disagreements on how the story is progressing? Or does Kc rule with an iron fist?

    hotlawyerbabe: we never see the script until a week before....and i wouldn't want to complain and get fed to a zombie
    Kc: Well, honestly, changes aren't going to come the day of, if they do it'll be a few days before, or a suggestion on the recording day that we incorperate
    Kc: Sometimes the cast has caught things I've missed
    Kc: Iron fist.
    hotlawyerbabe: an aluminum fist
    SgtCross: Kc is a tyrant. But seriously, the writing is so fun that I don't know of anyone who has disagreed.
    Z Sniper: Kc likes to use cattle prods on us dammit!
    Kc: BACK Victor- szzzzzzzzzzzzzzap
    Z Sniper: AY CARUMBA!
    hotlawyerbabe: yes victor, but you enjoy it
    Z Sniper: Only with my leather chaps hotlawyerbabe!

    [top]Are you aware of how big We're Alive has become?

    SgtCross: It's been an amazing and wonderful surprise to see it grow in popularity. I feel so lucky to be part of it.
    hotlawyerbabe: i am enjoying the hugeness of it.
    hotlawyerbabe: the show that is.
    hotlawyerbabe: 10 million downloads
    Kc: We still have room to grow
    realguyla: I got a sense of how big this is at the fan event, because I've never seen such passion for a project in my life from fans. Really cool

    [top]Dogs or Cats? You can only pick one.

    SgtCross: Duh, Dogs.
    hotlawyerbabe: dogs
    Kc: CATS
    Kc: I'll see you again. when we are all cats.
    keever323: dogs
    realguyla: Dogs....but on YouTube...Cats.
    hotlawyerbabe: have a cat, but dogs are more useful

    [top]Who is your favorite comic book superhero and why?

    hotlawyerbabe: aquaman. just love the idea of being able to live in two worlds
    SgtCross: I got hooked on Batman from the 1966 TV series as a very small boy. He's my all-time fave.
    Kc: Comic book hero? Iron man
    keever323: Flash. I always wanted to be that fast
    realguyla: I used to like Goliath and the Wasp from the Avengers....they were complicated.
    Kc: Awww. Wasp
    SgtCross: Kc, why?
    Kc: Cuz I'm a nerd like him
    realguyla: Loved her!

    [top]What is your favorite double entendre?

    SgtCross: Who are you, James Lipton?
    hotlawyerbabe: kelly hasn't ever said any
    hotlawyerbabe: double thingies
    Kc: Double Entendre? Just about every title has 2 meanings
    SgtCross: I'm drawin' a blank...
    hotlawyerbabe: have a lap doll? are you a ventriloquist?
    realguyla: I prefer the single entendre with as many dirty words as possible
    Kc: Damn Orca's swearing now

    [top]Will Britt ever be on the show, or will it become the longest running gag on We're Not Dead?

    SgtCross: Over my dead body!!!
    Kc: Will Britt ever? Maybe

    [top]What is your favorite swear word?

    hotlawyerbabe: sonofabitch
    Kc: Out Falcon Standing
    realguyla: my favorite swearword is "f*ckass".

    (and then many goodbyes were said)
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    Great work! Shame I missed it. Shame I missed Scratch... some fanboy I turned out to be.

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    Kc made me nervous.
    Kc: Riley and Angel together... hmmm
    I don't like that hmmm!

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    that was greeeeeeeat!! Thanks for this.



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