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    Listening to WND and they talked the radio not being shot because it doesn't make any sound like something metallic being shot. However, KC said that he faded out the sound of the alarm in the background as it was drawing away from the sounds in the room, so it could be that he hasn't added this sound for similar reasons.
    I really want this to be true, cause shooting the blind girl makes me sad.

    (Someone may have already posted around this idea, but I can't be bothered reading back to where I last was in this thread, sorry. I am prepared to take the non-thread read rap. )
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    i'm currently listening to part 2, i was so scared for hope especially after that final shot, i have a few idears who the traitor is but im not 100% sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by nikvoodoo View Post
    Has anyone proposed a combination of these theories: Pippin was indeed a rat and was intended to either continue, or re-establish the activities the Mallers desired. So he knew there was someone else there in theory and he was supposed to be actively searching. Suddenly when Pippin was alone, a man/woman walks in holding a silenced pistol so immediately Pippin knows who he was supposed to be looking for in the first place. The "It's You" could have been anyone in the Tower even someone he had met before simply because they had just exposed themselves as the Rat.

    just a thought that popped in my head listening to WND just now.
    Yeah man I was thinking along the same lines as well. I thought Pippin was probably a spy sent by the Mallers or maybe even the colony(doesn't make much sense though).
    I thought that Pippin was there to see why the Rat had stopped reporting or something like that, and then when whoever it was saw Pippin they realised they would have to kill him. The reason the rat killed Pippin though is because they had stopped being a rat and was trying to stay friends with the tower, and Pippin could have blown their cover.

    I'm not sure if what I have written has actually made sense but I'll leave it at that.
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