We're Alive is named as one of the top five scifi audio dramas of all time, ranking right along with NPR's Star Wars production and an audio adaptation of Firefly. High praise indeed from the Fanboys.

We’re Alive

Co-created by Kc Wayland and Shane Salk, “We’re Alive” is a compelling story of a small group of survivors holed up in an apartment building somewhere in Los Angeles, California trying to stay alive after the zombie apocalypse. Inside of this fantastical setting, is an ensemble of interestingly flawed people doing their best in an impossible situation.

Three of the main characters are the last surviving members of a U.S. Army unit and are the core of the story. While these characters fill in the well known archetypes in war stories (inexperienced officer, veteran NCO, and rebellious enlisted man), Wayland and Salk give each character their own arcs and quirks to make them much more than stereotypes. Surrounding the three soldiers are a group of men and women who must chose to either rebuild a new society or try to resurrect one that has died before their eyes. Themes like leadership, social responsibility, and human politics are as exciting and dangerous as the zombies hunting the human survivors. Again, top notch production value is the norm – Wayland has amassed an impressive body of work as a film maker and animator prior to this effort.
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