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  4. Discussion of illegal activity that can be construed as instruction for illegal activity is not allowed.
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  6. No pornography. No Exceptions!
  7. Avoid Duplicate Threads. Please search around the forums before posting a new thread. Your idea might have already been discussed.
  8. No offensive material. Any threads/posts that are considered offensive or inappropriate will be removed.
  9. Spoilers of We're Alive are only allowed in The Discussions Forum (Episode Discussions, Theories, and The Characters). Spoilers are not allowed in any other locations on this forum without use of the [SPOILER] BBCode. Absolutely no spoilers in thread titles for any forum. Spoilers include all spoilers from old episodes.
  • All above rules apply to the Chat Box as well, including 'No Spoilers'
  • Please use your common sense for anything not (clearly) covered by the rules.
  • Failure to comply with these rules can result in disciplinary action up to and including removal from the forum.
  • Staff decisions are always final.
(Rules are subject to change. Moderators and Admins reserve the right to use discretion when handling punishment)