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    Wiki Editing Guidlines

    The Wiki Page contained on this forum is the central location for a lot of information central to We're Alive. Like every Wiki, the content is controlled by you, The User. And we are grateful for all your help in maintaining the Wiki and it's high standard of accuracy.

    As we move further along in the series, new things will crop up all the time (new characters, new locations, new equipment etc). We try our best as a staff to create these pages ourselves as they arise, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. We humbly request that when you create pages that you use the templates we have created for each section. You simply need to copy the information contained in the appropriate template page and paste it into a new article. The formatting will take care of itself, and you just have to fill out the information for the new Wiki page. If you are confused by this, please feel free to contact any of the site admins or moderators to assist you in your creation. The link to the Wiki Templates is listed below.

    Wiki Templates
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