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    Raptr ID: WTF is a Raptr??

    What the User Colors Mean

    As I'm sure you've noticed, many users have different colored user names. Below is an example and explanation

    Staff Member - Works directly with the We're Alive production
    Cast Member - Plays a character in the We're Alive series
    We're Not Dead Host - Hosts We're Not Dead Podcast
    Administrators - Maintaining/Updating the We're Alive forum/ Moderating forums
    User Admin - Gives awards and deals with donations.
    Web Developers- The "Code Monkeys" who make the site look good and stay running
    Super Moderators - Moderate all areas of forum / Access to User Profiles
    Moderators - Moderate Forum threads and posts
    Blogger - Blogs for WA forum
    Donate Level 1 - $5 Donation
    Donate Level 2 - $10 Donation
    Donate Level 3 - $25 Donation
    Fan Fiction Writer- Writers of the fine fiction hosted on this site
    Registered User - Standard user enjoying the WA forum
    Banned User - Expelled from the Tower (banned)
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